Best Travel Tips to Fraser Island, Australia [in 2019]

fraser island sandy paradise in queensland

Fraser Island is the largest island located on the east coast of Australia. Located adjacent to the coast of southeast Queensland, it is separated from the mainland by a narrow strait. It is a dream for all, who live in the temperate latitudes of northern Europe, North America and temperate latitudes of Asia and seek a place at which to get rid of autumn depression and dull, gray winter days. With its warm and sunny year-round tropical oceanic climate, the island offers excellent opportunities for tourism 12 months a year.

fraser island sandy paradise in queenslandTemperatures vary from 21°C in July to 31°C in January. The winter is drier than the summer, but there are heavy rains throughout the year.

If you’re wondering what clothes to wear, you should know that the days are warm all year round and the summer clothes are suitable for all 12 months, but since, sometimes become cooler is good to have a thin coat as a jacket or warm anorak that to be always at hand, especially if you travel in winter or stay out at evening.

The place is amazing for ecotourism as the nature is extremely clean and free from human activity.

ecotourism in fraser islandWith the exception of the resorts Eurong Beach Resort, Kingfisher Bay Resort, and the small resort Happy Valley, there are no cities and the island is almost uninhabited.

Speaking of resorts is very important to clarify that the local resorts are not what we are accustomed to see in Europe, Mexico and some Caribbean islands, which are full of restaurants, casinos, bars, discos, boiling night life and offer all sorts of entertainment for the guests.

On the Fraser Island these are resorts that offer seclusion and privacy for people, wanting to get away from everyday stress and exertion.

What’s more relaxing than to rest on the shore of the Pacific Ocean and to know that before you there are thousands of miles of nothing, but water, and behind you there is unspoiled rain forest.

beautiful beach fraser islandYou can reach to Fraser Island easily. Please note that Fraser is located about 180 km from the center of Brisbane and therefore arriving in this wild paradise you could use the city’s international airport.

Most likely you will pass the distance between Brisbane and Harvey Bay for about two and a half hours, then you will move distances of 10 and a half kilometers to Fraser Island by ferry.

There are places where the distance between the mainland and Fraser is lesser, but factors such as the presence of mangroves and sand deposits on the ocean bottom make passage uncomfortable and risky.

For this reason, most secure, even if a longer is the way between Fraser Island and Harvey Bay.

full moon over the pacific fraser islandFraser is unique. Few people know that this island is actually composed solely of sand and under the sandy land there is no bedrock.

Dense rain forest that covers the entire island is actually developed entirely on the sand base.

Among the forests of Fraser there are over 100 lakes, some large and others – smaller, but all of them very clean and beautiful.

One of the most famous is the Lake McKenzie, which is situated in the tropical jungle in the interior of the island. The lake is a perfect place for relaxation and sunbathing.

Its waters are extremely limpid and clear, and it is surrounded by a superb beach. The sand is very fine and white.

lake among tropical forest fraser islandLake McKenzie is probably the best lake for beach holidays in the world and can competes successfully with even the most beautiful Australian beaches.

In fact, Lake McKenzie is even more suitable for sunbathing and swimming than the ocean itself, as here, especially on the east coast usually have a pretty huge waves, making it an inappropriate place for swimming and bathing.

Moreover, the waters of the Pacific Ocean in this part of Australia, are home to many sharks.

Lake McKenzie is located approximately halfway between Kingfisher Bay Resort and Eurong Beach Resort, but a little closer to Kingfisher.

mckenzie lake in the rainforest of fraser islandVicinity of the lake and, of course, all other parts of the island are suitable for travellers seeking eco experiences.

There are other famous lakes such as Boomanjin, Benoroon, Green Lake or Birrabeen. If you come here from Europe it will be hard to believe that the world still has places that are so wild and untouched.

You will only hear the breaking huge waves of the Pacific, the sing of birds and wind. But be careful because Fraser Island has a population of wild dingo dogs.

We could say that they are somewhat accustomed to human presence, but still avoid approaching them except under the supervision of an experienced guide.

one of the largest landmarks of fraser islandRemember that the dingo dogs are wild animals it is are excluded the likelihood to attack you instinctively. These wild dogs live in packs in the woods and eat what they can catch.

Although the eastern half of Fraser Island is much better known, in the West also has many things to be seen.

For example, much of the west coast is covered with dense mangrove forest. The waters here are calm, because the island is a natural barrier to the waves coming from the open ocean.

Here is located the Kingfisher Bay, which is one of the most popular resting places of the island.

Coast of Fraser Island is a picturesque and tempts many visitors to camp on the beach. The coastline is very mains wild and long about 130 km only from the side of the Pacific Ocean.

The large number of shipwrecks remains are an important landmark that attract the visitors.

The years in which nature has acted tirelessly has turned each vessel in a pile of rust, where the waves break.

The beach is the main highway on the island and sometimes can be seen some passing car or just traces of tires on the sand.

tropical rainforest fraser islandFraser Island is popular for its protected areas, covering different habitats – mangrove forests, beaches, dunes, rain forest, lakes and what not.

Here are the most attractive and exciting places for eco-tourism on the island:

Great Sandy National Park is situated on the east coast of Fraser Island.

Nearby is located Eurong Beach Resort, which offers excellent conditions for ecotourism to its guests.

wild beach fraser islandSandy Cape Conservation Park is located in the island‘s northern part. As the name implies, here you are in the realm of sand dunes, which gradually descend to the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Indian Head is a beautiful and very picturesque area, located in the northeastern parts of the island.

The beach is very wide, and the surrounding waters are full with various forms of life – sharks, dolphins, devil fish, humpback and so on.