Best Travel Tips to Adelaide, Australia (For Your First Trip)

old buildings in adelaide

Adelaide is situated in the southeastern part of the state of South Australia. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf St Vincent. This is the fifth largest city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. It has a population of 1 180 000 people. Adelaide is used by an immense popularity as a very important tourist destination, because it is one of the cities outside of Europe with the strongest Mediterranean spirit. The atmosphere that hovers round reminds to everyone about Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain or Italy. Here, unlike the other Australian cities, you are not in the realm of the skyscrapers.

the beach in adelaideOf course, there are some skyscrapers, but they are not as big and tall as in the other cities such as Sydney and Melbourne for example. There are much more open spaces bathed in sunlight than in most major Australian cities.

Adelaide economy is the strongest in the state of South Australia. The city relies strongly to the booming tourist industry and the production of high quality wines that are very well accepted worldwide and successfully compete even with the well known brands from the region of the Mediterranean.

The quality grapes are grown mainly in the Barossa Valley, which is located approximately 20 km northeast of Adelaide. It is no exaggeration if we call it “the Australian Andalusia”.

Barossa actually really owes its name to an area in the Spanish province of Andalusia. Indeed, the similarity between the fiery landscape of southern Spain and South Australia is striking.

Here among the sun and fertile landscapes you will find many beautiful small luxury hotels, which offer peace, calmness and ability to spend few days or weeks far away from the busy everyday life.

architecture in adelaideHere is one of the leading places in the world for practising of wine tourism. There are opportunities for the tourists to observe, and why not to take a part in all stages of the production process of the wine.

The place is very trendy for people, wishing to get married at an interesting, unusual and romantic place or just looking for the perfect destination to spend their honeymoon.

Overall Adelaide has very strong positions in the food industry. The local farms are very productive. This is largely due to the favourable weather conditions.

vineyard near adelaideThe climate of Adelaide is subtropical Mediterranean. The summers are long, hot and relatively dry, while the winters are short, mild and moist. In eight months of the year the daytime temperatures are higher than 18 degrees.

The warmest months are July and August, when the average daily temperatures are around 27 – 28 degrees, and sometimes exceed 40°C! The weather is suitable for beach usually from November to April, but it often happens to be suitable for this purpose during the warmer days of May and October.

The winter period covers the months of June, July, August and September. In July is the absolute minimum in the temperature – about 15°C during the day and 5-6°C at night.

Overall, these lands do not know what is a real cold. Although brief, the winter is essential for the vegetation in the city and the region as it gives the main part of the rainfall. The winter season is the base of the rich agricultural harvests, which occur in the vicinity of Adelaide.

downtown of AdelaideThe landmarks of Adelaide are numerous. Already we mentioned the name of the Barossa Valley, which is undoubtedly the biggest attraction not only to the city, but also to the entire state.

About 60 kilometers east of the town runs the second largest and deepest river of the continent of Australia. This is the world famous with its beauty Murrey river. You have to see it compulsory!

Here is an appropriate moment to advise you to rent a car if you are selected Adelaide for your vacation, because many of the landmarks here are located on the outskirts of the city and sometimes you have to walk dozens of miles from one place to another.

In this point of view the car is the best way to explore the beautiful surroundings without worrying about transportation. But do not forget – in Australia is driving of the left side of the road!

Not to mention the magnificent beaches (nevertheless Australia is known mostly for its picturesque coasts) with fine, cream-coloured sand, which stretch over 40 kilometers along the city coast and can be used for at least 6 months of the year. In the summer they are the best escape from the legendary Australian heat.

central market of adelaideVery interesting and nice to spend your leisure time is the city park, which surrounds the city downtown and has approximately square shape. This allows you within minutes to slip into the tranquil park setting just in the center of the town.

This is a favourite spot for walking and leisure facilities to the local residents, but also for tourists. Adelaide is surrounded in the east by picturesque hills.

Here you will find amazing landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and forests through which meander tourist routes. Adelaide hills that are part of Loft Mountains.

old buildings in adelaideApproximately about 15 kilometers from the city itself is situated the historic town Haandorf, where is held the annually German festival that is devoted to one so loved by all beverage – the beer.

It is assumed that this is the second most important beer event in the world after the Oktoberfest in Germany. Attending to one of these festivals, you will get a real idea of how cosmopolitan Australia is.

That experience will make you momentarily to forget that Germany is on the other side of our beautiful planet. It is not accidental that Adelaide is one of the most favourite places for the foreign tourists.

Here at very small area is filled with cultural, natural and other attractions. Wherever we looked at Adelaide, anywhere you see the progress of one responsible and modern nation.