10 Cheap European Destinations for 2024 (and Beach Season)

halkidiki greece

If you are on a budget but want to make the most of your money during the next summer vacation, you first need to find a few really cheap places to chose from.

In Southern Europe is not very difficult to find a good place to stay at reasonable prices.

We have prepared for you a list of 10 really affordable must-visit summer destinations in Europe.

They are all quite tempting, and you just need to find which one is the best for you.

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

sunny beach bulgaria
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria by Greger Ravik/Flickr

Sunny Beach is the largest Bulgarian seaside resort.

It is situated in a wide bay on the Southern Black Sea Coast, nearly 95 km north of Burgas.

It is considered the most affordable holiday destination in Bulgaria and attracts mostly young tourists from Northern Europe, especially from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The resort attracts mostly youngsters in their early 20es, who want to spend their summer vacation at some place with better climate, nice beach and numerous options to visit nightclubs and bars.

Beach season:

From June to September

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2. Kusadasi, Turkey

kusadasi turkey
Kusadasi, Turkey by Peter C/Flickr

Some of the cheapest summer resorts in Europe are to be found in Turkey.

One of them is Kusadasi, which attracts people from different ages but mostly youngsters in their 20es.

The resort is actually considered the most affordable in Turkey and the best place to spend your holiday if you are on a budget.

Kusadasi offers really tempting sandy beaches, which according to many are the best in Turkey.

Beach season:

From May to October

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3. Antalya, Turkey

antalya turkey
Antalya, Turkey by Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Antalya is a big city and is considered the largest Turkish resort.

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It is situated on the southern coast of the country and offers the best weather conditions.

The city is not only an affordable place to spend your summer holiday but it is also really diverse.

It offers old medieval castles, natural beauties such as the Düden Waterfalls, numerous bars, clubs and restaurants.

Antalya is also a popular shopping destination for people who are on a budget.

The main attraction of the city, however, is the beach. It is mostly covered with small pebbles which explains the clear and transparent waters.

Beach season:

From April to November with some being cooler at the beginning and at the end of the season

4. Marmaris, Turkey

marmaris turkey
Marmaris, Turkey by Mira Car/Flickr

If you are searching for a cheap place to stay for one or two weeks in Turkey, you should definitely consider Marmaris because this is one of the best options available.

The resort city is situated in the Southwest of the country, in a deep, quiet and picturesque bay, almost completely separated from the sea.

It offers much more vegetation in comparison with other Turkish resorts, and the sea surface is usually calm like a mirror.

Most of the beaches are covered with small pebbles but there are also some really fine sandy coves.

Beach season:

From April to November with some cooler days in April and November (similar to Antalya)

5. Benidorm, Spain

benidorm spain
Benidorm, Spain by Nicolas Vigier/Flickr

Benidorm is one of the most attractive summer destinations for young people in Spain, and the reason is the large number of affordable hotels in the area.

If you add also the great variety of clubs, bars and restaurants, the result is a destination every young person in their 20es dreams about.

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Benidorm is famous for its architecture and the golden color of the beach, so it is a really good background if you are into the photography.

Beach season:

From May to October

6. Kavala, Greece

kavala greece
Kavala, Greece

Greece is definitely not the cheapest country in Europe, but if you know where to search, you will find out that some parts of the country are really affordable and are among the cheapest on the continent.

One of these places is Kavala. The small coastal town in the North of Greece looks like the perfect Mediterranean city.

It is clean, good looking and all the hotels in the area are very small.

Let’s just add the great golden beach and the result is a place everybody wants to spend their holiday in.

Beach season:

From May to October (some days in May are still a bit cold)

7. Chalkidiki, Greece

halkidiki greece
Halkidiki, Greece by Jim Makos/Flickr

The peninsula of Chalkidiki is one of the purest areas along the Europe’s Mediterranean coast.

It is located in the northern part of Greece, between Kavala and Thessaloniki.

This is the favourite summer destination for many people from Southeast Europe because of the tempting combination of affordable accommodation, great food at low prices, plenty of sunshine, pristine sea waters and lush green vegetation.

Visiting this place for the first time, most people can’t believe that such a wonderful place could be so affordable for people who travel on a budget.

Beach season:

From May to October (in May and October are possible cooler days)

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8. Taormina, Italy

taormina italy
Taormina, Italy by Rodrigo Silva/Flickr

You should definitely consider Taormina as one of the best options available on the European tourism market.

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The city is located on the east coast of Sicily and is well known for its picturesque location.

It lies on the steep coastal slopes, offering an amazing panorama of the area.

It is not a secret that Sicily is one of the most affordable parts of Europe, which is a good news for the people who want to get to know an expensive country like Italy without spending too much.

Beach season:

From May to October with some good days in April and November

9. Golden Sands, Bulgaria

golden sands bulgaria
Golden Sands, Bulgaria by Veni/Flickr

In order to make the most of your money, don’t forget to check out the opportunities along the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

There are very cheap options in this part of Bulgaria and you will definitely find some very good place to stay without spending too much.

Golden Sands offers one of the most attractive sand stripes in Europe, and according to many, this is the version of Miami’s South Beach on the Balkans.

Beach season:

From June to September

10. Paralia Katerinis, Greece

paralia katerinis greece
Paralia Katerinis, Greece by someone10x/Flickr

Paralia Katerinis is one of the most attractive places to spend the summer holiday in Greece.

It located in Central Macedonia, in the northern part of Greece, not far to the southwest from Thessaloniki and to the west of Chalkidiki.

It offers one of the best beaches in Greece and some of the lowest prices available in the country.

The lovely small resort village of Paralia is a quiet place but it also offers a great variety of options to visit bars, clubs and restaurants during the summer season.

Beach season:

From May to October


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