7 Best Things to Do in Tunisia

colosseum in el jem

Relatively small area of Tunisia allows to you to explore the entire country for a relatively short time, but for this you need to rent a car.

Well, of course, it could be very difficult, even impossible to see everything that worth it, but you will be able to visit the main attractions if you have at least two weeks.

Here are some places that you should not miss:

1. Cape Ras al Abiad

ichkeul lake
Ichkeul Lake by Citizen59/Flickr

In the area of Cape Ras al Abiad is located the Ichkeul Lake.

It was declared for a national park as it is of utmost importance for migratory birds coming from Europe in winter.

In the area of the lake there are hundreds of wintering species.

Besides the lake, national park includes the surrounding wetlands.

This area is under UNESCO protection since has been declared for a biosphere reserve.

The local landscape is change strongly in the different parts of the year.

Because of the heavy rains during the winter and flowing into the lake rivers the the water rises up for few months every year.

And just to the contrary – in the summer the weather dry up the water and its level falls significantly.

As already mentioned, about 17-18 kilometers from the lake you will see the Cape Ras al-Abiad – this is the northern-most part of Tunisia and the African continent.

North of here is only Europe.

2. The Ruins of Carthage

the ruins of carthage
The Ruins of Carthage by Refracting Light/Flickr

The ruins of Carthage are very impressive and you should not miss them.

They are one of the most important historical monuments in the Mediterranean.

The remains of this great city were located close to the coast of the Mediterranean in the capital Tunis.

Columns, amphitheatres, thick stone walls – all will return you millennium back.

Besides the ruins of this ancient heritage that you can reveal here, you can enjoy also to the wonderful views of the city.

3. Salt Lake Chott el Jerid

salt lake chott el jerid
Salt Lake Chott el Jerid by Eugenijus Radlinskas/Flickr

Salt Lake Chott el Jerid is one of the most impressive places in Tunisia.

It is located in the central parts of the country.

In some places the water has strange pink color, and on the places where the water was  evaporated, on the yellow sand remain only white salt marks.

The feeling here is as you’re caught in the middle of the Death Valley in California.

In every sights are visible only yellow and burnt by the sun land.

Only on the horizon appear more significant relief forms.

Here and there an abandoned boat, which is simply dried in the middle of the sand.

This is the largest salt lake in North Africa.

4. Sidi Toui National Park

sidi toui national park
Sidi Toui National Park

Sidi Toui National Park is a place that may affect very emotional for some people.

This is one of the places in the world, where as a result of the human activity and farming were turned into desert.

The local vegetation was almost completely destroyed.

After declaring the site for a national park, the local nature begins to recover surprisingly quickly.

The place is emblematic because it is one of many similar areas in the world, where human activity has led to destruction.

5. Jebel ech Chambi

jebel ech chambi
Jebel Ech Chambi by Tunesien2013/CC BY-SA 3.0

The highest point in Tunisia is Mount Jebel ech Chambi.

Situated near the border with Algeria.

Its high is 1544 meters and is among the few places in this country, which are covered with thick snow cover during the winter months.

The vegetation of the area is coniferous, but it is not very dense.

The location is good for lovers of climbing, but you have to know that this area remains quite isolated from the main tourist areas in the country.

6. Colosseum in El Jem

colosseum in el jem
Colosseum in El Jem by Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Colosseum in El Jem is impressive.

It strikingly resembles to the Coliseum in Rome.

This structure is very well preserved today, millennium after its construction, it still astounds with its beauty and grace.

This location is easily accessible.

It is located about a half hour drive from Monastir and Hammamet and therefore there are usually many tourists.

7. The Market in Medina

the market in medina
The Market in Medina by Álvaro/Flickr

It is required to take time off to walk along some of the local markets.

The most colorful market in the capital of Tunisia is perhaps the market in Medina.

Here you will find clothing, spices, carpets, aromatic oils and what not in one place.

In this market you can most strongly feel the Arab atmosphere.

Everything is streaky and everyone is trying to attract your attention.

The attitude of people here is so personal, that often incommode to the visitors, who come from the northern European countries and are not used to coming in so close contact with the shopkeepers when go shopping.

Here you will can feel as today the market has opened for you.