Best Travel Tips to Perth, Australia (For Your First Trip)

night panoramic view perth

Perth is an extremely rich city and you will notice that very soon after your arrival. And the evidence is everywhere – excellent roads extremely modern skyscrapers, with a shining unruffled surface, quiet and peaceful neighbourhoods, in which indigenous peoples live in very large houses. In almost every home you will see a swimming pool and the shady streets atmosphere will make you feel the spirit of the American films that show the ideal of a residential area. Perth is a city of foreigners – more than half of the population is consists of people that was born in another country.

skyline of perth from kings parkAlthough not as famous worldwide as are cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, Perth is now the fastest growing city in Australia.

It is the most modern not only on the continent, but also in the Southern Hemisphere. The reason for its rapid economic development lies in its strategic location.

For this reason, many people call it the new Singapore. However, such comparisons would be too extreme and somewhat biased.

The advantages that this site provides can not be denied, but Perth does not entirely due its wealth to its geography.

Western Australia is a huge state and its territory amounts to 2,645,615 square kilometers that is more than half of the area of the entire European Union.

castle and greenness in perthAs a comparison, in the EU in such large area would lived the record 250 million inhabitants, while in Western Australia the population is around 2.2 million inhabitants.

About 1.7 million inhabitants live in the state capital – Perth. It is clear that one of the causes of the wealth is the very large amount of goods, compared to the small number of local population.

Furthermore Perth has a great merit in the development of medicine, high technology and tourism, of course. To plunge into the atmosphere of Perth is an amazing experience.

In this city the streets are most crowded in the morning and evening, when the weather is most bearable and pleasant.

financial center of western australiaHundreds of thousands of people from different races, speaking different languages run hectic to the streets and make the town looks like a big anthill.

Otherwise during the midday hours the streets become deserted. The heat may be weakening. The hot subtropical climate makes everyone to looks for shady and cool place until the sun draws near the horizon.

The summer temperatures in Perth are around 33°C in January, while those in winter are about 17°C in July. Precipitations are rather scarce, with the exception of the winter, when the weather is much more humid.

The temperatures make the winter season the only, which allows to go out at lunch without a man to feel a fear of isolation.

kings park war memorial perth australiaAfternoons and evenings in Perth are so nice that one can spend all his money without even thinking while go about the restaurants and cafes.

The coming from the ocean and from the Swan River coolness can make you melt while you relax in one of the wonderful restaurants.

If you plan to start a tour of the city center, first thing you need to visit is the Central Park Tower.

The building of glass, steel and concrete is the first skyscraper, which every morning meets the sun, and send it in the evening.

the perth beaches are fabulousIts high is 249 meters and it is the first thing, visible from the city skyline. It will be better to devote sufficient time for your visit at Kings Park, which extends on a hill into the central part of the city.

This is one of the biggest parks, located in down town and extends about 3.2 km on the north bank of the Swan River.

One of the most remarkable places in the park is the military memorial. It is located in the highest part of the park and it offers magnificent views to the city silhouette.

night panoramic view perthOne of the top sights of Perth actually is not in Perth, but in Fremantle (although geographically it is actually a separate city, today Fremantle is indivisible part of the agglomeration of Perth).

Here you can see the oldest building in the state of Western Australia. It is called the Round House and is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

The massive stone facade rises here proudly from the 1829. One of the greatest landmarks of Perth is located about 116 km northwest of the city on the coast of the Indian Ocean. This is the “Nambung” National Park.

perth and swan river australiaIn its borders there is a small, but stunningly beautiful desert, which was named “Pinnacles”. That is probably the most picturesque desert area in the world.

Among the golden sand rises a huge number of stones, some of which are higher than 5 meters.

The strange rocks protruding from the ground are actually an work of the nature and are acquire their present strange and bizarre forms with the help of the erosion.

And while about 116 km north from Perth is deserted, ten km south of Perth (in fact from Frimantal) are situated two beautiful parks – Langford and in south of it is the Serpentine National Park , also known by its lush vegetation.

perth forestAbout 18 km from the coast of Perth will get into the heaven. This is Rottnest Island. Here you will find unspoiled nature at this quiet and sparsely populated island.

You will have also the opportunity to stand face to face with one of the strangest mammals on the planet – Quokka. This saccate creature is something like little kangaroo, which is quite patiently with the photographers and is not very shy.

With its great goggle eyes and round nose, it’s no surprising to stuck its face on the lens of the camera while you try to take a picture.

On this beautiful island, you can see typical Mediterranean beauty – fine sand and azure sea, evergreen vegetation and plenty of sunshine.

pinnacles desert perthThe Australian government prohibits the private ownership on this wonderful island, which is a surprising, having in mind that Australia is one of the most developed democratic countries in the world.

This is indeed, why the island has remained unaffected by the people. The location is ideal for practising of Eco-tourism.

Perth is also an important wine region and you’ll really miss if you do not visit a winery in the outskirts, where you can taste the quality of the production and find out what it means quality Australian wine. Into the hilly suburban areas there are many places to do that.

relax and sun in perth waYou could not complete your stay at this modern and cosmopolitan city if you don’t explore the coastal towns in the north and south of Perth in a radius of about a hundred kilometers.

At about 75 km from the northern most suburbs of Perth there is a small and quiet town that is known as Lancelin. The place has a charm typical of southern California.

The beaches are magnificent and there are usually many surfers. The sand is very bright and fine. Indeed, the beautiful beach is the reason this place to be so attractive for the guests of Perth.

Another very attractive place is Rockingam – a city, which is a part of the agglomeration of Perth. Here you will find perfect beaches, golf courses and what not.

amazing skyline of perthBut certainly the most attractive town is Mandurah, which is also part of the urban agglomeration of Perth and is located about 60 km from the city center.

This is very attractive and interesting place with great beaches and numerous possibilities for sport and recreation, but most interesting is the neighbourhood known as South Venice.

There are very large and luxurious villas, which rise about the multiple channels and thus every house can be reached by boat or yacht.

swan river perth australiaToday predominate visitors, who come here for business, but these tourists, who come here because of the beautiful beaches and picturesque sceneries became more and more every year.

Perth is easily accessible city that supports multiple air lines to the major cities worldwide. The international airport is situated at relatively little distance from the city center in comparison with the other millionth cities.

Accommodation in Perth could become at a hotel, villa, private accommodation, and so on. The majority of hotels are located in the financial heart of Perth.

Dominate the business hotels, which are generally known for its extremely high professionalism and, of course, higher prices.

view from kings park perth waAlthough if you come from Western Europe or North America, the prices in the local hotels, not only will don’t impress you much, but even you may find it cheaper.

If you stay in the city for a long time however, it is advisable to find accommodation in an apartment for example because it is much cheaper.

It is good if you rent an apartment to be informed about the prices in advance, because the differences in rents across the Perth may be shocking while the conditions, if we have to be quite honest, are good almost everywhere.

According to your plans to rent an apartment, you have to know that the prices in north, south, east or west Perth may vary strongly – from about 1000 – 1200 $ in a simple parts of the city, to the expensive neighbourhoods, which are considered to the terribly costly – to about 2500 – 3000 $ per month (the prices are in Australian dollars). About $ 1,500 will cost you to rent a middling apartment in average neighbourhood.

the oldest building in western australiaIf you have decided to stay in a hotel is important whether the location is near the airport, if it is outside the city itself or in the city center of Perth.

If you are interested of a high category hotels in the city center for two people for ten days will be better to prepare at least $ 2,500.

If you could be satisfied with something simple (we say “simple”, because in Perth it is hard to find something of poor quality) the prices may be much lower and for two people for ten days will cost you about $ 1,500.

In general, it is good to know that Perth is among the fastest growing cities south of the Equator and the prices are even lower for a city like it.