Best Travel Tips to Port Douglas (Australia)

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On the place, where the dense rainforests of Queensland meet the warm waters of the Coral Sea is located one of the most beloved resorts of Australia – Port Douglas. With a population of only 3000 residents, this lovely resort town enjoys year round high temperatures. The climate is wet, tropical. There are two seasons – dry and rainy. The dry season coincides with the winter semester and lasts from May to October. This is the main tourist season. Winter has another advantage – the temperature is around 25 – 26°C. For comparison, during the summer months the temperature reaches more than 30 °C.

four mile beach australiaPort Douglas is an excellent place for tourism. The quiet atmosphere combines lux with exceptional sceneries. The small town is situated in woodland.

Everywhere there are parks, gardens, and even the buildings are surrounded by greenery. In the northern part of the town there is a golf course that is available to the fans of this sport for rich.

One of the most remarkable places in Port Douglas is the Four Mile Beach (beach four miles long). With its bright fine sand and calm waters, protected by the powerful ocean waves with great coral formations, the beach is among the most popular of the continent.

Forest of coconut palms surrounds the beach and absorb bungalows, villas and other buildings.

Not far from the shores of the resort town of Port Douglas is one of the greatest wonders that the Mother Nature has created. This is the Great Barrier Reef.

It is the largest and most beautiful coral reef in the world and the most exciting experience is to walk over the reef by boat with glass bottom.

port douglas four mile beachThe brave visitors dive straight among the clear and transparent ocean waters. During your stay in Port Douglas you have to visit by boat one of the numerous small but high – waters rivers in the surrounding area.

In the mouths of some of them there are beautiful mangrove forests that are an important ecosystem for many species.

If you visit Port Douglas, with certainly you have to make a trip to the Daintree River. This is an incredible place surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and exceptionally preserved nature.

In this place you have a real chance to stand face to face with the most fierce predator in Australia – the salt water crocodile, which besides that live in river water is often leaves the rivers and enter into the ocean.

Another landmark is Mowbray National Park, which is also full of life and located among the rain forest. The dangers in this safe and peaceful place are mostly related to the wildlife.

Furthermore, salt water crocodile, that can be found here you can see also poisonous spiders, snakes and huge centipedes. But perhaps the most dangerous is the jellyfish Irukandji that swims among the waters of northern Queensland.

This tiny jellyfish has a diameter of only 15 to 25 mm. This little creature can even cause the death of the people, who had the misfortune to touch it.

port douglas yacht portPort Douglas is well-appointed in transport point of view. About 65 km south of the resort town is situated Cairns which serves multiple domestic and international flights.

Although small, Port Douglas has a rapidly growing economy. The revenues in the past have came from minerals, but now relies mainly on tourism development in general and of the services sector as a whole.

Today Port Douglas is among the most ecologically clean regions of the country. This makes it ideal for the practising of Eco-tourism.

Besides accommodation in clean environment, there are numerous opportunities for Eco experiences.

In the local forests occur emblematic animals such as koala or the dangerous Cassowary ratites that with its sharp beak, sharp claws and ferocious temper is able to kill even an adult man without much effort.

But in the local forests can be seen and many other animals. In Port Douglas you can stay in a simple bungalow or in a luxury villa.

Here one of the advantages is that there are no tall buildings or large hotels.