Best Travel Tips to South Australia (in 2019)

south australia desert

South Australia occupies the south central parts of the continent and borders with all states of the country with the exception of Tasmania. It has an area of 1,043,514 sq. km and a population of around 1.6 million people. This state is very sparsely populated and its inhabitants are very unevenly distributed in the territory. The biggest part of it is concentrated in the southeastern parts of South Australia, particularly in the capital Adelaide and its suburbs. In Adelaide live around 1,180,000 inhabitants.

south australia desertThe city is famous tourist destination, but also attracts thousands of immigrants, coming from different parts of the world.

If you plan to visit the state of South Australia is most convenient to land at the international airport in Adelaide. The opportunities for transport within the state are also varied.

Along the coastline of the state passes a rail road, but for you could be very easy to travel by air because the air transport is very well developed throughout the country.

However, given that most of the sights are concentrated on a small area to the south and west of Flinders Ranges, most convenient would be to travel by car.

Farther is situated only Outback, which you should not miss, and some of the mines located in the middle of the red heart of the country.

In the recent years, the tourists are interested by the numerous mines in the state of South Australia. For many, it is interesting to see from where comes the untold wealth of Australia.

adelaide in the winterAnd if you’re wondering what clothes to prepare, you should know that the climate in South Australia is pretty hot. In most of the year, summer clothes are adequate.

If you travel in the short and mild winter will be better to wear some warm clothes, but do not expect to become very cold. In the coldest month (July) the daily temperatures are about 15°C.

From November to April, summer clothes are adequate since then temperatures are more than 22°C. Well, it is still better to wear a thin coat, as the air is dry and at night could become cooler.

For the months of May, September and October thin spring clothes will be suitable, and for June, July and August prepare a thin jacket or waistcoat.

Arriving in the state of South Australia is good to know that because of it’s low population and vast area of the state, it is occupied by large protected territories.

Protected areas of South Australia are more than 300. They occupies different types of habitats – from deserts to lakes and forests.

barossa valleyThe southeast of South Australia is not only the most densely populated and visited, but also the most fertile part of the state. We could call the fertile valleys in the southeastern part of the state the Australian Tuscany.

Here are cultivated some of the highest quality grapes in the world. Vineyards thrive so well in the conditions of local climate that one would decide there is some secret agreement between plants and weather.

Pearl of the state is Barossa Valley. It has an irresistible charm and strikingly reminiscent of the fertile wine-growing regions of Spain and Italy.

This valley produces high-quality brands of wine, which are very well accepted worldwide, especially in Japan.

Here except the superb wines are produced high quality cheeses and other dairy products.

South Australia and in particular the vicinity of Adelaide are the culinary heart of the continent. This is the reason for the great number of tourists, who arrive here each year.

blue lake near mount gambier south australiaThe wide outlet to the Great Australian Bight is a cause for huge variety of seafood, which tourists can enjoy during their stay here.

All these facts in combination with the wonderful Mediterranean climate make this place of Australia to be perfect.

Here the cool, moist ocean air masses coming from the south meet the hot and dry air masses coming from the north. This creates in the southeastern part of the state the ideal climate conditions.

The state of South Australia does not know winter. Mild winter is usually accompanied by heavy rains that feed the local fertile lands and prepare them for the long, dry and hot summer, when the thermometers often show more than 40°C.

church in adelaideMost attractive accommodation in South Australia are, of course, farms and wine regions.

In all cases the best way arrange your transport is to rent a car, because the distances can be quite large, and it is no use to waste your time observing the timing of long-distance buses.

In the southeastern part of South Australia you will find not only one of the most picturesque and beautiful wine regions in the world, but also the magnificent beaches that are full from early spring to late autumn.

Here in South Australia there is also something for the lovers of culture. Do not miss the Barossa Historical Museum and the Chateau Barossa (House of grape liquor).

barossa valley from aboveSouth Australia is a state of contrasts and you will not need much time to understand this.

Beyond the Flinders Range gradually go into a world that is absolutely different in comparison with the fertile areas in the southeastern part of the state.

Most of South Australia is occupied by wild and infertile lands of Outback. Here the ground is red, the vegetation – very scarce and the landscape is dominated primarily by deserts. Rainfall is very scarce.

flinders range in south australiaThe local fauna is represented mainly by poisonous snakes, lizards and insects. Temperatures are high throughout the year. This part of Australia is almost deserted.

Here are some of the most sparsely populated lands in the world. In the recent years, for the first time tourists began to take an interest in these wild and desolate landscapes.

There are a large part of the mines for minerals of the state.

glenelg suburb of adelaideCoastline is very similar to the Mediterranean and the coast in South California and therefore is very attractive for lovers of beautiful beaches, swimming, surfing and other water sports.

More attractive for tourists is the eastern coast of the state, because it can offer a more indented coastline. Here are the larger bays – Spencer and St. Vincent.

In the sheltered ocean bays the waters are calm and offer something that is difficult to find in Europe and America – privacy.

Australia is becoming a favourite among the lovers of the sea and the beach, because here are some of the most picturesque, yet empty beaches in the world.

In South Australia, beautiful beaches with fine and light sand alternate each other with steep banks, where the high 40 – 50 m cliffs rise steeply above the raging ocean.

kangaroo islandWith its classic Mediterranean radiation, one of the most popular parts of the state is the Kangaroo Island, located about 13 km from the coast of the continent.

The place is a favourite place of the fans of seafood, fishing and surfing. Conditions are ideal for practising of Eco-tourism. Here you will find a huge variety of life forms.

This is a haven for seals, sea birds and many endemic species (life forms, whether plants or animals that can be found only in Australia).

murray river mouthBaudin Conservation Park, Lashmar Conservation Park, Lesueur Conservation Park, Simpson Conservation Reserve, Cape Willoughby Conserwation Park, Dudley Conservation Park, Pelican Lagoon Conservation Park, Nepean Bay Conservation Park, Beatrice Islet Conservation Park, Busby Islet Conservation Park, Beyeria Conservation Park, Cape Gantheaume National Park, Seal Bay Conservation Park, Seddon Conservation Park, Parndana Conservation Park, Lathami Conservation Park, Western River Conservation Park, Cape Torrens Conservation Park, Mt Taylor Conservation Park, Vivonne Bay Conservation Park, Cape Bouguer Conservation Park, Kelly hill Conservation Park , Ravine des Casoars National Park, Flinders Chase National Park – these are national parks, reserves and protected areas that preserve the exceptional natural wealth of Kangaroo Island.

adelaide botanic gardensThese are very diverse habitats that are home to great variety of plants and animals.

The rich diversity of plant and animal species, preserved nature and clean environment make this island an obligatory stop for anyone, who visits the state of South Australia.

Here you will see sub-tropical forests, but also vast areas covered with grass and bush vegetation.

The forests of the island you will find mainly in it’s southern and western part, while the most picturesque beaches are located around the small town of Kingscote, located on the northeastern coast of the island.

One of the most beautiful is undoubtedly Emu Beach. One of the advantages of the Kangaroo Island of that the preserved nature is located at less than 70 km from the agglomeration of Adelaide.