Asia china

Asia is the biggest continent on the planet.

It stretches from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean almost to Australia.

Here are some of the largest in territory and population countries in the world such as China, India, Indonesia, and much of Russia.

The area of Asia amounts to about 44 579 000 square kilometers and its population approaches around 4,000,000,000!

Large areas of Asia are suffering from overcrowding. Some states even have special nationality policy, for example China.

It is forbidden families to have more than one child.

Asia china

Asia is the cradle of human civilization.

Most of the peoples and cultures that we know today have arose there and have spread around the world.

The majority of the world religions originated in particular from Asia.

A large part of the world nations and even Europeans can trace their roots in Asia.

Not only cultural and but also and linguistic diversity is amazing.

The same applies to the environment.

In Asia there are huge deserts, steppes, savannas, tropical rain forests, extensive deciduous and coniferous forests and deserted permafrost areas in the extreme north.

This is the only continent that goes through all climate zones without exception.

Here one can meets animals such as tiger, leopard, bear, orangutan, elephant and many other.

Asia is the most dynamically developing region on the planet.

There are many economies that are respectable for their stability and progress.

We can mention giants such as China, India and Japan as well as small in size but highly developed Dubai and Singapore.