The Black Sea Riviera

Bulgarian Riviera Golden sands The Black Sea Riviera is a part of the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, which is famous for the best and most visited resorts and the most beautiful Bulgarian beaches. It covers a distance of about 27 kilometers from Varna to Albena.

From south to north it cover Varna, St. St.Constantine and Elena, Sunny Day, Chaika, Golden Sands and Albena. During the summer months are flocking here Golden sands Black Sea Riviera more than one million tourists from all over the world, but especially from countries such as Germany, Britain, Sweden and Russia, traditionally attended by the local tourist market. In recent years here come many visitors from Romania, and the reason is the smaller distance and the opportunity to travel with their own cars.

St. St. Constantin and Elena beach Bulgaria Climate. The climate of the Black Sea Riviera is a mild, temperate with strong influence from the Black Sea, and possesses a number of features, typical of Mediterranean climate. The beach season is slightly shorter than that of the Mediterranean Sea coast and lasts from June to the end of September. May is very warm, but then the sea water is still cold. If you have decided to rest here and the perfect weather is very important for you, it would be better to avoid the second half of September. Although then the weather is still nice and the sea water - warm, often happens abrupt Golden sands beach at the end of September changes in the weather that destroy the feeling of summer. Sometimes can happen long-drawn-out western wind, which can cool quickly the air and the seawater. Well, of course, if you like air temperatures of around 21 - 22 degrees, the second half of September will be very pleasant for you. During the second half of September the weather is easy bearable, especially for the elderlies. Otherwise, the hot summer in Bulgaria is not different of those in Greece and the temperatures not rarely approach 40°C. This is the right time to say that would be better for you to find a shady and cool place during midday hours, but to leave the beach for the early morning or late afternoon. The pleasant breeze coming from the sea often is misleading, attraction on the coas of golden sands because create the illusion that it is not quite so hot, but many people do not realize that they could burn even more easily. The autumn on Black Sea Riviera is very variable, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees. Often fall rains, which sometimes do not stop for days. Most humid is November, similar to many Mediterranean countries. The winter is generally mild with daytime temperatures up to about 5°C, but January can be very harsh. Sometimes the temperature can drop to the record low (-20) °C! The first half of the spring is pretty cool and hardly differs from the winter, but in the middle of April, the temperatures rises very rapidly and at the beginning of May already have summer values. Luxury hotels on the Black Sea Riviera Golden sands

Nature. The attractiveness of this part of the Black Sea coast due to many factors. First, it should be noted that the local beaches are the most attractive. The color of the sand is golden, and it is very fine and pleasant to the touch. Beautiful beaches, of course, there are in many  other places in Bulgaria, but the locals are really wonderful. The dense vegetation descends to the sea itself. Alternate deciduous and pine forests, and not rarely you can see also some Mediterranean style typical Mediterranean plant species. The combination of forest and sea is like a magnet for the foreign visitors. There are few places where one can slip into the shade of the trees immediately after leaving the beach. The picturesque relief contribute to the attractiveness of the area very strong. Very often the coast is steep and high. Some parts of the Black Sea Riviera are, unfortunately, affected by landslide processes. Few years ago, landslide destroied many buildings in the area of Cabacum, located between St.St. Constantine and Elena and Golden Sands. The Sea Park of Varna infrastructure was also strongly damaged. The advantages of this tourist area, however, are undoubtedly much. The opportunity to spend some time among the beautiful Balkan nature is probably the biggest advantage.

Resorts. St. St. Constantine and Elena is the oldest resort on the Bulgarian coast. It is located about 8 kilometers from the city center of Varna. In the heart of the resort has a magnificent chapel in оld style. The chapel is hidden among the dense vegetation. It has given its name to this popular Bulgarian resort. There train for entertainment in golden sands is dense vegetation, but the resort is not so affected by the overbuilding, typical of other parts of the country and Europe as a whole. Adjacent to the resort is a beautiful botanical garden, which offers peace and quiet.

Sunny day is a small complex, located adjacent to St.St.Constantin and Elena. There is a small number of hotels. The resort is safety and quiet. It is located among lush, green vegetation. It is world famous because of its clean beaches. The beautiful local beaches are awarded by the prestigious “Blu flag”, because of their cleanness. Sunny day beach

Golden Sands is the most popular Bulgarian resort. It is located about 15 kilometers from the city center of Varna. It has a very large hotel facilities. This is the largest resort in northern Bulgaria and the second largest in the country after Sunny Beach. Offers various opportunities for entertainment, but the local restaurants are so many that could be very difficult (even impossible) for someone to visit all of them. The Black Sea Riviera thousands shops Bulgaria local beach is considered to be one of the best in Bulgaria, because of its width and golden color. Unlike St.St. Constantine and Elena, where one can enjoy calmness, the Golden Sands offers much more dynamic and it is more suitable for young people seeking not so quiet as opportunities for fun.

Albena. This is the northern-most resort of the Black Sea Riviera. It is located at more than 20 kilometers from Varna. Unlike the St.St. Constantine and Helena and Golden Sands, which are related to Varna the small chapel into the center of St. St. Constantin and Elena Bulgaria through regular lines of the public transport, Albena remains detached, and the transport from Varna to here is more irregular. This, however, has its great advantages. Albena is one of the most secure Bulgarian resorts. The overdevelopment has not affected this place. In a beautiful park area are setting a limited number of hotels. Here you will find great opportunities for recovery from the daily stress.

the beach between Sunny day and St. St. Constantin and Elena Problems. In addition to its numerous advantages, the area, of course, has its drawbacks. As already mentioned, the overdevelopment is one of them. The other is the danger of landslides, which has always existed on the northern Black Sea coast. These landslides are usually step up in spring and autumn, when the area get the main part of the precipitation for the year.

relax and greenness in the sea garden Perspectives. Although more than 1 000 000 people arrive here every summer, it is assumed that the area is still not popular enough among the tourists from North America, Australia, Japan and others. The majority of the visitors still arrive by the European Union and Russia. This is for two reasons - first because of the geographical proximity, and second because there is no sufficient advertising to promote the Black Sea Riviera as a holiday destination of European and world level.