7 Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

the popovo lake

Bulgaria is often described as one of the most beautiful countries in the world but most people have no idea why.

Indeed, the beaches are comparable to those in Australia, Spain or California, and the mountain resorts remind of Austria and Switzerland.

But is this enough to justify Bulgaria’s reputation as such a wonderful place?

In fact, some of the most magical places usually remain very far from the eyes of travelers.

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They are located in remote and isolated areas.

Most of them are difficult to reach, and you have to make some effort to get there.

1. Dryanovo Monastery, waterfalls and cave, Balkan Mountains

dryanovo monastery

Dryanovo Monastery

Although this place is quite popular, most of the visitors focus their attention entirely on the monastery.

At the same time they miss one of the most enchanting areas is the country.

The Bacho Kiro cave, which is considered one of the most interesting in Europe as well as a wonderful eco path and small but fabulous waterfalls are all located just next to the monastery.

2. The area of ​​Sveti Nikola, Pirin Mountain

the nameless town and sveti nikola chapel

The Nameless Town and Sveti Nikola Chapel

Even if you know Bulgaria very well, you have probably never heard of the area of Sveti Nikola.

This is a hidden paradise, which offers an amazing natural beauty, dominated by thick and difficult-to-cross pine forests.

view to dobrinishte

View to Dobrinishte

Situated between the mountain towns of Bansko and Dobrinishte, it offers the opportunity to visit the wonderful Bulgarian waterfall of Sveti Nikola.

In the area there is a small and charming chapel as well as ancient archaeological excavations.

3. Bezbog, Pirin

the popovo lake

The Popovo Lake

Although Bezbog peak is neither the highest in Bulgaria, nor the highest in the Pirin Mountain, it is considered one of the must visit places in the country.

The reason is the breathtaking rare panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the Lake Popovo.

The place is considered to be a bit more difficult to access but if you are a nature lover, this is the place for you.

There is a lift here, but after the last station of the lift, you have to go up at least an hour and a half.

At the end, you will definitely forget about the tiredness because the view is truly magnificent.

4. Popina Luka waterfall, Pirin

popina luka waterfall

Popina Luka Waterfall

One of the must-visit places in Bulgaria you have probably never heard of is the Popina Luka waterfall.

It is situated on the Sandanska Bistritsa river, not far from the popular Bulgarian balneological center Sandanski.

The place is easily accessible by car via an asphalt road that reaches the very waterfall itself.

5. Leshnikov waterfall, Belasitsa

lesnikov waterfall belasitsa

Lesnikov Waterfall, Belasitsa

The road to the waterfall is a unique experience that will make you forget about the ultimate goal.

It passes through a small and narrow path that forms a wonderful tunnel of dense green vegetation.

It is believed that the route to this waterfall is the most pleasant for long walks into the wild nature of Bulgaria.

Finally, the path reaches the waterfall, which flows fast and noisy between the rocks in a narrow and shady canyon.

6. The villages of Gorno Dryanovo, Leshten and Kovachevitsa



The villages of Gorno Dryanovo, Leshten and Kovachevitsa are among the few places where you can see what an authentic Bulgarian village from the past centuries looks like.

The combination between rich history and old traditional architecture is the reason why we could call these villages a true open-air monument expressing the Bulgarian lifestyle.

Many of the houses are declared cultural monuments.

7. The Church of St Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat, Dobarsko village

the church of st teodor tiron and teodor stratilat dobarsko

The Church of St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat, Dobarsko

This is one of the national sites Bulgaria is very proud with.

However, very few tourists have been lucky enough to see this place in person because the area remains a little isolated.

It is located in the Pirin Mountain, not far from the winter resort Bansko. Especially interesting is that the exact period the church was built on is unknown.

It is famous for one curious fact. It offers some of the best preserved frescoes in Bulgaria.

They remained covered under a thick layer accumulated of the smoke of millions of burning candles over the centuries.

After the layer had been cleaned, it turned out that everything remained completely preserved over the time.

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