7 Best Places to Visit in Pirin (Bulgaria)

ribnoto lake pirin

Pirin Mountain is often described as the most beautiful in Bulgaria and in Southern Europe.

It combines numerous advantages, including a large number of wonderful small villages of great historical and cultural significance, dense coniferous forests, national parks and reserves, exciting eco paths, crystal clear mountain rivers, transparent ice cold lakes, noisy waterfalls.

In addition, if you get bored from the mountain the wonderful golden beaches of Greece are at a short distance from you.

In the low lying parts of the mountain there are plenty of mild and sunny days with wonderful weather even in winter.

At the same time, in the higher areas you will find thick snow cover and some of the best ski slopes in Europe.

If you want to spend your next vacation in the mountains but Austria and Switzerland are too expensive for you, Bulgaria will not disappoint you in any way.

The mountain resort towns are very beautiful and among the most popular in the area are Bansko and Sandanski.

If you are staying in one of them while in Bulgaria, there are several must-visit places you definitely have to include in your list.

1. The Skakaloto Waterfall

skakaloto waterfall
Skakaloto Waterfall

Skakaloto waterfall is an exceptionally beautiful natural landmark which is located in a remote and isolated area of Northwest Pirin.

The Vlahina waterfall, as it is also called, is difficult to reach because the area is covered with very dense forests.

If you want to get there, you first have to rent a car, but even then you will find the place rather difficult.

2. Popina Luka Waterfall

popina luka waterfall
Popina Luka Waterfall

The Popina Luka waterfall is situated at a height of 1230 meters above sea level in the western parts of the Pirin Mountains.

It is considered the first and most important place to visit if you are staying in Bansko, Sandanski or Blagoevgrad.

Reaching a height of about 15 meters, it is relatively large waterfall.

Popina Luka is considered one of the best places to take pictures in the region.

3. Sveti Nikola

the area sveti nikola
The Area Sveti Nikola

The area of Sveti Nikola is a must-visit tourist destination.

Here you could combine your vacation into the dense mountain forests with a visit of wonderful waterfalls and cultural tourism.

In the area there is an ancient Thracian settlement, whose ruins date from the end of the third millennium BC.

4. Popovo Lake

popovo lake
Popovo Lake

Popovo Lake in Pirin is considered one of the most beautiful places you can find in Bulgaria at all.

It is famous for its crystal clear waters and for the typical Alpine landscape in the surrounding area.

5. Bezbog

bezbog hut
Bezbog Hut

Bezbog peak is 2645 meters high and the reason why it is worth visiting is the incredible view it offers.

This breathtaking panorama is a rare treasure, and the visibility in clear weather reaches tens of kilometers.

6. Dobrinishte

view to dobrinishte
View to Dobrinishte

Dobrinishte is a small but charming resort town, which is in a close proximity to the popular ski resort of Bansko.

Located at the foot of the Pirin Mountain, it offers incredible views and is considered to be a favorite destination for lovers of hiking and photography.

Here you will find excellent accommodation options.

7. Banderishki Lakes

ribnoto lake pirin
Ribnoto Lake

Banderishki Lakes is a large group of pristine mountain lakes in the Pirin Mountains.

Situated in an ecologically clean area, they are an attractive place to relax your mind from urban stress.

The most famous are the Ribno Lake, Muratovo Lake and the Frog Lake.

Here is also the famous Banderishka Polyana, as well as some of the most popular ski slopes in the country.