26 Best Things to Do in Skiathos (Greece)

banana beach

With more than 60 gorgeous beaches, Skiathos is the most attractive summer holiday destination amidst Greek holidaymakers.

Over the last few years it has gained popularity as the place to find the best beaches in the entire Aegean.

Despite being a small island (only 11 and a half kilometers in its longest part), it is a very diverse destination with hundreds of things to see and to do.

Of course, different sorts of beach activities dominate our to do list but considering where we are, this is pretty normal.

1. Enjoy the most popular beach of Skiathos

koukounaries beach
Koukounaries beach by linmtheu/Flickr

Koukounaries Beach is definitely the most popular beach of Skiathos.

It combines a fantastic stripe of golden sand and lush green forest reaching the sand.

Surrounded by fragrant coniferous trees, the beach offers the shade you need during the hottest midday hours.

Except for its beautiful location, Koukounaries is known for its emerald green limpid waters.

The visibility under water reaches 40+ meters, and that’s great news if you love to snorkel.

The sea surface is always very smooth and tempting.

2. Spend an afternoon at Lake Strofilias

lake strofilias
Lake Strofilias by Hottol-Taurus/YouTube

Lake Strofilias is the green paradise of Skiathos.

It is located about 200 meters from the famous Koukounaries Beach and is definitely on top of the list as one of the best places to visit on the island.

It attracts a number of holidaymakers from across Europe.

This is a great choice if you want to combine your holiday on the shore with some pleasant forest coolness.

Right next to the lake you will find a wonderful forested area.

The fresh air under the shade of the coniferous trees is a great opportunity if you want to escape the scorching summer heat.

3. Walk to the Bourtzi Fortress

bourtzi fortress
Bourtzi Fortress by Pinterest

Built in 1211, the fortress of Bourtzi is one of the most important landmarks of Skiathos.

Surrounded by coniferous trees, the castle (or at least what has remained of its walls) is located on a rocky island, right next to the shore of the old town.

The fortress had been functional until it was destroyed in 1660.

This is a very nice place to walk and offers an incredible view toward the shore and the biggest town in Skiathos.

Since the island is connected to the shore through a bridge, the fortress is easily accessible on foot.

4. Have you ever tried parasailing?

Parasailing by Facebook

Parasailing is a great choice if you are searching for adventures but still want to stay safe during your holiday.

At the same time, this is one of the most popular activities to enjoy while on the island of Skiathos.

Also known as boat paragliding, this the best way to feel some adrenaline rush, without putting yourself at risk.

If you are interested and want to see “the little Corfu” from above, Megali Ammos Beach is the place for you.

5. Walk in the old town of Skiathos

the old town of skiathos
The Old Town of Skiathos by Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

White the island is quite far from the archeological variety of Crete or Rhodes, the old part of Skiathos town is full of old stone buildings.

Most of them are two-storey white-washed houses with blue doors and windows.

They combine luxury and authenticity.

The first floors are mostly occupied by cafes, high-end boutiques and craft shops.

Here you will find also a number of traditional Greek restaurants, called tavernas.

6. Rent a boat at Vromolimnos Beach

vromolimnos beach
Vromolimnos Beach by Siko Studios Production/YouTube

Vromolimnos Beach is located on the west coast of a small peninsula in southern Skiathos.

Because of its strategic location, it is a preferred place to rent a boat from.

It is pretty close to the main settlements of Skiathos, some of the neighbouring almost uninhabited islands and the most beautiful (but still less famous) beaches along the south coast.

Renting a boat is the best decision if you want to optimize your time on the island, because you will be independent of schedules.

Not to mention the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the deeper crystal clean waters away from the coast.

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7. Visit the paradise Diamandi Beach

diamandi beach
Diamandi Beach by Facebook

Popular for its emerald green waters and fine golden sands, Diamandi is a small beach in the very south of the island.

It is a wonderful choice, with no matter if you want to swim or to snorkel here.

The visibility underwater is up to about 40 meters.

Because of its isolated location, Diamandi Beach is definitely more easily reachable by boat.

On the shore, right on the edge of the lush green forest, you will find a small taverna.

You can try some of its specialties while enjoying the pristine environment.

8. Boat trip to Arkos Island

arkos island
Arkos Island by Facebook

Two and a half kilometers south from the old town of Skiathos lies a s small and almost deserted island.

As a real piece of paradise, it is quiet and untouched.

The island is covered with lush vegetation.

Most of the coastline of Arkos is rocky and unapproachable.

On the west coast, however, you will find one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Skiathos.

The golden stripe of coarse sand is also a perfect place to sit and enjoy a wonderful portion of fresh seafood while observing the irresistibly smooth emerald waters.

9. Swimming at Banana Beach

banana beach
Banana Beach by linmtheu/Flickr

Banana Beach is a popular swimming spot and consists of two wonderful beaches – a big and a small one.

This is a quiet and remote place which attracts visitors from early April until late October.

Banana Beach is known for its shallow waters which means that it is a family friendly spot to visit.

It is well-known for its limpid waters and smooth surface.

It is a good choice if you love snorkeling as the marine life here is very rich.

10. Discover the church of Agios Alexandros

church of agios alexandros
Church of Agios Alexandros by Andy Collins/YouTube

The church of Agios Alexandros is known for its isolated location in the northern part of the island.

It is situated on the top of a hill, overlooking the Aegean to the north.

It is difficult to reach because of the not very well maintained road but the adventure definitely worth it.

The white building of the church in a typical Cycladic style.

It is relatively new and is one of the latest very important projects completed on the island over the last few years.

It offers an incredible panoramic terrace which reveals a breathtaking view.

11. Try water skiing

water skiing
Water skiing by Yeezy Boost/YouTube

Most of the bays and beaches of Skiathos are sheltered and windless.

However, the island is a well-known place to practice water skiing.

The calm and smooth mirrored water surface is a great opportunity to enjoy the water sport.

Vassilias Beach is the top spot if you love this water sport.

If you have never practiced water skiing, you will be carefully instructed what to do and what not.

12. Boat trip to Tsougria

boat trip to tsougria
Boat trip to Tsougria by Wouter Menninga/Flickr

To the south of Skiathos, not far from the coast, there is a small and beautiful island.

Covered with lush vegetation and surrounded by turquoise waters, it is a paradise if you want to spend the day on a secluded beach.

The island is almost uninhabited but is quite popular with visitors.

Travelers come here by boats and most of them spend time on the main beach on the west coast.

The shallow coastal waters are perfect for swimming.

The visibility under water reaches 40+ meters in windless and sunny weather, so it is perfect for snorkeling.

Right next to the two main beaches on the west coast there are two beautiful lakes.

Don’t forget to visit also the small chapel Agios Floros which is also located on the west coast of the island.

13. Snorkeling near Lalaria Beach

lalaria beach
Lalaria beach by Kullez/Flickr

Lalaria is one of the popular beaches on the island of Skiathos.

It is famous for its sapphire blue waters and underwater visibility reaching 40+ meters under the appropriate weather conditions.

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Because of the rocky bottom along the coast, the water is one of the most limpid in the area of the Sporades.

Swimming here, you feel like you are in a pool.

In addition, you will be able to observe and admire the wide variety of marine animals.

14. Discover the beauty of Mandraki Beach

mandraki beach
Mandraki Beach by Artur Malinowski/Flickr

Mandraki Beach is considered the most beautiful of all beaches along the north coast of Skiathos.

If you decide to walk along the northern shore or just want to cross the island from the busy south to the quiet and almost deserted north, you should definitely visit this place.

It offers an amazing tropical appearance, and combines outstanding golden sand and irresistible emerald green waters.

The slopes of the surrounding hills are covered by lush vegetation.

15. Kayaking along the coast

kayaking along the coast
Kayaking along the coast by TzTh.channel/YouTube

When it comes to kayaking, the islands of Greece are definitely one of the top 10 best destinations in the world.

The Sporades, on the other hand, are considered one of the most recommended spots in the country.

With dozens of outstanding beaches and little coves along the coast, Skiathos is one of the hidden treasures in this respect.

As you can expect, the water surface is really smooth and limpid, which is a guarantee for an amazing experience.

Many of the small bays and deserted beaches are difficult to reach on foot.

At the same time, it is very easy to reach all of them with a kayak, at least under the appropriate weather conditions.

16. Don’t miss the Blue House Art Gallery

blue house art gallery
Blue House Art Gallery by TripAdvisor

Blue House Art Gallery is one of the most recommended places to visit in Skiathos and is a great choice to buy souvenirs for you family and friends.

Here you will find high-end golden and silver jewelry.

The items in Blue House Art Gallery combine traditions and modernity.

Most of the items are decorated with different types of gems and minerals, including sapphire and turquoise.

This is the right place to mention that the blue color is the most popular in the Greek culture.

You will easily find the gallery because it is comfortably situated not far from the old town of Skiathos, right next to the popular old port.

17. If you like mountain biking

The island is covered with dense forests, and a number of wonderful mountain trails cross the interior in different directions.

This is a great place to enjoy some mountain biking, even if you are not very experienced in this area.

Since the island is quite small, most of the routes are relatively short.

In Skiathos town you can easily find the needed equipment.

18. Explore the forest trails

forest trails
Forest trails by Artur Malinowski/Flickr

A number of wonderful forest trails cross the interior of the island of Skiathos in all directions.

In fact, the choice is so rich that you will find it rather difficult to decide which one of the available routes to take.

The good news is that in many parts of the island cars and motorcycles are forbidden.

The natural environment is exceptionally clean and untouched.

Another advantage is the fact that the weather in the forest is much more pleasant during the scorching summer days.

19. Find some privacy in the Monastery of Panagia Eikonistria

monastery of panagia eikonistria
Monastery of Panagia Eikonistria by Artur Malinowski/Flickr

There is something very special in the Monastery of Panagia Eikonistria.

Most of the visitors say the feeling of privacy and inner peace in the old 17th century stone building is just incredible.

Overlooking the Aegean, Panagia Eikonistria lies on the green northern slopes of Skiathos.

The visit of the monastery is also a very good opportunity to spend some time in nature, enjoying the beautiful forested area.

20. Buy olive tree souvenirs

olive tree bonsai
Olive tree bonsai by Ronald Saunders/Flickr

The choice is very big when it comes to buying souvenirs in Skiathos.

There are some very good luxury boutiques which offer a large variety of expensive items.

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On the other hand, if you are on a budget, you have a great choice too.

Not to mention that it is always better to choose something traditional from the place you visit.

A good example of high quality souvenirs in Skiathos are the handmade items of olive wood.

You can find them easily in most of the gift shops around the island.

They are durable and affordable as well as a really traditional and typical choice.

21. Take a walk to the Old Kastro

the old kastro
The Old Kastro by Wikimedia/CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Old Kastro of Skiathos is located on a small rocky peninsula on the north coast of the island.

The place is easy to reach on foot, and the view when you finally get there is just breathtaking!

You can get to the peninsula by car.

The last few hundred meters to the Kastro, however, you should walk through the narrow winding paths.

The sea is always magical here.

Sometimes its colors are azure while in other days are pastel blue and dark.

The Old Kastro is a medieval fortress, which marks the northernmost tip of the island.

This is one of the most important sights of Skiathos and dates back to the 16th century.

22. Diving near the island of Tsougria

island of tsougria
Island of Tsougria by Wouter Menninga/Flickr

If you love diving, the crystal clear waters around the island of Tsougria and at Alonissos National Marine Park are among the most popular diving sites in the Eastern Mediterranean and in Europe.

The visibility under water is about 40 meters under the proper weather conditions.

Here you will find a great variety of marine species, including seal monk, dolphins, different species of fish and many other sea creatures.

23. Visit the Evangelistria Monastery

evangelistria monastery
Evangelistria Monastery by gichristof/Flickr

Evangelistria Monastery is a very beautiful old building, which dates back to the 18th century.

It is nestled amidst the forested hills of northeastern Skiathos.

Located not far from the main administrative center of the island, the monastery is easily accessible.

In fact, you can reach the place even on foot but you should be willing to walk for about an hour.

The beautiful countryside will make your walk a very pleasant experience, at least if you have enough water in your bag.

24. Enjoy the nightlife of Skiathos

nightlife of skiathos
Nightlife of Skiathos by Jay Gooby/Flickr

Despite being a very small, quiet and safe island, Skiathos is popular for its rich and entertaining nightlife.

With its great choice of clubs and beach bars, Skiathos has something to offer everyone.

It attracts a number of young people from across Europe.

With no matter of what your music and dance preference is, the island is one of the most popular party islands in the Aegean.

Of course, you can’t expect the wild and crazy nightlife of Mykonos, Santorini, Ibiza or Ayia Napa in Cyprus but you definitely won’t get bored.

25. Cruise around the Sporades

cruise around the sporades
Cruise around the Sporades by Artur Malinowski/Flickr

The Sporades is one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Greece.

This is a group of generally small and very green islands (actually, the greenest in the Aegean), all of which are well-known for their wonderful beaches.

Since all of the islands are very interesting and worth a visit, it is a good idea to join a short yacht cruise around the small archipelago.

This is the quickest way to get to know the neighbouring gems such as Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros while enjoying the outstanding food and high quality drinks on board.

26. Swimming and sunbathing at Kanapitsa Beach

kanapitsa beach
Kanapitsa beach by Matthias Forster/Flickr

If you enjoy activities such as swimming and suntanning, Kanapitsa Beach should be one of the priorities in you to do list.

The beach is a little paradise which stretches along the shore of a small peninsula in southern Skiathos.

The place will easily become one of your most favourite because on the island because of its limpid emerald waters.

The combination of mirrored smooth sea and impressive underwater visibility attracts snorkelers and divers from across Europe.