Best Travel Tips to Sydney in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

sydney opera house and harbour bridge

With population of 4,5 million people, Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. It is very important regional and world financial center. It is one of the richest cities in the southern hemisphere. Its fast growth in the second half of 20-th century, has left traces not only to the impressive and modernistic architecture, that is presented by high rise modern skyscrapers with glass and mirror surface, but and its cosmopolitan population, that is so diversity as the population of New York and London.

sydney opera house and harbour bridgeToday in the 21-st century Sydney is more and more attractive because of its great opportunities for work, business and education. The city’s universities are some of the best in the world.

They give education that is held in esteem all over the world. Sydney is a city with international significance in the field of the science and high technologies.

Because of its good name the city attract countless investors from all parts of the world. There are many foreigners that are interested to buy up immovable property in this beautiful city.

The geographic occupation is very good, because Sydney has outlet to the Pacific and is situated not so far of the fast growing economies of South-East and East Asia.

It is situated on the coast of the state New South Wales, in the South-East part of the continent, surrounding the water sheet of the big and picturesque Darling harbour. The harbour has not only economic but and esthetic meaning for the city.

sydney harbour bridgeSydney has hot and wet subtropical climate. The precipitations are significant and fall all year round, but sometimes in the summer months is possible dry up that can be reason for the forest fires.

Sydney absolutely come up to expectations for warm and sunny Australia. From the end of June to the end of September continue the Australian winter. This is the coldest period of the year.

The winter night temperatures are usually between 5 and 9 °C. In the day the temperatures easy can reach 17 – 22 °C. In the warm winter days can be seen people that just want surfing or taking sun baths on some of the world famous beaches.

Sydney AMP TowerThe spring (from the end of September to the end of December) and the autumn (from the end of March to the end of June) offer the best climate conditions.

In the transition seasons the weather is not too hot or too cool. Daily temperatures are between 22 and 27 °C. The weather is appropriate for swimming, long walks and other outdoor activities.

The summer season is from the end of December to the end of March. The weather is very hot, despite the refreshing effect of the Pacific. In some summer days the temperatures can reach 40 °C in shadow.

In the heat everybody try to find coolness under the deep shade of the century old trees in some of the city parks or near by the ocean coast.

sydney skyscrapers nightMaybe this is the right moment to say that the worst side of Sydney is the strong sun radiation. That mean it is not good to spend too much time under the sun rays, especially in the hours when the sun is stronger.

You must to use compulsory cream with UV filter. Everybody has to be careful, but especially the people that have lighter skin – Japanese, North-Europeans and so on.

Don’t forget that the South tropical circle pass through the Australian continent that make the sun very strong. Other interesting specific of the local climate are the sharp changes of the weather.

sydney skyscrapers cityFor example, if you see that the weather is rainy and cool don’t dispirit: It is absolutely possible few minutes later to be warm and sunny.

The beauties of the city are countless. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is world famous by its incredible beaches. Australia is popular by its beautiful coastline, but Sydney is impressive.

Bondi, Manly, Palmbeach – these beaches are favourite of the tourists and surfers. All beaches have white, fine sand with golden nuance.

the sydney aquariumManly is just incredible. This is thin strip of land, surrounded by water in tree directions. This luxury quarter has the same name as the beautiful beach. Manly is one of the most expensive places in Sydney.

Manly beach actually is not one beach, but two. There is one that faces to the water sheet of the Pacific and other that faces to the harbour.

In the harbour side the water is always tranquil as mirror and this make the place perfect for swimming. Bondi is favourite of the surfers.

During the Australian summer, when in the Northern Hemisphere the winter is in its height, thousands of surfers come here from all over the world, because of the sun and huge ocean waves.

If you ask some surfer: ”Where is the best place in the world for surfing” the answer will be “Hawaii and Sydney”.

night skyline sydneyThe parks are other fascination of this incredible city. Its perfect sustenance, deserve admiration. Among the shadow of the huge trees you can walk for hours.

If you get tired and need repose, you can sit on a bench, where you can enjoy of the exotic Australian nature. In the city center is situated ,,Royal Botanic Gardens”.

It is not the biggest, but most sustenance. All year around in the city parks there are blossoming trees, flowers and shrubs.

koala taronga zooTaronga zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the world. You have to see it because of its incredible diversity of wild life. The animals live in environment maximal akin to the real nature.

As a result of great effort today the zoo is one of the biggest attractions in Australia. In Taronga zoo you can find animal species from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and Arctic.

You can see lions, tigers, bears, elephants, giraffe and so on. And don’t forget that from the zoo you can see great panorama to the skyscrapers of the city as well as the Opera House and Darling Harbour Bridge.

bounty boat and sydney operaOther important city landmark is the Sydney aquarium. It is one of the best in the world. It is situated under the harbour waters and the environment is absolutely realistic. You can see great diversity of fishes, sharks and other colourful tropical fishes.

Sydney is world famous with its incredible architecture. In this respect the city is serious competitor of London, New York, Paris and Rome. The visitors usually say “this is the most beautiful city in the world”.

The citizens describe Sydney as “South Venice” because of the water as part of the city. The buildings are modern, high and fine.

Big part of the buildings, are covered by mirror or glass and this make Sydney to seem different in the parts of the day.

Sydney Luna ParkBut most beautiful is the city in sunset, when the sky gradate from blue to black, the horizon is painted in tender nuances of pink, red and purple, the glass facades of the skyscrapers reflect the last rays of the sun, and the lights of the administrative building, hotels, restaurants and of course the lights of the opera and the bridge that make the city even more charming.

Opera House is one of the most popular buildings on the Planet. As form it represents protuberant sails. This building is emblematic for the modern civilization.

Opera House is created by the Danish architect Joern Utzon. The building was officially opened in October 1973. In the world is much more famous as building rather than opera.

The building houses nearly 1000 premises including restaurants, cafes, shops, concert halls exhibition halls and more. This is the biggest opera on the Planet.

bondi beachNot less famous is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For the people from all parts of the world this bridge is famous as ”the bridge that present as back ground behind Opera House”.

In fact few people know that its story has begun 41 years before the famous opera. The bridge is opened in 1932. Its high is 60 meter above sea level.

The arch of the bridge is 134 meter high. This is favourite place for tourists who want to take pictures and wish to enjoy the great panorama.

Sydney is one of the most fabulous cities in the world. It just has the perfect combination of modern international culture, incredible architecture, beautiful nature, warm climate, beautiful and picturesque coast. Sydney is the perfect city.