downtown of varna

Why Russians Love Varna, Bulgaria (The 10 Reasons)

Since 1990es, the number of Russian people living abroad has been constantly growing.

Among the places which attract the largest number of Russians are Spain, France, UK, Germany, USA and Australia.

However, one much smaller country turned out to be surprisingly attractive for Russian expats.

The country is Bulgaria, and the place that plays the role of a leading center of attraction in the country is Varna.

But why actually is Varna so magnetic to Russians, and what really attracts so many of them there?

1. Weather

Panoramic view of the city
Panoramic view of the city by Vicki Burton

Of course, the weather in Varna is very far from being perfect. And still, it is much better than the weather in most of Russia.

Although in Varna are possible very cold winter days with temperatures below zero, the number of really cold and freezing days is around 20 per year on average.

Summers are long, hot and stable, with constantly dry and sunny weather, cloudless skies and perfect conditions for spending your time outdoors and at the beach.

Spring and autumn are really pleasant with mild weather.

They are very pleasant for hiking and tourism in the area, especially the autumn months, which are usually warmer and sunnier.

Winters require warm clothing and heating at home but you still can enjoy a number of great days outside.

2. Beaches

The south beach of Varna
The south beach of Varna by Michał Paluchowski

Despite Russia is the largest country in the world, the coastline of Bulgaria, which is only 378 km long, practically offers a bigger number of warm golden sandy beaches.

Some of the most attractive of them are located in the area of Varna.

One of them, the beach of Sunny Day (9 km north of the city center of Varna) is awarded with Blue Flag and is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the area as well.

The beaches of Bulgaria are not just among the most attractive in Europe, but they are also very safe and family friendly.

There are no dangerous animals in the water with the exception of the so called sea dragon.

3. The park

One of the landmarks of Varna is also an important factor which attracts many people to settle down in the city.

The Sea Garden is one of the large city parks in Europe and stretches for nearly 4 km along the coast of the city.

It offers beautiful walking trails and is a really safe place to spend your free time outside.

The park is one of the most favourite places for the newcomers, because it offers a great opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle increasing your physical activity.

4. Fun

downtown of varna
Downtown of Varna by Neromare Group

Varna is not a boring city. Here you could always find something interesting to do.

You could visit different bars and clubs, museums and galleries, good and affordable restaurants, charming cafes and many others.

5. Study

Varna is large enough to offer plenty of opportunities to visit different courses and to learn new things.

New languages, web design, arts or something else, the city is a really good choice.

In addition, usually the prices are very good. You could attend also some interesting to you courses in a university.

Over the last few years Bulgaria definitely has become one of the most attractive destination in Europe in this respect and Varna is one of the leaders.

6. Safe

Compared to most of Russia, Varna is very safe, especially if you come from Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

The level of crimes in the coastal Bulgarian city is very low, especially considering the population of the urban area, which is 417,867 people.

Although some part of the city are better to be avoided, still most of the territory of Varna is very safe for living and walking.

Of course, there are no 100% safe places but still the city won’t disappoint you.

7. Cheap

Kitesurfing by Vasil Raev

Although the standard of living in Russia is average, some of the Russian cities are really expensive.

For some period of time the Russian capital Moscow was even the most expensive city in the world.

In this respect, Varna is one of the best places to live in Europe because here you could afford a lot without spending too much.

If you want to find a good apartment in an attractive part of Varna for about 200 euro, then you should know that this is completely possible.

8. Other expats

Even if most of the European people are very friendly to foreigners, as an expat you will probably feel more comfortable if you live in an area where other foreigners live too.

It would be even better if these foreigners are from your country of origin. In this respect Varna is a really good choice for Russian settlers and attracts many new people to buy and rent properties here because it is already a home to thousands of expats from Russia.

9. The language

Inside of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin
Inside of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin by Leon Hart

The similarity between Russian and Bulgarian language is significant. Many Russian people settle down in Bulgaria even without speaking Bulgarian or English.

Actually, the similarity allows to people to communicate in their languages.

Of course, many words are different, and you won’t be able to understand everything but still Bulgaria is one of the very few countries in the world where you could live with only speaking the local language or English, at least until you learn Bulgarian.

In addition, the number of English, German and Russian speakers in Varna is among the highest in the country because many people are traditionally occupied in tourism and travel industry.

10. Easy to go home

Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre
Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre by Nikolay Volnov

If you decide to settle down in Varna, you will be definitely closer to your relatives and friends in Russia than if you move on the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol or London.

The airport of Varna is very good and you could easily reach to different points in Europe or in Russia, especially during the summer season when the traffic is really intense.

The average flight duration between Varna and Moscow is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.