Best Travel Tips to Albany (Western Australia)

Albany paradise beach

Situated amidst a picturesque bay on the south coast of the state of Western Australia, Albany is a city that boasts with a very clean environment. It has a population of about 26,000 people. It combines Mediterranean landscapes and English culture and, as it turns out, this is a successful combination for the development of the local tourism.

Albany paradise beachAlbany has a wonderful Mediterranean climate and this is a solid basis for the local economy.

Most revenues come from the different types of tourism and agriculture, and the relationship between these two sectors is the wine tourism.

The vicinity of Albany are occupied by farms and vineyards. The region produces a high quality wines that attract many visitors.

The so-called wine tourism is quite well developed in the outskirts of Albany. Your stay will be much more interesting if you have the opportunity to stay in hotel or house among the wine-growing regions.

So you can best immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. The vicinity of Albany, and the town itself are ideal for long walks on foot or by bicycle, and all activities connected with the sea, for which might you think.

The fine, light sand of the wide and almost empty beaches, clean water and air, which is quite different from that in the large and busy European resorts will bring you into the heaven.

Here the climate is really mild – from 16°C in July to 23 – 24°C in January. From November to April the weather is suitable for swimming, but it is not too hot.

The surfers prefer the winter, when the waves are quite large. Albany is not your place if you are one the people, who are looking for a wild night life.

Here the place is more suitable for those, seeking privacy and the people, who want to know more closely the Australian culture and lifestyle.

In the hotels in Albany often stay young couples with an interest to wine and lovers of the delicious seafood, as the waters of Australia are particularly rich in seafood.

In the city itself has a small hilly area that was converted into a park. Most of the plants are evergreen, but there are some deciduous species.

From the highest parts of this park there is a beautiful view to the numerous bays, which together form the indented coastline of Albany and great view to the city in all its beauty.

the coast line of albany in the winterThe vicinity of Albany are really beautiful and will grab the attention of everyone. The coastline as we have said already is pretty indented and consist of several bays – Middleton, Hanover, Frenchman, Earker and the most remote of the town – Ledge Bay.

The port of the city is built of Hanover Bay in the southern coast of the town. One of the most holiday parts of Albany is Emu Beach Holiday Park.

The place is situated in the northeastern parts of the city among lush subtropical greenness. In this complex there are various opportunities for accommodation in villas, studios, bungalows, caravans and others.

In addition to the fans of the sea, seafood, wine and wildlife, Albany is a wonderful choice also for the golfers.

The golf course is located south of Emu Beach and takes approximately two kilometers from the coastal area of Middleton Beach. On the coast of the Indian Ocean south of Albany extends the Torndirrup National Park.

This is only one of many protected areas in the vicinity of city, but given that is next to Albany would probably be one of first places to visit after your arrival.

If you want to travel to Albany, you have to know that the city has no international airport. To reach here, you must first fly to one of the large capital centers in the country and then to travel to Albany by plane from internal lines or to use another vehicle.

It is recommended to fly if you can to the capital of the state of Western Australia – Perth, because there are a great choice of transport due to the small distance.

Because it is situated only about 350 km from Albany, you could travel very well by bus or car.

Indeed, to rent a car is pretty good decision, because the vicinity of Albany are very picturesque and saturated with sights and if you have your own transport you will feel much more independent in your plans and time.