Best Travel Tips to Macquarie Island (Australia)

Macquarie Island panorama

Macquarie Island is a small piece of land which is under UNESCO protection. Here you can find beautiful scenery, which remains unaffected by human activity even in the 21st century. It is located between New Zealand and Australia, at approximately 1500 kilometers south of Tasmania. Macquarie is a rocky island with a picturesque landscape. The highest point rises to 433 meters, but for such a small area this is not a small altitude.

Macquarie Island panoramaHere the landscape is dominated by herbaceous plants. The local conditions are ideal for them. Local fauna flourishes best around the coast, where gather huge colonies of penguins and seals.

Macquarie as a whole is home to many birds. The lack of predators makes this island an ideal place for nesting. On Macquarie Island there are few lakes.

Better known are Flynn, Major and Prior. The island is practically uninhabited. The only people here are the few dozen researchers who live in the base which is located near by Half Moon Bay in the northern part of Macquarie.

This Island is surrounded by very deep ocean waters. West of the island is located about 5500 m deep Macquarie Trench.

Climate of Macquarie Island. The island is located at 54° south latitude, which means that it falls into the temperate latitudes of the southern hemisphere.

In reality however, the climate is transitional between temperate and subpolar. Temperatures are rather low throughout the year. In January, when the weather is warmest thermometers barely reach 9°C.

However, the ocean helps to the island in the winter when daytime temperatures are about 4-5°C. Of course there are many days in which there are negative temperatures and snow falls.

For example, the climatic conditions are very harsh compared to the same latitudes in Europe.

The Danish capital Copenhagen, which is situated on similar geographic location has a mild and pleasant temperate climate with summer temperatures of about 20°C.

The reason for the harsh climate here is Antarctica, which is located about 1500 km south of here. The proximity of the Ice continent you can feel  even in the warmer months when inside of the sea can be seen huge floating icebergs.

penguin Macquarie IslandTourism in Macquarie Island. This remote land is actually a piece of territory of one of the richest and most developed countries in the world – Australia.

In administrative attitude it belongs to Tasmania. Even today in the 21st century to Macquarie Island is difficult to reach. The distance to Tasmania is about 1500 km, i.e as it is to Antarctica.

Travelling to this island is not easier than to Antarctica. The options are either to travel with a research team or to join to a cruise trip.

Usually visitors spend the night on the ship on which they arrived. Air transport has always been most attractive, but this island is under protection of UNESCO and landing of aircraft is prohibited.

It is permitted landing only of helicopters, but due to the distance from Australia, Macquarie Island can not be reached by such a vehicle.

Despite the difficulties with transport, this place definitely worth seeing. Macquarie Island is perfect for ecotourism.

What clothes to prepare for Macquarie Island? Arriving at this beautiful island you must be well prepared with warm clothing.

Besides, no matter what time of the year you go there. On Macquarie weather is always cold and warm winter clothes are always required, whether it is winter or summer.