the leather tanneries of fez

6 Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

Morocco’s population is about 33.5 million inhabitants.

Greater is the concentration in the northern and coastal areas and less in the interior and southern parts of the country.

The largest cities are Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez, Tangier, Agadir and others.

The ethnic composition of the Moroccan population is diverse – Arabs, Berbers, Jews, dark-skinned and so on.

In recent years, many Western Europeans and Russians are interested to buy properties in attractive coastal towns and resorts.

1. Casablanca

the beach in casablanca
The Beach in Casablanca by xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco.

The population is over 3.5 million inhabitants.

This is the most cosmopolitan city in the country.

There are people of different races and religions.

One of the most interesting parts of Casablanca is Medina.

This is the old town with its narrow and colorful streets, which meander to the port.

In central Casablanca areas every year become more and more valuable and the high construction starts its way.

In 1998, was completed the 28 storey twin towers which, although not very high, are quite beautiful and add a lot of color to the city.

Unlike most Moroccan cities, where the reddish hues of the buildings predominate, in Casablanca the buildings are painted mainly in white tones.

This is the reason for the name of the city, which literally translated from Spanish means “white house”.

2. Rabat

kasbah of the udayas rabat
Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat by Anthony Tong Lee/Flickr

City of Rabat has 1.7 million inhabitants.

This is the capital of Morocco and the second largest city in the country.

It is located not far from Casablanca and perform mainly administrative functions, although in terms of economic development the city give way to Casablanca and the much smaller Tangier.

Like any self-respecting capital, Rabat has many beautiful squares, maintained parks and gardens, fountains and good infrastructure.

The city is a real cultural heritage under the open sky.

One of the biggest attractions is the necropolis of Chellah.

Chellah is located on the outskirts of the city of Rabat, near the river of Buregreg.

3. Fez

the leather tanneries of fez
The Leather Tanneries of Fez by martinvarsavsky/Flickr

Fez is a very beautiful city with oriental spirit.

Located in the northern parts of Morocco, at the foot of the Atlas mountains.

It has a population of about 950,000 inhabitants and is the third largest city in the country after Casablanca and Rabat.

Although Fez does not enjoy the glory that enjoy Marrakesh, the city has many things which to  present to its visitors.

The vegetation in Fez and its environs is very scarce and represented mainly by dry-loving subtropical species.

4. Tangier

view of tangier
View of Tangier by Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie/Flickr

Tangier is one of the most dynamic economic centers in the whole Morocco.

Walking the streets, you can see people from different races, speaking different languages.

Some of them are here on vacation and others – on business.

Tangier is one of the most prosperous cities in Morocco, although its population is around 700,000 people.

This does not prevent it to develops its economy much more rapidly, even from the capital Rabat.

One of the biggest advantages is its proximity to the Gibraltar Strait and to Europe.

5. Agadir

the beach in agadir
The Beach in Agadir by Joao Maximo/Flickr

Agadir is a city with a population of about 680,000 people and is located in the southern parts of Morocco.

The warm tropical climate is one of its biggest advantages.

It has beautiful and vast beaches and golf courses for the enthusiasts of this sport.

The coastal part of Agadir plays the role of a resort area dotted with hotels and restaurants.

The coastal zone is a place, where life begins to boil after the scorching African sun disappeared behind the horizon.

6. Marrakesh

marrakech at night
Marrakech at night by Guled Ahmed/Flickr

Marrakesh is certainly the most beautiful city in Morocco and is one of the most charming places of Africa.

With population of nearly 600,000 people, the city is an oasis amidst firely reddish landscapes dotted with date palm trees and tropical evergreen vegetation.

Marrakesh is the biggest tourist center of the country and is a paradise for the lovers of the culture.

Everything is colored in rose or red nuances, the pink buildings are surrounded by dry loving tropical vegetation.

Colorful markets, squares, narrow streets and the millions of tourists, who come here throughout the year form the image of Marrakesh today.