Best Travel Tips to Western Australia (in 2019)

tour in western australia desert

Western Australia is a little known tourist destination which, however, can offer really great opportunities for tourism – a beautiful sunny and warm climate, amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches and modern cities. Today Western Australia is one of the fastest developing parts of the continent and therefore it attracts the international interest. Western Australia is a good place for tourism for people looking for unfamiliar, exotic and exciting places.

tour in western australia desertPopulation and territory of Western Australia. Western Australia is a vast territory which is more than 6 times larger than Germany, but here live only 2.2 million people.

The area of this huge state approximately 2 645 615 and occupies about one third of the continent, while it is home to only one tenth of the population.

This part of Australia is one of the most unknown and untouched corners of the earth and only the Northern Territory is wilder and more desolate.

Almost the entire population is concentrated in the metropolitan area of Perth and Freemantle in the coastal southwest and southern parts of the state because there living conditions are most suitable in terms of climate and nature.

The population consists mainly of migrants – more than half of residents were not born in Australia. In recent years, increasingly dominated by migrants is not Europe, but Asia.

perth western australiaClimate of Western Australia. This Australian State falls within three climatic zones. In most southern parts around the Great Australian Bight climate is subtropical.

Summers are long and hot and winters are short and very mild. Climatic conditions reminiscent of the Mediterranean. In the winter falls the main part of the precipitation.

Most of Western Australia falls in the tropical climate zone. There is hot and dry weather throughout the year with temperatures that often exceed 40 degrees and the nights are cool, even cold.

The concentration of population is lower. Precipitation is extremely low. In the northern parts of Western Australia the climate is subequatorial. The weather is very hot throughout the year. The main part of the precipitation falls in summer, when is the cyclone season.

pinnacle desert western australiaEconomy of Western Australia. Western Australia is one of the most dynamically developing parts of the continent today.

Huge part of the state‘s revenues coming of mineral extraction makes it possible the investment in infrastructure and modern technologies.

Quality of life of local residents is extremely high. The standard of living in Western Australia in no way inferior to that in Switzerland and Singapore.

In addition to developing of its mining industry, Western Australia repose very high hope in tourism development. One of the advantages of this state is its location in the western part of the continent.

This is because it has geographically more convenient location to major economies such as Europe, India or the Middle East.

Tourism in Australia

Western Australia is extremely interesting tourist destination for all those looking for exciting experiences and adventures.

Since much of this state falls in the tropics, it is occupied by red and barren desert that is home to a huge variety of snakes, lizards and insects.

Adapted to harsh climatic conditions, local representatives of the wildlife most often spend the hot midday hours hidden among rare bushes and collect sun light in the morning or afternoon hours, when sunlight is weaker.

ningaloo reef western australiaAs strange as it sounds, if you do not visit the desert areas of Western Australia this mean you saw nothing of this continent.

Lowland areas are diversified by low ridges, between whose rocks can be found shade, greenery, coolness and clean and refreshing springs, where each visitor would be tempted to swim.

If you plan to visit any of these magical places among the desolate and wild landscapes of Out Back is better to meet first with local travel consultant.

It will save you wandering around and will tell you exactly where to go. By the way, you might consider about the opportunities for transport in advance and in this way you will avoid aimlessly losing time when you’re already in Australia.

At this very large state is most convenient to travel by plane because the distances are huge, otherwise you risk to waste much of your vacation in the car.

Interesting places to visit in Western Australia are Pinnacle desert with its standing rocks, urban agglomeration of Perth and Freemantle where most of the population lives, Turquoise Bay beach, famous for its white sand and clear lagoons, Shark Bay and the rainforest in southwestern part of the state.

forest western australiaWhen to visit Western Australia? For the northern parts of the state are recommended winter months, which last from May to October.

Then the weather is more pleasant and heat is more bearable. Moreover, in this way you will avoid hurricane season in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the southern parts of the state the best time for tourism are spring and autumn. Summer is too hot and winters is cool.

If you plan to tour across the state, then it is still the most appropriate to choose the transitional seasons and to avoid extreme weather conditions during the summer months.

castle rock western australiaWhat clothes to wear for tourism in Australia? If you plan to travel in the northern parts of the state you do not need anything else than lightweight summer clothes.

In the southern part of the state the weather is different. There is winter, which resembles a Mediterranean winter.

From June to September in Perth temperatures are lower and it is good to have a coat, but yet do not overdo with the warm clothing. In winter season you will enjoy a typical spring weather.

Thin jacket or warm anorak are absolutely sufficient. For spring and autumn is better to prepare summer clothing plus light coat for the night. For the southern summer, you’ll need something really light and airy.