Sydney Opera House, Australia

sydney opera house

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous and iconic buildings of our time. It is a symbol of Australia and Australia’s economic and cultural progress. It is located on the southern shore of the world famous Port Jackson, in the heart of the most beautiful Australian city – Sydney. It is located near the administrative center of Sydney. Next to it lies a beautiful and well-maintained park, which is a favorite place for recreation of tourists, coming to enjoy the stunning structure.

sydney opera houseStarted in March 1959th, the building was completed more than 14 years later. The Sydney Opera House was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth the second on October 20th, 1973rd.

This project cost more than $100 million – approximately 15 times more than initially was projected. Initially the local people was quite critical according to the extraordinary building, but this reaction quickly gave way to a growing enthusiasm.

People from all over the world started to come here to catch a glimpse of the strange building, which creates a feeling of completeness of the surrounding cityscape. According to readers of The Times, this is one of the Seven Wonders of the 20th century.

sydney opera house nightIts creator is the Danish architect Joern Utzon. He left to the city amazing architectural wealth, which today spreads the glory of Sydney all around the world. Ironically, however, Utzon left the project after a huge scandal with the Australian Government.

But Utzon is not the only one, who has contributed to the modern looking building. Equally crucial is the role of an other Scandinavian architect – the Finn Ove Arup. It was his idea to create modern looking forms, resembling swollen sails or shells.

Opera House was opened with exceptionally lavish ceremony on the background of the ninth symphony of Beethoven.

sydney opera house entertainment placeEntering inside, one realizes that the 67 m high building is much larger than it appears at first glance. Behind the facade are hidden the incredible 900 premises, including shops, cafes, restaurants, bistro, bar, cinema, theatre, exhibition halls and, of course, concert hall with 2679 seats.

Since 2007 this architectural masterpiece is under the auspices of UNESCO.