The Beach of Alcudia

Alcudia in April

Alcudia is one of the most attractive places in Mallorca.

It is located in the northeast part of the island.

There are many reasons to visit Alcudia but the town is mostly famous because of its great weather and out of this world beaches.

Weather in April

Street in Alcudia, Mallorca
Street in Alcudia, Mallorca by Tom Andre Skarning

Although it brings plenty of sunshine, April is not exactly a typical summer month in Alcudia.

It is rather mild and pleasant, with mostly comfortable weather and temperatures around 19°C on average.

However, from one day to another temperatures vary in a wide range.

In April are possible daytime temperatures of around 14 or 15°C but also temperatures of over 25°C, especially in the late April.

For this reason, if you travel to Alcudia in April, you will need both summer clothes and warmer clothing such as jeans, light jacket, sweatshirts and others.

After the mild and sunny days, nights are usually quite fresh with temperatures of 8 – 10°C.

Within the same day you can feel comfortable outside in a tshirt and shorts at noon and in a jacket in the evening.

If you want to visit Alcudia (and Mallorca as a whole) for the beach, April is definitely not the best choice, even if some days are just perfect if you are ok with the cool sea water.

What kind of activities can be practiced in April in Alcudia?

Hot weather in Alcudia
Hot weather in Alcudia by Cristian Bortes

If you want to explore the area of Alcudia, this is probably the best time of the year to do it. April is a good time for bikers, hikers and all kind of lover of outdoor activities.

Since April brings in Alcudia more serious weather changes in comparison with other months, the weather is often windy and for this reason this is a good time for kitesurfing.

Well, of course, some days are completely windless and quiet but if you spend here the entire month, you will definitely experience great days to practice your favourite water sport.

When it comes to scuba diving it could be practiced all year round, as long as the weather conditions are suitable for this purpose.

Sun in April

April is the fifth sunniest month in Alcudia after July, June, August and May. It offers plenty of sunshine but there are also about 5 days with rainfalls.

Although some days are cloudy and grey, April is mostly dominated by clear skies. Spring in Mallorca is known as sunnier than autumn even if autumn offers higher temperatures.

Do not forget to protect your skin with a good sunscreen when you go outside for a walk or on the beach.

April days are long. The sunset is usually at about 8 pm in the beginning of the month and between 8:30 and 8:40 pm during the last week of April.

Sea temperature in April

Alcudia Beach and Muro Beach from above
Alcudia Beach and Muro Beach from above by PRINSOTEL HOTELS

Sea water temperature in Alcudia in April can vary from one year to another but usually is still relatively cold and not very comfortable for swimming.

If you have been in Alcudia in April more than once, you probably know how different is the water temperature in different years.

On average, it reaches up to about 14 – 15°C during the first week of the month and about 17 – 18°C at the late April.

The difference between early morning and late afternoon is usually about 2 or 3°C on average.

Even if cold, the water temperature in late April is acceptable if you want to dip into the sea for a minute or two at noon but only if the weather during the day is very nice and sunny.

The chance to enjoy the weather in April is bigger if you come from a country with colder climate such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland or United Kingdom.

Even if many people can’t resist to bathe into the Mediterranean in April, the experience for sure will be very different from what you can expect if you visit the resort town in July for example.

However, there are two advantages that make April a great time to visit Alcudia. First, the seawater is just crystal clear and transparent because of the lower temperature.

As you may have noticed in your previous trips along the Mediterranean coast, cold waters in winter and spring or even in early summer offer better underwater visibility as they are less attractive for microorganisms and there are no blooming seaweed.

The second advantage of April is the lack of tourists on the beach.

Even in the warmest days of April when the sun is shining and the sea is quiet like a mirror you won’t be disturbed by crowds of tourists on the beach.

Restaurants in April

April is the transition between winter and summer season in Alcudia.

There are many restaurants and cafes opened in April, although some of them remain closed until the end of the month.

For sure, if you visit the coastal town in this season, you will find a lot of good places to visit for a drink or just to have a portion of fish and vegetables along the coast.

April is relatively quiet when compared with the summer months but at the same time is busier than the period between November and March.

Beaches in Alcudia in April

The Beach of Alcudia
The Beach of Alcudia by when_night_falls

The snow-white beaches in Alcudia a just fabulous, and the coastal water is shallow and transparent.

This is why the town is considered a good place to visit with your family and kids.

Since the town is situated in the Bay of Alcudia on the northeast coast and is protected to the north from Alcudia Peninsula, the waters along the coast are mostly quiet, and bigger waves are possible only in really bad weather.

Other advantages to visit Alcudia in April

Since April is the last month before the start of the busy tourist season, you will be able to find cheaper offers to stay in good hotels and villas in Alcudia.

Normally, the prices are highest in July and August and lowest during the winter season.