Best Travel Tips to Whitsunday Islands (Australia)

whitsunday island paradise beach

Whitsunday Islands is an extremely beautiful archipelago. It is one of the most beautiful and exotic places in Australia. Once the archipelago was a part of the continental drought, but because of the rising of sea level it has been gradually separated from the rest of the continent. Whitsunday Islands are with mostly hilly terrain. Some of the islands are uninhabited. Whitsunday’s main center on the archipelago is Hamilton Island. Here is located also the airport of the islands. The bigger Whitsunday Island and the surrounding smaller islands have stunning scenery.

whitsunday island paradise beachThey are covered with exotic tropical vegetation. Most of the species that thrive here are endemic. On this archipelago you will find magnificent beaches that will take your breath.

White Heaven Beach is located in the eastern part of the biggest island and is perhaps the most beautiful of all.

With its white silica sand and crystal waters, it is a real paradise for lovers of the exotic. The archipelago is a place where everyone can retire. The beaches on the islands are never overwhelmed by tourists.

Coastline on Whitsunday Island for example is very indented and except for the larger White Heaven Beach there are many smaller white beaches located into the small and charming bays.

Under the sea waters around the islands you will find many magnificent coral reefs. It is known that Queensland is one of the places with the most beautiful reefs on the planet, so for lovers of diving, this may be a real paradise.

Because of their blindingly beautiful landscape islands were declared a national park. Some of them have incredible small hotels, which makes them an excellent place for eco tourism.

hamilton island whitsunday archipelagoThe climate is warm tropical with oceanic features. Daytime temperatures are high throughout the year ranging between 23 and 30 degrees.

The nights are warm with temperatures usually above 18°C throughout the year. During the summer, fall for most of the rainfall – up to about 250 millimeters. Winter is drier and sunnier with rainfall between 10 and 20 mm.

What clothes to wear for tourism on Whitsunday Islands? You need just thin summer clothes with no matter which part of the year you plan to travel. Coat is optional, but 23°C in the coldest month of the year speaks enough eloquently.

The best time for tourism on the Whitsunday islands is winter, when the weather is not too hot or humid. The most pleasant months for tourism are July, August and September.