Where is the warmest place in Europe?

Many people ask: “Where is the warmest place in Europe?” Some of them ask, because they just want to know. Other people ask because they plan to spend their holiday abroad and need some climate information. There are few places in Europe that claim to be the warmest, but each has different climate characteristics and is therefore difficult to determine what is actually the warmest of them.

crete beach


Crete is one of the southern-most parts of Greece. There is a hot subtropical climate.  Located amidst the warm Mediterranean, this island is a real paradise for tourists.

If you plan to visit this place, you should know that the beach season lasts from early April to late November.

Of course, it would be risky to visit the island in the first days of April or in the last days of November, because the weather then is variable and some days are still (or already) cool.

In December, January, February and March weather is able to offer everything that can be expected from the spring.

These months can be very wet with significant rainfall. Winter temperatures are usually around 17 °C in January, February and March and 18 °C in December.

the warmest places in europe

Of course, weather conditions are not always the same. Some days are warm and other are pretty cool. Sometimes the temperatures can reach to about 20 – 25 °C and other times can drop to 9 °C.

Under certain conditions it is possible to forms even a thin and precarious snow cover.

Summer is hot, long and dry. One thing is absolutely certain – this is one of the hottest places on the continent.


The second place which claims to be the hottest in Europe is Cyprus.

Geographically, Cyprus is a part of Asia, but historically the island has always been a part of Europe.

It is a member of the European Union. The Island of Aphrodite is a real sunny paradise. The coldest month – January – can boasts with a daytime temperature around 17-18 °C in coastal areas.

This is very pleasant and warm spring-like weather. Just imagine – while in the northern parts of Europe temperatures are below freezing, in Cyprus you can walk wearing only a T-shirt and jeans jacket.

cyprus mediterranean

Compared to Crete, temperatures here are always a little higher.

You can swim in the sea from April to November, but unlike in Crete, there are days even in the winter months March and December, which are sunny and warm enough for sun bathing and swimming.

The Cypriot summer begins a few days or weeks earlier and finishes several days or weeks latter.


The southern-most Spanish province enjoys some of the highest temperatures across Europe.

Summer is incredible hot and sometimes become even unbearable. This area feels the influence of air masses that come freely from the African tropical latitudes.

Warm air enters freely here, because there is not a climate barrier. Summer temperatures can easily reach to around 40 °C. Summer lasts from early spring to late autumn (from March to November).

During the winter months from December to February daily temperatures are usually around 17-18 °C. Some days are cooler (15 – 16 °C).

Other times, however, temperature can suddenly rises to around 20-25°C, offering the visitors summer weather during winter.

andalusia spain

An interesting fact is that Andalusia is the only place in Europe, where you can see people sunbathing in January, although here the beach season is still a bit shorter then on the island of Cyprus.

Sea water of course is still too cool for swimming, but the weather is very nice. The reason for the warm winter in Andalusia is first, because the Sierra Nevada stops the cool air masses coming from the north and second, because the Mediterranean allows the warm air masses to invade from the south.

As a whole the climate in Andalusia is very hot subtropical with a strong tropical influence.

However, don’t forget that there is a brief winter and sometimes even is possible to form a thin snow cover. If you are planning to travel to Andalusia in winter still will be better to get some warmer clothes.