Best Travel Tips to Alice Springs (Australia)

panoramic view of alice springs

Alice Springs is the second largest city in the state of Northern Territory. It is located adjacent to the southern tropical circle (the Tropic of Capricorn). The city is located in the southeast part of the ridge McDonald, which is 1531 meters high. This is one of the most detached and isolated parts of the Australian continent. Wherever we set off from Alice Springs we have to cross the hundreds and in some cases even thousands of kilometers of desert because to reach the green ocean shore.

uluru northern territory australiaThe place has an unusual charm. Those parts of Australia are imbued with the ancient culture of the Aborigines.

About 300 km from Alice Springs is one of the biggest attractions of the continent – the rock of Uluru (or Ayers Rock). It is the center of the Aboriginal culture.

The walls of this sacred rock are painted with strange drawings, which according to the local indigenous people tell about the history of the world.

This part of Australia known as Outback attracts many tourists, but the tourism still is in its opening stage of developing.

Here comes mainly people, who are fond of adventures and are excited of the fact that they will fall among the nowhere. A place that has not changed over millions of years.

Hotel facilities here are still not very developed, but most visitors fall into the category excursionists. That is because, these are people who, after visiting of the local attractions in most cases make for the coast.

In fact, however, those who do not stay here for at least several days lost a lot, because the true beauty of Alice Springs and its environs are not visible at first sight. Except for Uluru, in this part of Australia there are many other things to see.

Henbury Meteorite Crater alice springsAlice Springs itself is a small town, whose population numbers about 30,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a fiery red cliffs and scarce vegetation.

On the streets of this city usually is hardly to find a shadow. The rainfall is so rare event that when happens rain this is topic number one in the conversations of the local residents.

The temperatures are high throughout the year. In the southern winter the days are between 20 and 25°C. If its happens to rain, most likely this should be done in the winter.

Summer is burning. The heat can exhausts even the sworn fans of the sun and the high temperatures.

panoramic view of alice springsThe local residents go out just early morning and in the evening. Temperatures in the range between 38 – 45°C are considered to be something usual and we have to mention that these are temperatures in the shade.

Since Alice Springs buildings are low, at sunrise and sunset there are beautiful views of the red surroundings, which at this time of the day become even more fiery.

If you travel to Alice Springs you must be very cautious as regards to the poisonous snakes and insects that here are not few.

If you visit a local tourist consultant, he may tell you not only how to avoid the meeting with some of the more dangerous representatives of the local animal kingdom, but can also refer you how you can reach to some cool spring among the fiery landscape of the Ridge MacDonald, where you could bathe, swim and devote to a cool relaxation. Such places are a real oasis in a desert landscape.

kings canyon alice springsToday at the red heart of Australia and particular in Alice Springs arrive between 300 and 400 000 visitors, which represents 10 times the number of the local populations.

Indeed, tourism and mining are the main sources of income for the local people. If a man decides to travel to Alice Springs is good to consider the options for transportation.

The best would be to fly by plane directly to Alice Springs, but you can travel also to one of the major Australian cities and from there to fly with a smaller plane to Alice Springs.

If you travel not to Alice Springs, but to some of the other Australian cities, there are certainly other options – bus or car. With the south coast of Australia and Adelaide there are also railway connections.

Note however the distance from 1000 km to the nearest capital city – Darwin – is quite hard, especially keeping in mind the terrible heat.

On the other hand, travelling by car you will see the landscapes that really can impress you. Alice Springs is a real destination for adventurers and wishing to see something really strange and very exciting.