Best Travel Tips to Townsville, Australia (in 2019)

panoramic view of townsville australia

Townsville is a very beautiful coastal city, located in the northeastern parts of the Australian state of Queensland. This part of Australia is still relatively sparsely populated, but it enjoys to a great interest. In the recent decades, the rapid growth turned Townsville from a small town to nearly 200,000 city. The reason for the rapid expansion of population is the location of the city – Townsville is a gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the center of the extremely rapidly developing tourism industry.

magnetic island townsvilleThe local economy is developing very quickly and without need for intervention and foreign aid. All sectors of the economy are developed.

As we know, Australia is very rich in minerals and this town is not an exception. The port of Townsville contributes strongly to the development of the local economy.

Since the city falls in the tropical climate zone, the best time for tourism in Townsville is the winter semester from April to November.

Besides the extremely pleasant temperatures around 25 – 26°C, the winter attracts also with the fact that coincide with the dry season.

With its abundant rainfall and temperatures of over 30°C, the summer semester is less preferred. Summer is the season of the powerful cyclones that often hit the city. The hot water of the Coral Sea increases the violence of the storms.

Townsville is easily reachable and the travel options are very diverse. You could fly up to Townsville through all major cities in the country.

Until recently Townsville supported international flights since losing the fight with Cairns in 2002. From the closer situated cities you could fly from Cairns and from the capital of Queensland – Brisbane.

However, if you arrive in Cairns you can travel also by car, because the distance is less than 290 km, and the infrastructure is, of course, excellent.

panoramic view of townsville australiaTownsville is a remarkable city. The first thing, that will impress you is the diverse and abundant tropical vegetation.

On the backdrop of the city rise yellow – brown rocky hills on which the vegetation is missing or very scarce. Throughout the town flows the river Ross.

Since it is relatively deep, here has built a small port for boats, and immediately to this port is situated the Museum of Tropical Queensland. Nearby is located the aquarium.

This is actually the downtown of Townsville. Here you will find great variety of hotels and restaurants, where the service is extremely high.

In the central parts of Townsville you will find many malls and shopping centers. In this resort everybody will find an entertainment in his taste, no matter what are his interests.

There’s something for the nature lovers, and connoisseurs of art and for those, accustomed to shopping for.

In the central parts of Townsville are just at hand and many of the modern nightclubs, which are still far safer than those in the major European and American cities.

Southwest of the city center, in the upper stream of Ross River there is a wonderful golf course.

parrot townsville australiaThat is almost a mandatory element for Australia settlements that have tourism functions. In the far south outskirts of Townsville is situated the James Cook University.

It is the second oldest in the state and dates back to 1970. From the campus of the University reveals a panorama to the 584 meters high Mount Stewart.

The city is surrounded by other heights – Mount St. John (393 meters) and Mount Louisa (185 m). Although located in woodland, the vegetation of Mount Stewart is not too thick.

From its summit there is a magnificent panorama of Townsville. This is particularly true especially for night hours, when the 200 thousand city is bathed in lights.

About Townsville can most accurately be said that the city is standing right on the border between small provincial town and a large modern business center. Indeed, Townsville today is neither one nor the other.

townsville beachAlthough the city grows rapidly must elapse decades to become a city of such magnitude as it is Brisbane. If you come here on vacation, however, probably you don’t care only how big the city is, and what it can offer you.

Probably you are also interested by the natural resources. And they, trust me, are not few. North-west of Townsville, near the suburbs extend the National Park Paluma Range.

This park is a magnificent tropical rain forest, reaching the ocean shore. Plants are interwoven and cleverly wrapped in one another and at some places that make the forest difficult to cross.

In dense vegetation pass crystal streams, where the tourists never miss to find freshness in the heat of Townsville, who torture the city throughout the year.

Favourite bathing place for the visitors is under Paluma Bridge. What could be better than the shade in the tropical heat, the song of the birds, the sound of running water and the incredible coolness.

Do not miss also make a tour among Cataract Mount. At 561 meters altitude you will find beautiful forests and wild nature. Almost all attractions of the the city are concentrated in the vicinity and usually do not have to travel a lot because to reach them.

In the southeast of the city you will find the Bowling Green Bay National Park. Protected since 1971, this region is known for its impressive biodiversity. This are large wetlands and here is most easily and fast to travel by boat.

townsville golf courseTownsville is a city, which has great beaches with a light brownish sand and calm waters.

Unfortunately, in most places in the tropical latitudes of Australia, the beaches may not be used because of the danger of salt water crocodiles and jellyfish irukandji, which has a mortal poison.

Ironically in the country with the most beautiful beaches live some of the most dangerous marine animals. In many places there are warning signs because of the danger of jellyfishes and crocodiles.

About 5 km from the coast of mainland Australia and about 8,5 kilometers from the port of Townsville is a wonderful island, which is clearly visible. It is called Magnetic Island.

It is mostly mountainous and covered with forests. The atmosphere here is very exotic and attractive. But the reason that attracts most of the visitors in Townsville is actually the Great Barrier Reef.

Townsville is a preferred starting point not only because of its proximity to the reefs, but also because it is one of the places that are best for monitoring of the underwater flora and fauna.

Among the waters of the coral reef there is even floating hotel that can accommodate the biggest lovers of the underwater world.