Best Travel Tips to Cairns, Australia (in 2019)

the largest swimming pool of cairns

Cairns is a city located in the northern tropical regions of Queensland. Today this beautiful and sunny resort has a population of about 160,000 residents and continues to attract more and more new immigrants from all over Australia, but also from many other countries. Today Cairns is a very dynamic developing center, based on tourism and trade. This is one of the most important tourist centers in the northern part of the continent. The numerous visitors stimulate not only tourism, but also trade. Cairns is a town with numerous shopping centers, which give a job to many people.

the largest swimming pool of cairnsCairns is what a person imagines he hears the word exotic. The city seems to has located in the middle of tropical rain forest.

The streets are decorated with the most amazing representatives of the local flora and fauna. Thousands of trees, shrubs and extremely beautiful flowers decorate this city that seems so British, and at the same time it looks so southern and sunny.

This is not a place where you will find high skyscrapers, such as it is in Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth and other major Australian cities.

Here, the most buildings are low and this makes it seem somehow more friendly and relaxing.

kuranda cairns queenslandAlthough there are not skyscrapers in Cairns, there are very modern buildings, which are mostly government buildings or shopping centers.

This is, for example, the William McCormack Place – this is a government office building, which is described as “the greenest” on the continent. The city center is full with many important buildings, located mainly near by the coast of Coral Sea.

Here are the snow-white building of the city library, which was built in colonial style, many hospitals, malls, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels.

The hotels here are very different from all those you’ve seen in Europe. The most are small and many of them are boutique hotels.

City streets are filled with numerous shops, from which one can find everything – from clothing to a variety of sweets and souvenirs.

street view of cairnsThe city of Cairns itself has not beaches and the ocean waters are turbid due to deep flowing rivers, which come from the rain forest.

The lack of beaches in Cairns, however, is offset by the very beautiful mangrove forests in the southern part of the town. If you’re still looking for beautiful beaches, you do not have to search for a long.

North of Cairns are located Machans Beach resorts, Holloways Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach, Palm Cove and others.

They are all gorgeous have a fine golden sand and clean ocean waters. These peaceful and covered with lush vegetation resorts are neat in a row from south to the north.

Between the Kewarra beach and the beautiful rain forest has an excellent golf course, which allows you during the play to enjoy the fantastic local landscapes.

West of the city there is a large mountainous area with not very high altitude. Everything is quiet and covered with lush tropical vegetation.

The hills are covered with jungle and above the low mountains there are usually heavy rain clouds, especially during the southern summer from November to May.

Much of the vicinity of Cairns are protected by law and this makes them to be so attractive to foreigners.

the coast of coral sea near cairnsAbout 25 km from the center of Cairns is located Kuranda – an attractive little town in the middle of the jungle along the Barron river which passes through the Barron George National Park.

Kuranda is probably the greenest village in Australia. This small town, suburb of Cairns namely is absorbed by the tropical jungle.

Rainforest in this part of Australia are among the habitats with the richest biodiversity in the world.

The forest reserves Dinden, Formartine, Kuranda, parks Kamerunga, Jumrum Creek, Smithfield, pearls of Cairns – Gray Peacks National Park and Barron George National Parkare and many other are places that have an amazing beauty.

In the high places you will find shade and coolness in the hot and stuffy days.

barron falls near cairnsMore pleasant for a walk are the hours in the early morning and late afternoon, before sunset, of course.

But beware! Local rainforests are probably the area with the greatest variety of poisonous plants and animals in the world.

Here are not only dangerous snakes and insects, but also many plants. The dangers lurks, however, not only in the forest, but also in the sea.

From November to May is the season of the extremely dangerous jellyfish Irokandzhi that length not more than 2.5 cm.

The fact that they are so tiny makes them invisible in the water and because of this fact – even more dangerous.

tour into the jungle of cairnsEverywhere in the local beaches have warning signs that communicate about the dangers.

Beaches can be used in the rest of the year, although will be better for you  to be cautious because there are many sea creatures which are poisonous, stinging or sticking.

If you are planning a holiday in Cairns choose the best part of the year – the winter season from November – December to April.

Then you will be able to enjoy dry weather and a much more pleasant temperature of around 25 – 26°C. Note that in Cairns humidity is quite high and this makes the degree to be felt as much more.

In summer, high humidity with temperatures of around 31 – 32°C at the shade is hardly bearable for tourists from the northern countries.