10 Best Beaches in Cuba

cayo guillermo

Who would not wish to lounge under the shade of a coconut tree while the hot tropical sun is shining around in the height of winter in January or February?

Although still in the communist regime, Cuba was able to be among the leading tourist destinations in Central America.

The engine that drives the local tourism industry is the great combination of the local nature and culture.

The island country not only offers staggering beaches, but also year-round tourist season.

1. Playa de Oro, Varadero

playa de oro varadero
Playa de Oro, Varadero

One of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba is located in Varadero on the peninsula of Hicacos on the north coast of the island.

Playa de Oro is among the most attractive places for sunbathing in the country.

The sand is white and the waters are usually calm and azure.

The under water visibility is high and close to the shore you will find beautiful coral reefs.

For this reason Varadero is excellent for diving and attracts many fans of underwater experiences.

2. Cayo Coco Island

cayo coco island
Cayo Coco Island by Slava/Flickr

If you visit the small island of Cayo Coco you will feel like you are into the paradise.

The island is located near the northern coast of Cuba towards the Bahamas.

Beaches are unnaturally beautiful, and the surrounding lagoons can make you forget about everything.

Usually there are not many people, so this place is perfect for privacy.

3. Cayo Guillermo

cayo guillermo
Cayo Guillermo by O.Taillon/Flickr

Cayo Guillermo is a small island which is located next to Cayo Coco.

Because its beauty the place was declared as a National Park.

The extraordinary nature is like a background of a chill out video.

All beaches are on the north side of the island.

Adjacent to the beach there are some small hotels, bungalows and holiday villas.

Everything is shrouded by tropical flowers, trees and shrubs.

4. Playa Lucia

playa lucia
Playa Lucia

This lovely place is located in the western part of northern Cuban coast.

Like most places in this beautiful island country the sand is white and tender, and the water – clean and transparent.

Large waves crash into the coral reefs far from shore, so around the beach the waters is usually calm.

Numerous coconut palms take care of that to provide sufficient shade for tourists.

5. Puerto Arturo

puerto arturo
Puerto Arturo by Barry Reynolds

Puerto Arturo is a small resort in the northeastern parts of Cuba.

Although its length is less than one kilometer this fabulous beach look like a dream.

The sand is snow white and abundant tropical vegetation enables you to find deep shade just a few steps from the sand.

6. Guardalavacha

guardalavaca beach
Guardalavaca beach

This beautiful resort is located just fifteen minutes east of Puerto Arturo.

The two resorts fall into one tourist area.

The beauty is not different from that in Puerto Arturo.

Playa de Guardalavacha offers classic heavenly scenery and many coconut palms.

A few steps from the turquoise waters and fine coral sand is located Bahia de Naranho National Park.

The region offers one of the most beautiful beaches all over Cuba – Playa Esmeralda (Emerald Beach).

Although smaller this beach is incredible!

Emerald Beach owes its name to the emerald color of its waters.

7. Cayo Largo

cayo largo
Cayo Largo by Vgenecr/CC BY-SA 3.0

Cayo Largo is located on the southern coast of western Cuba.

Speaking of beautiful beaches should be noted that Cayo Largo is definitely a favourite of our team.

Here is the brightest sand, the most transparent and azure waters and the people (if there are people) are very few and there is always space and freedom in abundance.

Here you could enjoy of calmness and loneliness on the beach without anyone to disturb your peace.

8. Cayo Rosario

cayo del rosario
Cayo del Rosario

Not far from Cayo Largo is located Cayo Rosario.

It is also located on the southern coast of Cuba.

Typical feature here is the scant vegetation, and the main advantage is that the place is almost deserted.

On the white sands there are often small catamarans with which young and not so young couples arrive here seeking seclusion.

Here come mainly enterprising tourists who want to enjoy and get to know Cuba really well.

The reason is that Cayo Rosario is more isolated and less popular tourist spot.

9. Cayo Santa Maria, Playa Perla Blanca

cayo santa maria
Cayo Santa Maria by Iker Merodio/Flickr

It is located in the central parts of northern Cuba is Cayo Santa Maria.

The island is a popular tourist destination.

The beaches are magnificent – the sand is white with light pink nuance.

This is due to its coral origin.

In fact, here is the place to note that coral beaches are most beautiful and exactly they are those who delight us from the pages of the travel magazines.

10. Playa Ancona

playa ancon
Playa Ancon by Kim Gunnarsson/Flickr

Playa Ancona is located in southern central parts of Cuba.

This is another of the countless opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the paradise Cuban beaches.

Tropical vegetation, crystal clear sea and white sand invariably present in the surrounding landscape.

Here and there on the beach grow coconut palms that make tourists feel like in heaven while they are lounging under the bright tropical sun.