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7 Best Things to Do in Algeria

Coast of Algeria is typically Mediterranean.

It is covered with warm and dry-loving subtropical vegetation, which is represented mainly by herbaceous and shrub species, citrus trees, olive trees, date palm etc.

Algeria is not as popular tourist destination as its neighbors Tunisia and Morocco.

However, the country offers great opportunities for tourism, especially along the coast.

The Mediterranean shore has always attracted visitors with its beautiful beaches and plenty of sunlight.

One of the most attractive parts of the Algerian coast you will find in Zéralda – suburb, located in western parts of the metropolitan agglomeration.

1. Sahara Desert

sahara desert
Sahara Desert by Ralf Steinberger/Flickr

It is important to know however, that the coast is a very small part of everything that is worth seeing.

Desert interior of Algeria is also attractive.

Here you can see Sahara desert spread in its full beauty and splendor.

Huge dunes of golden sand rise to about 20, 30 and in some places even 50 meters in height!

Amidst the dry landscape of the desert rises ridge Tassili n’Ajjer.

Because of its natural beauty the site was declared a national park.

Erosion has shaped a true work of art.

Sun, wind and water together have created something really worth seeing – rock towers and rounded boulders amidst the nothing.

They rise above a lifeless desert landscape of southeastern Algeria.

These boulders attract tourists, hungry for something unprecedented and unusual, tourists for who lying on a beautiful beach is no longer object of interest.

2. Chott Melrhir

salt lakes in algeria
Salt Lakes in Algeria by Daggett/Flickr

Salt lakes are a typical feature of the region of North Africa.

Especially popular are the lakes on the territory of Algeria and neighboring Tunisia.

The biggest and most popular as a tourist destination is the Chott Melrhir.

It is located in northeast Algeria, among the sands of Sahara desert, south of the Atlas Mountains.

This lake is located below sea level and is supplied with water from seasonal rivers flowing only during the rainy season.

During periods of prolonged drought the lake dries up completely.

3. Chréa National Park

chréa national park
Chréa National Park by habib kaki 2/Flickr

Chréa National Park is one of the most beautiful places within the Atlas Mountains.

Because of its altitude, the park is a good solution if you are looking for a way to avoid the summer heat, covering the coastal areas of Algeria.

During the winter months here is sometimes heavy snow fall, as the climate is generally cooler.

Chréa National Park is covered with coniferous forests.

Here you will have the opportunity to meet an interesting kind of monkey, which nowadays is threatened with extinction – the Barbary macaque.

4. Ouled Saïd Oasis

ouled saïd oasis
Ouled Saïd Oasis by Angeoun/Flickr

Ouled Saïd Oasis is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Algerian share of Sahara desert.

Located in the northwestern parts of the country. The landscape looks like in the novels.

Around the endless desert, under the relentlessly sun, suddenly amidst sand dunes appears beautiful grove of date palm. It issues the presence of fresh water.

The oasis is the reason for the existence of nearby town of Timimoun.

Local residents are mainly occupied in agriculture, which in other circumstances would be impossible in the region.

Ouled Saïd has become such an important tourist destination, even in the vicinity are established hotels that rely entirely on the influx of tourists coming to catch a glimpse of the oasis.

5. Roman Ruins in Tipaza

roman ruins in tipaza
Roman Ruins in Tipaza by habib kaki/Flickr

In addition to its beautiful scenery, Algeria attracts also with its past and impressive historic monuments.

Like in all the countries of the Mediterranean, here you will find many sights worth visiting.

Many places in Algeria are under the auspices of UNESCO, and numerous monuments in the country date back even before Roman times.

One of the most important areas in this regard is the small coastal town Tipaza.

The ruins remained here since the time of ancient Rome talk about the European past of Algeria.

They are located in the northeast of the city and are considered as one of the most important sights of this beautiful African country.

6. M’zab Valley

m'zab valley
M’Zab Valley by Dan Sloan/Flickr

M’zab Valley is among the most exciting places for tourism across North Africa.

This is a flat desert area where you will find several settlements, among which are the well known Ghardaïa and Bounoura.

This small ancient desert agglomeration dates from the 10th century.

What impresses most here is the amazing architecture in combination with extremely well adapted lifestyle to the harsh local conditions.

In practice, at noon here is impossible to meet people outside, as the murderous heat can reach 50°C!

During the remaining hours of the day (morning and evening) on the extremely narrow streets there are many people who use the cooler hours to do some work.

M’zab Valley is a part of the list of World Heritage by UNESCO since 1982.

7. Algiers

coast of algiers
Coast of Algiers by PhR610/Flickr

Algiers is an incredible city, to which must set aside enough time.

You will be pleasantly charmed by the combination of different cultures.

The city is very large, modern and looks like a strange mix of European, African and Arab city.

The reason lies in the fact that here meet together cultures from three continents.

Besides the Roman influence in these lands, we should mention also France, which ruled Algeria until 1962.

For this reason, the local Arab culture is significantly modified.

The Algerian capital offers many cultural and culinary opportunities for entertainment, like many other big western cities.