Best Travel Tips to Brisbane (For Your First Trip)

night skyline of brisbane

Brisbane is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Australia. It combines an extremely modern architecture, wonderful sunny climate, beautiful scenery and Mediterranean lifestyle. This city is a magnet not only for tourists but also for those seeking a better lifestyle migrants coming from all over the world.

night skyline of brisbaneGeography. Brisbane is located at 27 degrees south latitude in the southern parts of the Australian state of Queensland. It has an outlet to the Pacific Ocean.

The city is situated in the down stream of the homonymous Brisbane River, which here flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Brisbane and the adjacent resorts are regarded as a “gateway” to the tropical north of Australia, where are located the thousands tropical islands of the Great Barrier Reef. West of the city is situated the Great Dividing Range.

Nature. The local scenery is very beautiful. This is due to the warm and humid climate in this part of the country. The vegetation is evergreen and dense.

Here can be found some very capricious and sensitive trees such as coconut palm. West of the city is located the covered with thick forests Great Dividing Range.

It plays the role of a climate barrier and stops the moist air masses, coming from the ocean and does not allow them to move inland.

street art brisbaneThe beautiful nature in this part of Australia is the reason to have many national parks in this area. One of them is Moreton Island. It is an island, covered with tropical vegetation and surrounded by white sandy beaches.

It is located about 38 km from the city center. Other famous National Parks are Glass House, which is covered with dense vegetation and a picturesque landscape, Fresh Water National Park, National Park Bribie Island and the large number of protected areas.

The diversity of species is also very large. In the city’s vicinity is not excluded to encounter typical representatives of the local wildlife such as kangaroo or koala.

But if you decide to visit Brisbane and explore its countless natural beauties, you should be careful, as the country as a whole is home to many venomous animals – snakes, spiders, insects and so on!

brisbane night viewClimate. Brisbane is located in the southern parts of the tropical climate zone. The climate is warm throughout the year. The differences between winter and summer temperatures are small.

The coldest month is July. Then the daily average temperatures are about 21°C and the nights are cool – about 9 – 10°C. The hottest is January.

Then the average daily temperature is 30°C at the shade, but sometimes it can reaches 40°C and over. Summer nights are very warm with temperatures around 21°C.

The difference between the coldest and warmest month is about 9 degrees. The rainfall is moderate in quantity throughout the year. There is not too wet or too dry months.

However, what impresses is that the rainfall increases with the increasing of the temperatures.

brisbane skylineThe rainiest month is January – about 160 mm. Driest month is September, when is the end of the winter. Then the city receives only 40 mm of rainfall.

The weather in the Brisbane resorts, is suitable for beach all year round, but in the winter it is advisable to use the hottest hours around noon, while in the summer – just the opposite – noon hours is better to be avoided, because the sun can be extremely powerful and dangerous.

Brisbane certainly attracts millions of visitors and a huge number of immigrants, because of its perfect climate. Here the climatic conditions are similar to the U.S. state of Florida and the Spanish Canary Islands.

If you’re wondering what part of the year to select for a holiday in Brisbane, probably the most suitable are the spring and the autumn, when it is quite warm, but not too hot.

In the spring and the autumn you will avoid the cold winter mornings and nights, and the unbearable summer heat.

the city of brisbanePopulation. The population of Brisbane is more than 2 000 000 people. This is the third biggest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. The local population is growing with enormous speed.

The migrants are from all over the world, but in the recent years are dominated immigration flows from Asia.

Australia as a whole relies to high qualified migrants, ignoring the programs for diversify of the population that are strictly observed in other countries, such as the U.S.

Today in Brisbane and its surrounding areas are home to nearly ½ of the population of Queensland.

city hall brisbaneEconomy. Brisbane is very rich and highly developed city with a rapidly developing market economy. This is the main economic center of Queensland and the third economic power on the continent.

Its economy is equivalent, in some cases even stronger in comparison with many cities in Europe and North America. Brisbane relies strongly to the services sector.

The city is very important tourist and educational center. Do not forget also the fact that Australia has a very large contribution to the developing of the medicine, particularly in the recent years.

The city has invested heavily in the development of the high technology and industry. In the vicinity of this metropolis, it develops a modern agriculture.

In addition to traditional for Australia livestock-breeding, there also develops highly productive crop. Close to the city there are plantations for bananas and pineapples.

koala brisbaneHistory. The beginning of this world metropolis has begun before less than two centuries. In 1824 here was established prison’s colony, where the Britain send their prisoners.

The city is named after the military man and Scotch Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane. In this place during the World War II America has established its main bases in the southwest Pacific.

The modern history of the city is marked mainly by the high economic and population growth and the tourism boom in the region.

In the 20th century the city’s economy assume much greater autonomy, because to achieve faster economic growth.

Sightseeing. One of the biggest attractions of the city are the City Hall, Story Bridge, the skyscrapers, the numerous parks and gardens, and the numerous national parks and reserves in the vicinity of Brisbane.

If you’ve visited Brisbane, would be a folly to miss the beautiful city of Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise – the largest resort in Australia and one of the largest in the world.

Its beauties are numerous, the beaches –  magnificent and is located at only fifteen kilometers southwest of Brisbane.