Best Travel Tips to Esperance (Australia)

western australia white sandy dunes

Esperance is a small town with a population of 15,000 inhabitants. It is situated on the south coast of the state of Western Australia. Although it is very small, Esperance is a rich city. Main source of incomes is the agriculture and tourism. Esperance has sunny and warm subtropical Mediterranean climate that is very suitable for growing of grapes and citrus crops. The summer in Esperance is long, sunny and warm, and the winter – short, mild and wet. The temperatures range from 17°C in July to 26°C in January. From October to April the weather is suitable for beach.

western australia white sandy dunesThe tourism industry in Esperance is developing remarkably quickly. The visitors are mainly people with above the average income, which are attracted by the quality wines, produced here such as it is in Albany.

But the main asset of Esperance is its magnificent beaches. They attract many tourists, however, if you visit this place most likely you will find the extensive beaches nearly empty.

There you will never encounter huge crowds of people, as it is in many other places. Esperance beaches are really amazing and are considered to be some of the most beautiful on the continent.

Snow-white sand, clear and limpid sea water, the diversity of fish and other sea creatures make this place one of the most beautiful and attractive in Australia.

Here you can ride surf, to dive or just take a dip in the transparent waters.

esperance beach western australiaAlthough there are many other advantages, namely the ocean is that makes this small coastal town to be such a popular tourist destination.

The small population in the area is environmentally friendly and therefore is difficult to find another city in such a developed country whose nature is so well preserved and clean.

Another major tourist attraction of Esperance is The Pink Lake. This is a small salt water pool dyed in delicate pink nuances. The reason for the pink hues of the lake is still unknown.

It is known only that it is not associated with the red algae, as previously thought. Although the lake is place of interest to all people who travel to Esperance, probably no one will disturb your stay here.

Close to Pink Lake there is a Golf Course which has stretches of 1.8 km. length. About 15 minutes drive west of Esperance is located the National Park Cape Le Grand.

The location is unique because here live and multiply the birds Emu, which because of its large size is completely lost its ability to fly.

It is often likened to the African Ostrich or the Latin American Nandu, which runs through the wilderness of Argentina, although the Emu is significantly smaller in comparison with the both.

near by esperance australiaIt is important to know that Esperance is not a massive resort. You can see that this is not a place for mass tourism, because there are no clusters of hotels or crowds of visitors.

Australia relies much more on the quality of the service than on the quantity of the visitors.

Most of the opportunities for accommodations are concentrated around the coast of the Indian Ocean and vary from caravan to a luxury villa, in depending on the finances available to the tourists.

How to travel to Esperance? Esperance is a small town, but maintains regular flight connections with the other Australian cities.

You could get here through every major urban center in the country. And if after your arriving in Australia you do not wish to fly once again on an air plane, then there are other alternatives.

The motorways in Australia are perfect, but to Esperance it comes also and the railway line.