Africa wildlife

Africa is the second most populated and the second largest continent after Asia.

Covering an area of 30,221 this continent has a population of over 1,000,000,000 people.

There are 54 independent countries in Africa.

Overall, Africa has many economic and social problems. In most of the continent poverty is a usual part of the everyday life.

Africa wildlife

In the 21st century in Africa there are still people living in extreme poverty and hunger.

And this is not the only problem.

A number of dangerous diseases like AIDS spread dangerously and affect a large part of the population.

Only a few countries on the continent are able to develop a more stable economy.

These are Mediterranean countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and especially South Africa.

There are countries with a fabulously beautiful scenery and exceptional wildlife, which are believed to have great potential for tourism development.

Some of them are Seychelles, Kenya and Botswana.

Africa is the warmest continent in the world.

The equator divides it into two parts almost in the middle.

This is the only continent in which pass both tropical circles.

Furthermore, Africa has the most unspoiled nature and most impressive wildlife.

This is the least urbanized continent in the world.

In the African cities live just a small part of the population and the main livelihood of the people are agriculture and livestock.

On its vast area you can find great variety of national parks and reserves where wildlife flourishes undisturbed.