10 Reasons Why New Zealand is the Best Place to Get Rid of Stress

The Emerald Lakes seen from the Red Crater

When you are stressed and anxious, you must first visit your doctor or psychotherapist.

If they don’t find a serious reason for your bad mood, such as a depression for example, and the reason for your stress is too much work, unpleasant job, stressful relationship, problems with friends or family and others, you should probably think about a short break from it all.

Nothing makes people feel better than a good trip to some exciting destination.

Of course, if you are stressed, it would be better to avoid too crowded and noisy places and to find something that is closer to the wild nature.

Taking a good rest for a while, you will have your mind much more clear and calm so you will be able to deal with the everyday situations much easier after the holiday.

If you wander what is the best choice for you to find a good place to relax your mind, you first have to consider the option to visit New Zealand.

1. New Zealand enjoys a nice climate

Takaka Hill, New Zealand
Takaka Hill, New Zealand by Ghislain Mary

When people are stressed and anxious they are very sensitive when it comes to the weather.

Anxious people often avoid high temperatures because heat makes them feel worse.

The same applies for too low temperatures.

Cold and cloudy weather make us feel stressed and stimulates the different kinds of depressive moods.

For this reason, New Zealand offers the perfect weather for stressed and anxious people as it is pleasantly fresh in summer and mild in winter.

The average daytime temperature you can expect in February is 24°C (isn’t that perfect?) and 15°C in July (similar to the temperature along the Mediterranean coast in winter).

These temperatures will make you feel more relaxed and to spend longer hours outside without worrying about the weather.

2. New Zealand is safe

On the beach in December, Whangamata
On the beach in December, Whangamata – Public domain

One of the most important factor for a human being is to feel safe.

In this respect New Zealand is amazing. A few countries in the world are so safe for travelers and residents as New Zealand is.

Of course, like every other country in the world, New Zealand also has its problems but the crime level here is very low.

Even in the biggest city, Auckland, the risk to become a victim of a crime is very low compared with most American and European cities.

3. There are no dangerous animals

Wonderful Mountain Range
Wonderful Mountain Range by Jocelyn Kinghorn

If you are planning to take a long trip into the wild nature of New Zealand, the risk of facing dangerous animals practically doesn’t exist.

If you are in North America or Europe, you could meet a bear or wolves but in New Zealand this risk doesn’t exist.

Of course, you have to be careful with the ocean because the waters around New Zealand are home to the great white shark.

Out of the water, however, most animals are completely harmless.

In fact, on the island has a few species of poisonous spiders but actually the risk of meeting one much lower than it is in Australia for example.

4. New Zealand has wonderful nature

The Emerald Lakes seen from the Red Crater
The Emerald Lakes seen from the Red Crater by mhx

If you want to get rid of the stress, nothing is better than a long stay into the wild.

The contact with the nature is the best thing to do if you want to calm down and chill your nerves from the stressful job or hectic lifestyle.

New Zealand is a good option because of its wonderful nature.

Probably there is no other developed country on the planet with so preserved and untouched nature.

Here you will find wonderful rainforests, sharp and steep mountain ranges, glaciers, crystal clear mountain lakes, waterfalls, vast planes, endless beaches and the option to spend some time just with yourself without being disturbed from huge crowds of tourists.

There is no better place to visit if you want to find your inner peace.

5. New Zealand has wonderful people

Countryside, New Zealand
Countryside, New Zealand by Juan Alberto Garcia Rivera

If you think that people in Europe are nice and friendly you have to visit New Zealand.

The relaxed and slow pace of life in this otherwise modern nation is one of the reasons why locals are so friendly and welcoming.

When it come to friendliness, the residents of New Zealand are comparable only with the residents of countries like Sweden, Spain and Norway.

No matter if you are on the North Island, which is more cosmopolitan and dynamic, or travel around the South Island, which is more remote and quiet, the people in New Zealand are very nice and you will surely make a lot of friendships here.

And as you probably already know, the contact with nice people is considered one of the best ways to get rid of stress.

6. New Zealand’s official language is English

Stirling Falls, New Zealand
Stirling Falls, New Zealand by Jocelyn Kinghorn

One of the most stressful and difficult moments for every traveler is when you try to ask people for something and no one understands you because of the language barrier.

Indeed, English is an international means of communication and still many people don’t understand it, especially in some countries.

In New Zealand this problem doesn’t exist.

You will be able to talk with everybody in English and if you are not a native English speaker, you will be able to significantly improve you language skills while trying to find the way to the museum or to the hotel.

7. New Zealand is the best place for sport lovers

Fog on the beach and woods, New Zealand
Fog on the beach and woods, New Zealand by f2n_downtown

Extreme sports are not for everyone but if you are good at rafting, rock climbing or kayaking, and the practicing of these sports is your way to get rid of stress, then New Zealand is the best place for you.

Actually, here is the place to say that New Zealand is number one tourist destination for practicing of extreme sports in the world.

8. New Zealand is a great culinary destination

Akaroa, Canterbury, New Zealand
Akaroa, Canterbury, New Zealand by Jocelyn Kinghorn

One of the good things to do for yourself is to enjoy the incredible culinary wealth of New Zealand.

Home to people from all around the world, the country combines thousands of culinary traditions.

New Zealand is one of the most popular producers of high-quality foods in the world so you will have a great variety of products to try.

9. New Zealand has beautiful cities

A great view of Auckland city from north head
A great view of Auckland city from north head by Siyamalan

What is more relaxing than a long walk in a beautiful city?

The cities of New Zealand are very picturesque, and they all have modern architecture and a lot of green areas.

Since New Zealand is a home to people from all around the world, they are a real masterpiece of architectural styles.

The urban environment of New Zealand brings the spirit of one wealthy, modern, advanced and diverse society.

10. The most remote country on the planet

Lake Gunn, New Zealand
Lake Gunn, New Zealand by Ben

No matter where you come from, New Zealand is one of the most isolated and distanced country on the planet.

It is located in the Southwest Pacific, not far from Australia, and relatively close to Antarctica.

The feeling of being so far from everything for a while and the geographic distance from your home will probably help you to recover your energy and to go back home full of positivism and joy of life.