The landmarks of Bulgaria

Bulgaria Landmarks Map Locations Bulgaria is one of the oldest and most interesting countries in Europe. There is behind it a long history full of progress and disgrace. It posses a great cultural past, which is reflected in the architecture. Bulgaria is known for its exceptionally beautiful scenery - high mountains, dense forests, caves, lakes, springs, rivers, coasts with beautiful beaches. The country is a small and easy to reach from one point to another. There are thousands of landmarks and indeed will not regret if you take some time to discover them.

Fanagoria Asparuhovo Varna Asparuhovo is one of the interesting places of Varna. Ties to the city by Asparuhov Bridge (50 meters tall and almost 2 km long) in this neighborhood is created one of the first Bulgarian settlements. Here today, keep the memory of the founder of the Bulgarian state. On the place where it is believed that the old settlement is founded, today you can see historical - ethnographic complex "Fanagoria. This part of Varna is very picturesque and developed rather quickly – the building of shopping malls and hotels are expected to attract crowds of Bulgarians and foreigners. Asparuhovo beach is one the most the bridge of Asparuhovo beautiful in Varna. Its other advantage is that it is still completely unknown to foreigners. Asparuhovo offers beautiful views and a chance to buy a property near by the sea in a unique low cost, which would be absolutely unthinkable in any other place in Europe. This district, which until a few years ago there was a notorious ghetto today is about to become a promising resort.