Best Travel Tips to Darwin [Australia]

darwin from the sea

Situated among savannahs and rare subequatorial forests in the state of Northern Territory, Darwin is defined as a town with great prospects for development in the future. It is however too small to obtain a befitting place into the global economic scene. With a population of only 130,000 people, Darwin is the smallest metropolitan center across Australia. The biggest part of its population is consists of immigrants from all over the world.

darwin from the seaBut although the city is comparatively small, it has its advantages. And if we have to be honest the advantages are not few. First, there is not serious problems with crime in Darwin.

This is a problem which is well known in all major cities in the world. Here for the tourists and locals is completely safe.

Furthermore, Darwin does not suffer from the busy city traffic, noise and pollution. And perhaps one of the most tangible benefit is that the enormous wealth of the Northern Territory are distributed among a very small number of people.

This makes the quality of life very high. The wealth of Darwin and the Northern Territory comes almost entirely from mining, as the minerals are almost everywhere.

From the bowels of the earth are extracted ore and industrial minerals, precious metals and gemstones.

Termite mound in KakaduThe huge revenues of the mining are absolutely enough to maintain the city infrastructure and impeccable cleanliness in Darwin.

The city has an international airport, which although does not reach the size of the airport in Sydney, it perfectly suits the needs of the local residents and tourists.

Tourism of the Northern Territory and  Darwin has evolved in the last few years. And it is not surprising, given that this part of the world is beautiful and unspoiled, with wild beaches, warm climate and animals and plants, represented mainly by endemic species.

Since the development of tourism is in its infancy, here you will not see any huge crowds of tourists or significant clusters of hotels.

This is another advantage of the wild and unassimilated territory of northern Australia.

Not far from Darwin is one of Australia’s most famous parks – The National Park of Kakadu. It is named after a type of parrot that inhabits these places.

kakadu national park darwinInteresting fact is that in Australia you can see really great variety of parrots. Other animals that you can see here are the koala, opossum, kangaroo and of course the saltwater crocodiles.

This crocodile live in both salt and in fresh water. It is believed that this is the most dangerous crocodile species on the planet.

Sometimes even happen to attack tourists, who have dared to approach to it too much or just tent at a risky place.

These are those same crocodile that attacked the main character from the movie “Return to Paradise” and disfigured her face.

Unfortunately, in the reality is almost impossible someone to survive if he/she has caught in the jaws of this dangerous predator.

However, the fact that the crocodiles are so dangerous make them even more interesting to the visitors. Around the city of Darwin and its municipality there is a great variety of insects, many of which are poisonous.

Australia is a country with the greatest variety of poisonous insects. The same goes for the snakes.

Generally this is the best place to say that the visitors have to be cautious, because there are many animals that are as beautiful and interesting as dangerous.

saltwater crocodile in kakaduDarwin is very hot city. Since it falls into the borders of the subequatorial climate zones, the city has two seasons – dry and rainy.

The dry season coincides with the winter in the southern hemisphere and lasts from May to October. Then the temperatures are around 30 – 31°C. This is the active tourist season.

During the southern summer from April to November is the rainy season. The rains are strong, sudden, heavy and unpredictable.

In this part of the year the temperature increased slightly and reached 33 – 34°C. Tourists avoid this season because of the rain and heat.

During the summer (rainy) season, Darwin often become a victim of cyclones that coming from the northwest (from the Indian Ocean).

The local population is not particularly impressed by the strong tropical storms, but for the tourists it could be pretty scary.

the bay of darwinWith respect to the tropical storms, Darwin is the same thing for Australia as it is Miami for the U.S. One of the most memorable moments for the city of Darwin is connected exactly with this natural disaster.

In December 1974., on Christmas Eve, just at the height of the summer in Australia, fearsome tropical storm strikes Darwin and completely destroyed two thirds of the city.

Winds with speeds of over 200 km/h has been pulled down and overturned trees, cars, roofs and because of this reason the Cyclone Tracy in on the first place as the storm caused the greatest damages in Australia.

casino in darwinToday the remains of some buildings are places of interest to the tourists. However, such a disaster does not happen every day.

The residents of Darwin did not remain impassive and made everything to restore the city pretty fast.

Today Darwin is a modern city with great prospects for the construction of high buildings in the city center. The first higher buildings are already seeing on the city skyline.