Best Travel Tips to Broome, Australia (in 2019)

broome coast western australia

Broome is a small town with a population of around 15,000 inhabitants. Situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the northwestern part of the state of Western Australia, Broome has a very hot tropical climate. There are two seasons – dry and rainy. The dry season coincides with the winter semester and lasts from April to November. The temperatures are high all year round. Vary between 29 and 35°C. Sometimes the temperatures can become extremely high and exceed 40 – 45°C.

broome coast western australiaIn the summer the town can become a victim of cyclones that form into the very warm ocean waters to the northwest.

Whenever you visit Broome will be better if you wear a coat for the night, because as it is known, the desert nights are usually very cold.

Broome is a wonderful place to visit if you are one of the people, who are looking for something unknown and exciting.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable season to visit this small coastal town. It is most advisable to travel during the southern winter from April to November, since then the weather is dry and the temperatures are about 4 – 5°C lower in comparison with the summer.

In this part of the year here come around 30,000 people per month. When you have decided in what time to come in Broome, you have to think also about what type transport you can use.

You can reach to Broome by plane from some of the large Australian cities. Another option is to get here by car or bus. The city has no railway line.

the beach of broome waBroome is a very specific place and the visitors understand this very quickly. The local nature is clean, saved and you does not need much time to see this fact.

The air is clean, the water in the ocean too. In the night, due to the lack of urban smog and large cities in this part of the continent, stars can be seen very clearly.

During the day the low dust in the air and the cloudless sky will reveal to you probably the darkest blue sky you’ve ever seen. This place is ideal if you just want to get away from the city noise and dynamics.

Local beaches are gorgeous. The sand is red and makes them to be unique. Broome is known for its red landscapes. It is difficult to find elsewhere on our beautiful planet other place where the soil to be redder than here.

The vegetation is rather scarce. It is represented mainly by dry loving shrubs and trees adapted to the dry climate, such as the baobab for example.

In its large wooden trunk the tree stores enough moisture to survive in the dry and hot days of the year. Most of the plants here are with small and hard leaves, because thus reducing the evaporation of water from the leaves.

The vegetation is more plentiful and varied on the places where the people take care about it. Around the ocean coast there are coconut palms. The animal world in the vicinity of the town is various.

Thousands of species live quite undisturbed. Exceptions are the small groups of tourists, who occasionally invade into the realm of the local fauna.

There are a huge variety of amphibians and reptiles. You should be very careful, because many local species are poisonous. This applies not only about the dangerous Australian snakes, but also for the great variety of poisonous insects.

Here also inhabit different kinds of birds. The most favoured are those species that feed on small rodents and snakes.

One of the most dreaded representatives of the wildlife, not only here but in the world is the salt water crocodile, which although not very common in these places still can be seen.

It is the most dangerous also because it can be seen both in the rivers and the ocean. It is believed that this is the most dangerous type of crocodile that lives in the moment of our planet.

The accommodation possibilities in Broome are different – villas, hotels, chalets or caravans are available. Crowds of tourists are something unusual, although tourism is the most important sector of the local economy and provides much of the budget revenues.

The main part of the tourist base is concentrated in the northwestern part of the town near the coast of the Indian Ocean. The place is named Cable Beach.

There’s a much more vegetation than is typical for this part of Australia. The reason is the striving for creating of attractive and comfortable conditions for the incoming tourists.