17 Best Things to Do in Larnaca (Cyprus)

the view from the pier

Larnaca is a bustling and lively city, situated on the southeast shore of Cyprus.

It offers everything you need for spending a great summer holiday.

Here you will find cinnamon colored beaches, shallow coastal waters, year round warm microclimate, palm trees, wonderful places to visit and friendly people.

In addition, you will be able to visit all the other cities on the island because of the strategic and convenient location of Larnaca.

It takes 60 minutes to get to Nicosia, 40 minutes to Ayia Napa, 1 hour to Protaras, less than 2 hours to Limassol, 2 hours and 30 minutes to Paphos and 1 hour and a half to Kyrenia.

If you have already decided to spend your next summer break in Larnaca, here is what not to miss there:

1. Enjoy its fantastic beaches

finikoudes beach
Finikoudes Beach by Sergey Galyonkin/Flickr

Known for its tempting cinnamon color sands and cobalt blue shallow waters, the beach of Larnaca attracts visitors from early April till late November.

Even in winter months the stretch of sand attracts visitors, even if just for walking and sunbathing.

The sea water temperature reaches about 82 – 84°F (28 – 29°C) in summer but remains pleasantly cool even in winter.

The average sea surface temperature in January and February is usually about 62 – 64°F (17 – 18°C).

The most popular stretch of sand in the area is Finikoudes Beach. This is the main beach of the city and is the most easily accessible. It offers all the needed facilities, including lounge chairs, umbrellas and great beach bars.

2. Go to Larnaca Salt Lake

larnaca salt lake
Larnaca Salt Lake by Sergei Gussev/Flickr

Located west of the city, Larnaca Salt Lake is one of the main local tourist attractions.

It covers an area of 0.85 mi² (2.2 km2) and has an average depth of about 3.28 feet (or 1 meter).

During the short and rainy winter season this place turns into a real oasis for migrating birds, especially flamingos.

In summer, however, Larnaca Salt Lake changes beyond recognition.

In fact, it often disappears almost completely for a few months and what remains in some summers is only a dry and cracked deserted land.

3. Birdwatching

greater flamingos in larnaca salt lake
Greater Flamingos in Larnaca Salt Lake by Sergey Yeliseev/Flickr

As we already mentioned, large flocks of flamingos and other birds spend the winter season in the warm and shallow waters of Larnaca Salt Lake and along the shore.

To make it easier for you to get closer and observe the birds without disturbing them, tall wooden observation towers were installed by the lake.

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They are designed to offer you a perfect cover and great views of the lake and waterfowl.

At the same time, here you can find some shadow during the hottest midday hours.

4. Enjoy the view from the pier

the view from the pier
The view from the pier by Tourist Maker

The pier of Larnaca is located right next to the medieval castle of the city, which is another important local landmark.

The pier is a favourite place for walking and attracts many tourists, especially in the golden hour before sunset.

It reveals a great view of the coast and is a great place to take panoramic pictures of Larnaca.

5. Go to Djami Kebir Mosque

djami kebir mosque
Djami Kebir Mosque by Tourist Maker

Located a few meters from the beach, Djami Kebir Mosque is one of the most beautiful and remarkable buildings in the central part of the city.

Despite the exact time of construction is unknown, according to historians, this is probably the oldest existing mosque in Cyprus and dates back to the 13th or 14th century.

Impressive and authentic, the building is open to visitors.

Originally a Catholic church, the beautiful stone structure has remained almost unchanged over the centuries.

Of course, the only exception is the minaret, which rises over the quiet and shady garden covered with Mediterranean species of trees and palms.

6. Pattichio Park

pattichio park
Pattichio Park by Tourist Maker

Pattichio is a beautiful Mediterranean-type park, dominated mostly by coniferous species of trees.

It is known for its quiet and idyllic walking paths and is a favourite place for recreation of locals and tourists.

In the park there is an amphitheater which attracts thousands of visitors during the summer season.

It’s very popular with tourists because of the large number of concerts and other cultural events being held here.

The park looks especially beautiful during the rainy winter season.

It is a real pleasure to walk around between November and March, when Pattichio is emerald green and a carpet of clovers covers the ground.

The park leads to Larnaca Salt Lake and is located one kilometer from the beach.

7. Explore the promenade

the promenade of larnaca
The promenade of Larnaca by Tourist Maker

Approximately a mile long, the coastal promenade of Larnaca is the best place to spend most of your stay in the city.

Dotted with palm trees, it offers great opportunities to have fun.

If you want to soak up some sun, it is not necessary to go on the beach itself.

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You can choose some of the hundreds of benches along the coast.

Observing the sea and breathing the fresh Mediterranean air is probably one the best natural ways to reduce your levels of stress.

8. Kamares Aqueduct

kamares aqueduct
Kamares Aqueduct by Tourist Maker

Completed in 1750, during the Ottoman period, Kamares Aqueduct is one of the top attractions in Larnaca.

This is one of the most impressive structures from the 18th century and today it attracts a lot of visitors.

The impressive stone structure remained in operation until 1939.

Today the Aqueduct is of great importance too but only as a landmark. You will find it very close to the shore of the popular Larnaca Salt Lake.

9. Bars and restaurants

larnaca's coast
Larnaca’s coast

Larnaca’s coastal promenade is home to hundreds of fantastic cafés, restaurants and nightclubs.

In addition to traditional local taverns, there are also Italian, Russian and Turkish restaurants, traditional French bistros, fast food and many others.

Let’s not forget also the good old classic British breakfast (beans with eggs and bacon), which could be found in most hotels and restaurants in the area and is a great solution for a good start to the day.

Of course, the beautiful view is a great background for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In the hot midday hours most restaurants are empty. In the cooler evenings, however, it is a real challenge to find a free table.

10. Hala Sultan Tekke

hala sultan tekke
Hala Sultan Tekke by Tourist Maker

Located on the west coast of Larnaca Salt Lake, Hala Sultan Tekke is one of the most important landmarks in Larnaca.

The mosque is very beautiful and attracts visitors from around the world.

It is finished in an elegant classic Ottoman style.

The majestic structure was built on the site of an ancient city from the Late Bronze Age.

The mosque was built in stages over a long period of time.

11. Larnaca Yacht Marina

larnaca yacht marina
Larnaca Yacht Marina by Tourist Maker

Larnaca Yacht Marina is an attractive place to walk at any time of the day.

Here you can enjoy fantastic sunrises and sunsets as well as a romantic evening walk with your loved one.

As the climate of Larnaca is quite favorable, you can visit this place all year round.

12. The route of Aphrodite

aphrodite cultural route
Aphrodite Cultural Route by Tourist Maker

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite, you should definitely spend more time in the area of Larnaca Salt Lake and explore the famous Aphrodite Cultural Route.

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The Goddess of Love and Beauty is believed to have passed through here.

You should only follow the beautiful pathway meandering through the subtropical vegetation along the lake shore.

The alley is especially tempting in winter, when everything is emerald green.

13. Saint Lazarus Church

st. lazarus church
St. Lazarus Church by vazovsky/Flickr

St. Lazarus Church is a wonderful Christian temple, one of the most beautiful in Cyprus.

It is located in the center of Larnaca. Created in the late 9th century, Saint Lazarus is a massive stone structure.

The most impressive part of the church is the majestic stone bell tower with lavish Byzantine-style decorations.

14. Larnaca Castle

larnaca castle
Larnaca Castle by Dickelbers/CC BY-SA

Larnaca Castle is one of the most visited places in the city.

It is located in its southern part and you will find it right on the beach.

The medieval stone structure was built in the 12th century.

It is located on a site that is said to have been inhabited since ancient times.

The fortress is completed entirely in Byzantine style.

15. Pierides Museum

pierides museum
Pierides Museum by A.Savin/CC BY-SA

While in Cyprus, you should not miss visiting the oldest private museum on the island.

It is located in a very beautiful and elegant old house in the city center of Larnaca.

It offers a very rich collection of extremely well-preserved antiques.

You can see exhibits from different periods of time. Some of the oldest artifacts are about 10,000 years old.

16. Explore the narrow streets of the Old Town

the old town
The Old Town by Sergey Galyonkin/Flickr

There is nothing more pleasant than getting lost somewhere around the narrow streets of the old and busy Mediterranean city.

Here you will find numerous cafes and traditional restaurants, which are famous for their wonderful cuisine.

You will have the opportunity to buy traditional souvenirs and postcards as well as to find a wide choice of the well known small fridge magnets with attached ornaments and images of local attractions.

17. Europe Square

europe square
Europe Square by YouTube

Europe Square is one of the most iconic places in Larnaca.

It is located not far from the port, in the northernmost part of the famous coastal boulevard.

It is known for its numerous historical buildings from the late 19th century, including some of the most visited museums and galleries in the city.