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10 Best Places to Buy a Private Island

What‘s better than to have your own little paradise?

There is hardly to find a better subject for investment than a private island.

The truth is that for many people it would be a dream come true.

Place on which a person to retire, to indulge in solitude and where to remain completely undisturbed, while is surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

One advantage of having your own private island is that there you will only see the people you want.

It can give you a unique feeling of freedom and at the same time will help you to rediscover yourself.

Here we have prepared a list that offers some of the most attractive places in the world for owning a private island.

1. Bahama Islands

bahamas white beach
Bahamas are classic of the genre.

This is certainly the most popular destination for buying a private island.

The reason probably we can find in the truly great diversity which offers this beautiful archipelago.

Here own their private islands many Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

One of the indisputable advantages of the Bahamas is the proximity to the U.S.. In practice the archipelago is located just off the coast of Florida.

2. French Polynesia

french polynesia coco palm
The islands of French Polynesia are so beautiful that the human imagination can hardly to picture them.

White as a snow sands, coral lagoons, azure ocean waters and endless blue skies.

Most of the islands, which are marketed are usually part of the rings of atolls, which have remained above the surface of the ocean after the sinking of the extinct volcanoes.

The islands of French Polynesia are considered to be some of the most beautiful on the planet.

3. Fiji

Fiji Islands are a dream come true.

Not by accident this is the most popular destination for a romantic honeymoon for the newly-weds with better financial opportunities.

Many wealthy couples choose to be married just on the fine coral sand.

Indeed, the islands in the archipelago of Fiji seem to have came up out of the catalogue.

If you choose to buy a small private paradise here this mean that you are a man with a taste for life and the beauty.

You will enjoy the summer during all 365 days a year while drink a cocktail in the shade of the dense tropical vegetation.

4. Belize

belize paradise island
In recent years, the small Central American country of Belize has become an extremely attractive destination for those seeking paradise island of great bargains.

Small islands of Belize are covered with very dense vegetation and are dispersed as sapphires close to the coast of the continent.

If you buy an island here you’ll be proud owners of a piece of the paradise situated among the second largest coral reef on the planet.

Furthermore you will find peace and quiet in abundance.

Here you can dive among the swinging life of the tropical Caribbean waters.

5. Thailand

In the last few years Thailand became famous as a real tropical paradise.

Today it is extremely popular in the real estate market because this country has not only splendid scenery, but also and incredible culture and traditions.

All this combined with the traditional hospitality of the local people in Thailand turn the country into the pearl of Asia.

Near the peninsula of Malacca there are many islands with exceptional natural beauty.

The real estate market offers for sale some of them.

What’s better than to own a piece of the paradise in this culturally rich country?

6. Panama

The market for private islands in Panama is quite fast developing.

Near the coast there is a great variety of haven islands that are waiting for their new owner.

Islands can offer beautiful beaches and lush greenness.

Some beaches are immaculate white, while others have warm cinnamon shades.

Islands of Panama seem to be wild and untouched.

Although they are located near one of the busiest waterways in the world most of the local islands look like there have never set human foot.

7. Philippines

Hardly anyone would be surprised by the fact that the Philippines are among the most attractive countries offering private islands on the real estate market.

The country is composed of many islands scattered among the warm waters of the South West Pacific.

The beautiful scenery and amazing beaches make the islands one dream come true.

Like the Bahamas, one of the biggest advantages of the Philippines is the large number of islands, from which one can choose.

There are really incredible possibilities.

Some islands are quite large and others are like a jewel – small, but beautiful and elegant.

Another big advantage of the Philippines is that the prices are still affordable.

8. Brazil

Brazil is a country of hot rhythms and lush tropical jungles.

Few people know however, that this is one of the most attractive places to buy real estate, especially if this property is surrounded by water on all sides.

Brazil is the best place to buy a private island in South America.

Most of the islands, which are offered in the local market are in the state of Rio de Janeiro and in particular among the waters of Bahia da Ilha Grande.

All the islands, whether larger or smaller are covered with dense rain forest and have great beaches with white sand.

One of the advantages of the islands in Brazil is that they are very close to the coast of the continent.

9. Seychelles

seyshelles paradise on earth
When a person see the Seychelles for the first time he wonders how nature has managed to create something so beautiful!

The islands are pretty well known from calendars and magazines, where beautiful girls advertise swimsuits while they enjoy some of the local lovely beaches.

Very often the Seychelles shine from the pages of these magazines, making people dream about this tropical paradise.

Undoubtedly to have a private island in the Seychelles is one of the best things that can happen in your life.

The beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.

Coral lagoons shining under the bright tropical sun and high coconut palms cast a shadow on the white sand.

10. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is one of the most remote and isolated corners of our planet.

They are a dream come true for those rich people who want to be alone and to escape from the bustle of the 21st century.

Describing the beauty of this lost paradise is difficult to find enough strong words to describe the picture.

The beaches are perfect with enticing and crystal clear coral lagoons.

Among the dense greenery you can feel an exotic scent of tropical flowers, trees and shrubs.

Falling into this part of the world one can forget about the existence of everything else enjoying the luxury combined with style “Al Fresco” under the open sky of the South Pacific.