Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

sydney harbour bridge

Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous constructions in Australia. The bridge was completed and opened on 19 March 1932, after six years of construction work. It is a symbol of the extraordinary growth of the young nation during the first decades of the twentieth century. Its price is about $ 19 million, but in reality the bridge is priceless because of its emotional and architectural value. The strange shape of Harbour Bridge is the main reason for its nickname “The Coathanger”.

sydney harbour bridgeThe bridge, of course, is very important not only as a tourist attraction but also as a transport link. Crossing the waters of Port Jackson, it links the financial and business center of the city with densely populated neighborhoods in Northern Sydney.

The roadway of Harbour Bridge is approximately 60 m above the bay’s waters, and the arch raises 134 meters altitude.

The bridge is 1149 meters long and the distance between the ends of the arch is about 503 meters. On the both banks of the bay rise four concrete towers (two on each side). Each of them is about 89 meters high.

harbour bridge trafficPerhaps one of the best ways to discover the Harbour Bridge is to climb the side arches of the bridge. They are equipped with ladders and catwalks, and climbing is considered one of the biggest attractions.

From the top reveals a stunning 360’ view of the city. Climbing takes place in small groups, which should not exceed 14 people. Looked at from side, climbing the bridge seems like a joke.

However, it is something beyond the power of many people. To reach the top requires good physical fitness and endurance.