Living in Bansko, Bulgaria in 2019 (and 7 Reasons Why)

mountain stream pirin

When it comes to living abroad after retirement, most of the people are looking for affordable countries where it is still easy to live and most of the goods or services are affordable.

Undoubtedly, Bulgaria is one of those places where you can live relatively well or at least better than any other European country without spending too much money.

Traditionally, most of the people prefer to settle down near the coast but still a small part of the retirees are more likely to decide to live in the mountains.

It is a fact that mountains always have their advantages – fresh climate, clean air and of course, quietness and calmness.

If we are talking specifically about Bulgaria, one of the most popular mountain towns to enjoy your free time in the years after retirement is Bansko.

Here are 7 reasons that show the benefits of living in the mountain town.

1. Cheap properties

mountain stream pirin
Mountain stream

Bansko is considered one of the cheapest places to buy property in Europe.

The small resort town is a must for you if you want to find a good looking luxury apartment for less than 30 thousand Euro.

Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom could be your for less money than you could even imagine.

Even if cheap and affordable, the properties in the area are a really good investment.

Because of the rising fame of Bansko, the number of people who want to spend their holidays here is constantly growing.

2. Beautiful nature

baikushev's pine view to peak todorka
Baikushev’s pine view to peak Todorka

Bansko is surrounded by wonderful Alpine landscapes.

Sharp and steep snow-covered mountain ridges surround the small town alternating with green, vast meadows.

Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains are just next to the resort.

Only a few minutes walk on foot and you are already in a dense forests.

In the area of Bansko, not far from the town, you will find the Baikushev’s pine (Baykushevata Mura) – one of the oldest trees in Europe.

It is 1300 years old and is easily accessible through a well maintained forest trail.

The area is saturated of waterfalls, caves, rock formations, lakes and many others.

3. Welcoming people

downtown of bansko
Downtown of Bansko

If you are planning to visit some place just for a week or two, you will be able to close your eyes and ignore the numerous small disadvantages.

However, if you are considering to move somewhere to live, then you are probably a bit more critical.

The people in Bansko are really friendly and welcoming.

Actually, it is not surprising if you receive an invitation from some local family to have dinner in their home.

Locals are really warm and you will see that as soon as you arrive here for the first time.

4. Great food

crystal clear water pirin mountain
Crystal clear water Pirin Mountain

Bulgaria is famous for its wonderful food.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, ecologically clean products, tasty meals.

A few places in Europe offer the opportunity to consume ecologically clean products every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you want to try something typical, then you should consider the most traditional Bulgarian Shopska salad.

Also, you should consider trying some local potato meal.

The resort town and the entire area are known for their high quality potatoes, which are definitely some of the most delicious in Europe.

5. Fresh climate

pirin mountain forest
Pirin Mountain Forest

Bansko offers a really wonderful temperate climate.

Summers are very mild, with temperatures up to 25 – 27 degrees.

Although the frequent summer rainfalls, most of the days are just perfect for long walks and outdoor activities.

Heat waves are not typical because of the altitude above sea level as well as because of the fact that the town is surrounded by dense fresh mountain forests.

Most of the days are sunny and quiet.

Winters are mild but snowy.

Thick snow covers the surrounding mountain slopes from December till late winter.

In the town itself, however, snowfalls are less frequent than you could expect from a mountain town.

Temperatures sometimes fall down to -10 degrees in the coldest days and climb up to about 10 degrees in warmer days.

The town is a good choice for people who are more sensitive to high temperatures.

6. Great ski slopes

baikushev's pine
Baikushev’s pine

If you are a ski lover, you should definitely consider Bansko for your next vacation or as a place to invest in.

You could spend the entire winter here, enjoying the inspiring multicultural holiday atmosphere.

If you decide to live here for permanently, you will always be just a few minutes away from some of the best ski slopes in Europe.

According to travelers, the ski slopes in the area of Bansko remind for these in Austria and Switzerland.

7. A lot to see and to do around

forest path
Forest path

Bansko is located in a close proximity to some of the most attractive sites in Bulgaria.

A number of historical towns (such as Batak), architectural reserves (Melnik), monasteries (Rila Monastery), natural attractions (Demyanishki Skok Waterfall), ski slopes and many others are all located near the most popular winter destination in the Balkans.

If you have already decided to live in the small mountain town, you will always have a wide choice of things to do and to see.