Best Travel Tips to Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

great barrier reef australia

Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It occupies a huge protected area, home to tens of thousands of rare sea creatures.The approximate age of the reef is about 10,000 years. The approximate area is 348 It stretches about 2030 km. along the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is believed that the hundreds of reefs are built up from between 350 and 400 different species of corals. In different parts, its remoteness from the coast varies strongly.

great barrier reef australiaWhile in the north the reef is closer (about 30 km from the coast), the distance to the south can reach a hundred kilometers. Coral reefs are extremely sensitive to cooling.

They vary best in water temperature between 25 and 30°C while temperatures below 18°C can destroy the coral reef instantly. These sensitive organisms are very picky not only about the water temperature.

They are also very essential to have a shallow, clear and limpid water with plenty of sunshine. Here they have found the ideal conditions and changed past recognition the local environment.

But do not forget that the reef is still alive, making it the only living organism that can be seen from space. Emerald waters are actually noticed by the great height.

coral reef eastern australiaThe reefs in many places remain well hidden beneath the sea water and that was the reason for number of shipwrecks in the 17 and 18 century.

These waters proved to be really insidious about the seafarers. Many sunk vessels can be seen today on the bottom of Coral Sea. But of course, sunken ships have another use.

They are home to amazing diversity of fishes and other marine creatures. If you like the diving here you will feel like in heaven.

The water is so clear, that allows you to look at greater detail all around you. But do not be misled because of the exclusive beauty of the reef.

While most creatures seem to be fragile and shy, they can be really dangerous. Many of them you have to keeps at arm’s length, because they are strong enough to injure you seriously, and some of them can even kill you.

It is best just to enjoy the beauty of the reef without touching to anything with no matter as safe you think it is. By the beauty of this magical place you could get closer also in other ways.

There are special boats equipped with glass bottom, allowing you to see how much life boils under your feet.

beautiful fish great barrier reefActually in some places the coral deposits are so large that the reefs at low tide even appear above the ocean surface.

Among the waters of the Great Barrier Reef today there are thousands of small and large islands. Some of them are inhabited and are a major tourist attraction.

But others are so small that they barely show from the waters of Coral Sea. In fact, to stay at one of Australia’s tropical islands is the best way to get closer to local nature.

Here Eco-tourism is rapidly growing. The beauty and purity of the local nature straight will make you lose track of reality.

Hard somewhere could find cleaner and pristine beaches with so crystal clear and unpolluted ocean waters. To maintain the local nature of mass tourism, the government controls the approach of tourists into the territory of the reef.

Thus the damages of the tourism industry on the environment is minimized, the demand for tourism products is increasing. If you are among the fortunates, having the chance to touch this magic spot, you can choose from many other opportunities.

tropical island great barrier reefIf you do not like the idea about an accommodation amidst a paradise tropical island for some reason, there are other options.

If you are another type of man and are looking for exciting experiences and adventures, you may seem more attracted by the idea to stay right through the waters of the ocean.

And indeed this is possible. In recent years gained popularity so-called floating hotels. These are really small boutique hotels that are “moored” over the reef itself.

The biggest advantage is that if you do so you can leave the room and jump into the water. Great Barrier Reef is truly amazing place.

ocean creatureAnd if you decide to travel to Australia and to visit it, you should know that the most convenient international airport is that of Cairns.

Here arrive and depart flights from cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, but also London and other major American and European cities.

Indeed really what drives the local economy is the coral reef and the city of Cairns is very close to it. Tourists, who arrive in this part of the world come over mainly because of its magical beaches and unique and specific nature.

And if you’ve already decided to travel to this beautiful place, but yet you choose what time of year to do it, with certainly the best solution is the winter season.

In this season the weather is much more sunny, clear and dry and you will enjoy the Great Barrier Reef in its best. The summer season may be too hot and humid, and hardly bearable for anyone. But the winter will remain you fascinated by perfect weather.

paradise beach greath barrier reef australiaGreat Barrier Reef is of great importance to the life and reproduction of thousands of sea creatures. This includes also those animals and plants that live outside water.

These include many species of birds nesting on islands, water turtles and many others. Turtles spend their lives in the water, but lay their eggs on shore.

Eggs are heated below the surface of the sand and thus develop a new generation of the turtle.

But for this reason they need deserted beach, or at least place, where the people rarely come or not come at all.

Because of this reason is very important the number of visitors in the region of the reef to be closely monitored and not exceeds the safety standards.