Best Travel Tips to Gold Coast, Australia (in 2019)

gold coast from q1 queensland australia

Gold Coast is the largest resort in the whole of Australia and one of the most popular in the world. It is located in southern Queensland on the Pacific coast. It is called “the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” and is considered to be the starting point for all, who are decided to travel to the tropical north of the country. Gold Coast is not only a resort, but also a dynamic city with a population of around 500,000 inhabitants, who are people of different races and religions, that has came from various parts of the world as it is in every large Australian city.

gold coast from q1 queensland australiaIn the southern part of the Gold Coast is located Coolangatta International Airport, which is considered to be the fifth busiest in the country.

If you travel to the Gold Coast this is certainly the best option because you will land within the borders of the resort, but of course there are also other options.

Brisbane International Airport is the nearest outside the Gold Coast and is the best solution if for any reason you are unable to fly to the Gold Coast.

The distance from the International Airport of Brisbane to Gold Coast is just over 60 km. The distances are really insignificant.

Practical Brisbane and Gold Coast are almost related, and as a result of the huge influx of visitors, the both airports support flights to and from many different countries. At any time of the year you come, probably you will be met by sunny and warm weather.

gold coast beachThe climate of the Gold Coast is considered to be one of the best in the world and is very similar to that of the Canary Islands.

Summers are quite warm with temperatures around 28°C and winters are almost the same as Gran Canaria and Tenerife – around 21°C day.

Otherwise, winter nights can be cool (around 11°C) and because of this reason it is better to wear a coat for the night. Rainfall throughout the year is moderate as a quantity, but decreases slightly in the winter.

Generally at any time of year the summer clothes must present in your luggage. Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in the country and second in Queensland.

City revenues come almost entirely from the powerful tourist industry. Before their arrival, visitors should know that this place is not full of historical monuments, because the city is too young.

However, this does not make it to be less beautiful and with harmonious modern architecture that easily catches the eye.

entertainment in gold coast australiaOf course, the first thing you noticed when entering in the Gold Coast is how beautiful, clean and orderly city is. But to dive really into the local atmosphere, you need at least several days.

And here, indeed, believe me, there’s plenty of places to see. On the streets you will see hundreds of restaurants, shops and cafes which are waiting to be discovered and which are undoubtedly among the best in Australia.

The variety of national cuisines is immense. But perhaps it is best to choose a place that offer seafood – this is the country in the world, where you can taste the finest sea foods.

Some of the most famous restaurants, where you can taste the greatest seafood are Georges Paragon, Holy Mackerel Restaurant, The Flying Squid Coolangatta, but of course there are many other that we are not able to list, because hardly anyone will have the patience and time to read the names of all the good restaurants in the tourist capital of Australia.

gold coast is the australian tourist capitalAnd suddenly while walking on busy streets of the Gold Coast you get into the paradise – more than 30 km fine golden sand, surfers, feeling of unbounded spaces and clean ocean waters.

Ocean waves are quite often very large, since there is no coral reef, where to break. For this reason there are always crowd of young and not so young visitors, who run to the ocean surf in hand.

This is actually one of the best places for surfing on the planet together with Sydney, Hawaii, South Africa and others. Not incidentally one of the most popular parts of the Gold Coast is known as Surfers Paradise.

Gold Coast is a very modern city that with its extensive beach and tall buildings along the coast somehow reminiscent to the famous American megalopolis of Miami or the Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, although here, however, does no such concentration of people.

q1 from the beachAlong the coast of the Gold Coast are rising very modern skyscrapers. Most of them, unlike other big cities, are not office buildings, but are buildings with apartments and hotels.

Among them is one of the tallest on the continent – Q1. This skyscraper rises about 323 meters. This is actually the tallest residential building in the world.

The view from the roof of this skyscraper is impressive. You can see all of the tens of kilometers from here, especially in clear weather. Not one or two cards on the Gold Coast were filmed by this place.

Here the view to the Pacific Ocean worth a lot of money. This is the main reason for the high constructions on the beach. Gold Coast has one specific feature, and it is that very reminiscent of Venice in its numerous channels.

This proved to be the best solution to the issue of access to the ocean water, even for people, who live in remote places. Interestingly, the way the city was built to enable be reached by boat or yacht to almost each of its point.

Almost all residents of Gold Coast living near one of the many channels. Tens and even hundreds of channels are actually part of the Nerang River. This river originates from the mountains to the southwest of the city.

surfers paradise gold coast australiaAmong the major attractions of the city is the museum of wax figures, although if you visited Madame Tussauds, that here would hardly impress you much.

However, the Gold Coast has other advantages as a beautiful beach, beautiful scenery and opportunities for practising a variety of sports. Gold Coast is really known as a Mecca for sports fans.

Here, even 80 years old people dressed as teenagers ride a skateboard or skates. It held numerous sporting events, cycling championships and what not, however the city is best known for its excellent conditions for surfing.

Gold Coast is among the top destinations and for golfers – Helensvale Golf Club, Gold Coast Country Club, Parkwood International Golf Course, Emerald Lakes Golf Club, Palm Meadows Golf Course and Resort, Radisson Famili Resort Accommodation and Sea Food Restaurant, Surfers Paradise Golf Club, Burleigh Golf Club Course, Springbrook Golf Course, etc.

In the Gold Coast has many amusement parks, where you can enjoy. Some of the most popular parks are Dreamworld, where, in addition to ride a roller coaster and carousel, you could see kangaroos, tigers and other wildlife. The park also Currumbin should not be missed.

the beach of gold coastHere you’ll see crocodiles, kangaroos, eagles, reptiles and more as you go through your mind.

Dense foliage turns excellent way to escape the tropical heat. Wonderful place where to experience nature without leaving this cosmopolitan city is David Fleay Wildlife Park.

This is the perfect place of rest, while you enjoy the nature undisturbed by the huge crowds of tourists in the resort city. In the southwest of the Gold Coast you will get amidst amazingly beautiful tropical scenery of southern Queensland.

Here are the Nicoll Scrub National Park, Tomewin Park, National Park Sprigbrook and perhaps most beautiful of all – National Park Lamington.

Here are beautiful and extremely dense tropical forests, where the lush vegetation has gotten excellent living conditions. In the forests you will find a wide variety of marsupials mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and strange and very often quite large insects.

the skyline of the gold coastIn the forest run numerous waterfalls that are a perfect resting place for all visitors, who have come out in the forests to enjoy the nature.

The greenness and altitude, often exceeding 1000 m are the ideal solution for salvation from the heat along the coast. Local tropical forests are slightly cooler than usual, but this makes them even more pleasant for hiking and consideration.

Ten kilometers west of the Gold Coast are Tamborine botanical gardens, which are located in the suburb Eagle Heights and North Tamborine – this is truly an ideal place for a walk in the nature. Here you should remember that Queensland is the kingdom of poisonous plants and animals.

view from above gold coastRemember this and be cautious. The forests are home to many rare Australian species. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a local consultant, who will help you learn more about what are the advantages and dangers hidden there.

The possibilities for accommodation even don’t make sense to comment, because they are unlimited. You can stay at hotels of all classes and categories, villas and private houses, apartments and everywhere.

The price for which you can rent an apartment is quite varied, but usually vary around 200-250 $ per week (or about $ 1,000 per month).

In the price forming is most important not how is furnished the apartment, but rather the location – if it is close to the shore, if there is a panoramic view etc. Of course, the prices of first line to the beach are the highest.