10 Beautiful Cities to be Very Careful if you Visit

Kremlin, Moscow

There are hundreds and even thousands of very dangerous cities around the world.

Many of them we have never heard of, and for sure, there are places which would give us the creeps.

Many of these cities are located in the Middle East or in Africa, and the good news is that most of these places you will probably never visit.

But when it comes to more famous and visited cities and countries in the world, especially in Europe and the Americas, then it is strongly recommended for all of us to be well informed.

It is very important for us to know where we should be more cautious, because we could avoid a lot of troubles and dangers.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro
Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro by eflon/Flickr

Few places are so popular and easily recognizable as the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

It is legendary because of its picturesque location on the shores of the bay of Guanabara as well as because of the Corcovado Mountain, which is literally surrounded by the most famous neighborhoods of Rio.

Despite all its advantages, however, the city is one of the most dangerous in the world.

Most tour agencies and tour operators advise travelers to avoid walking outside after sunset.

Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro by Roger W/Flickr

Moreover, there are many neighborhoods which are considered very dangerous and is definitely better to be avoided.

The problem is that the level of crime in the city is very high everywhere with no exceptions, even in the most expensive neighborhoods.

For this reason, tourists are advised to wear more casual clothing as well as to avoid expensive accessories and jewelry.

2. Moscow, Russia

Neighborhood of Moscow
Neighborhood of Moscow by Sergey Tchernyakov/Flickr

After the collapse of the USSR, Moscow enjoys an increasing interest from tourists.

People from all over the world want to see where the center of the former Soviet Union was.

In addition, the city offers delightful cathedrals and squares as well as most beautiful subway in the world.

Along with all its advantages as a large and dynamic city, however, the beautiful Russian capital Moscow has its serious drawbacks.

Kremlin, Moscow
Kremlin, Moscow by Pavel Kazachkov/Flickr

For instance, it is considered the most dangerous big city in Europe.

The risks on the streets of Moscow are numerous for everyone.

However, the most vulnerable groups are women, people with non-European origin, as well as people of different religions than Orthodox Christianity.

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3. Detroit, USA

Abandoned Packard Automobile Factory, Detroit
Abandoned Packard Automobile Factory, Detroit by Albert duce/Wikimedia Commons

Once a symbol of an exceptional progress and stunning industrial development, today the American metropolis of Detroit is a city, much of which has been abandoned, sadly neglected and sinking into oblivion.

The city is among the most dangerous in North America.

To a large extent this is due to the combination of poverty and deep social problems in the society.

With the moving of many production facilities abroad, the problem with unemployment is gradually becoming increasingly visible.

The Detroit skyline
The Detroit skyline by Shawn Wilson/CC BY-SA 1.0

If you decide at some point to visit Detroit, there are many parts of the city where you should be really cautious, especially if you go outside in the evening or if you notice that there are no other people around.

If you notice worrying signs such as abandoned buildings, poor infrastructure, graffiti on the walls of the buildings and others, it will be better for you to leave the place very quickly.

4. Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco, Mexico by Jeff Futo/Flickr

Acapulco was once among the most upscale resorts in the world, sharing the prestigious leading position with destinations such as St. Tropez, Miami, Hawaii, Paris, San Remo, Marbella and many others.

Today the city is still beautiful and attractive, but is also among the most dangerous to the west of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition to the gorgeous golden sands, coconut palms and luxury hotels on the coast, Acapulco is known for its very high crime rates, which surpass the levels of cities such as Detroit and Rio de Janeiro.

Acapulco Bay, Mexico
Acapulco Bay, Mexico by Prayitno/Flickr

This is definitely not the best news if you are planning to travel to Acapulco.

Actually, that’s what drives many people to opt for other places in Mexico, such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos or the more and more prestigious resort city of Puerto Vallarta.

5. St. Petersburg, Russia

Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Petersburg
Church of the Savior on Blood, St. Petersburg by Wilson Hui/Flickr

Although St. Petersburg has always been very popular for the beauty of its architecture and similarly to cities like Vienna and Venice it has inspired many artists over the years, its reputation in some respects is generally not very good.

While it is considered to be a relatively safe place for a city of this size, there are also racism and xenophobia thriving to the extent that many tourists prefer to visit another place because they afraid of acts of unprovoked hate and ill-treatment.

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Similarly to Moscow, here you could easily become a victim of crime if you have a different skin color, religion and sexual orientation or simply because of being different in another way.

6. London, UK

London Cityscape
London Cityscape by Davide D’Amico/Flickr

London is considered the greatest city in the world, sharing the prestigious first place with the American metropolis of New York.

While over the years, however, New York has become much safer, we could hardly say the same about London.

With about 31.5 million visitors per year, the city is the second most visited in the world after Paris and has the biggest number of street cameras in the world.

Considering this fact, you would suppose that this place is really safe.

And indeed, it really is as long as you walk only during the day and only in the central parts of London.

However, if you for some reason visit places like Brixton, Clapham North, Peckham, Edmonton and many others, it is important to be especially careful.

These are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods not only in the city but in the entire European Union as a whole.

7. Natal, Brazil

Natal, Brazil
Natal, Brazil by Daniel Cukier/Flickr

While the British capital can be a really dangerous city, in comparison to the streets of Natal, London seems like child’s play.

The Brazilian city is regarded by many as the most dangerous in the country and one of the riskiest cities in South America as a whole.

Indeed, with its modern architecture, beautiful beaches, year-round warm tropical climate and exotic vegetation, Natal is an enchanting place, whose charm and beauty could not remain unnoticed.

In the vicinity there are quite popular and relatively safe places to spend your vacation, and this is the best way to feel the real beauty of Brazil.

At the very Natal, however, you should be very, very careful because in the city there are practically no completely safe places.

8. Caracas, Venezuela

Plaza Altamira, Caracas
Plaza Altamira, Caracas by PAULINO MORAN/Flickr

Once Caracas was one of the safest major cities in Latin America.

It was attracting visitors with its amazing geographical location as well as with the well-developed, modern and dynamic urban environment.

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The city was an example of economic development and was very different from most of the other major cities on the continent.

After years of dictatorship and after the endless attempts of the government to impose communism, Caracas is a place of deep social problems and unrests.

Today the capital of Venezuela is one of the most dangerous cities in the Americas.

Neighborhood of Caracas
Neighborhood of Caracas by Julio César Mesa/Flickr

The reality in Caracas today is a sonorous slap in the face for all those people who still believe in communist ideas.

The streets of the city are dangerous like never before, the standard of living is the lowest of all countries on the continent, social grievances are massive, and the idea of equality is broken to small pieces.

9. Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza, Brazil
Fortaleza, Brazil by Benevaldo Lima/Flickr

Fortaleza is a good example of the thriving Brazilian economy.

The city is beautiful, with tall skyscrapers along the coast, with numerous emerging businesses and infrastructure projects.

Nature has also been very generous to Fortaleza, giving the city gorgeous golden beaches, clear waters and lush vegetation.

Considering all these advantages, it is hardly surprising that the city enjoys an increasing number of visitors from both the country and the world as a whole.

The people who visit the city, however, should be very cautious.

Crime in Fortaleza is one of the highest in the Americas.

The city is most dangerous after dark, but during the day there are serious risks too, especially for the tourists who wear expensive clothes and belongings.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Neighborhood of Sea Point, Cape Town
Neighborhood of Sea Point, Cape Town by David Stanley/Flickr

Cape Town offers a really beautiful location and incredible sceneries.

In addition, it has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, tempting golden beaches and is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

Having so much advantages, the city attracts many tourists and settlers.

Indeed, Cape Town is prosperous in every respect, but the problem is that the levels of crime are also very high, becoming a really serious problem for the residents of the city and for its visitors.

If you are visiting Cape Town, you should be extremely cautious.

There is virtually no completely safe areas and is always recommended to be careful.

Especially dangerous is to go out after sunset or to walk in some of the less prestigious parts of the city.


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