Blue Flag Beaches and Marinas in Brazil


Over the last few years Brazil has experienced a great transformation toward a sustainable developing nation.

Of course, there is a long and for sure not easy way in this direction.

However, the country already has shown a serious progress.

For this reason, it is not surprising that recently the number of sustainable beaches and marinas has been increasing very fast and for sure will continue to grow in future.

Here is the list of awarded Blue Flag beaches and marinas as well as those that are currently waiting to be approved.

Name: Lagoa do Peri

Location: Metropolitan area of Florianopolis, Santa Catarina Island, State of Santa Catarina

Blue Flag: yes

Lagoa do Peri
Lagoa do Peri by Otávio Nogueira

Lagoa do Peri is a beautiful freshwater lake in the southeastern part of Santa Catarina Island.

It offers very clean waters and small but very charming sandy beaches in its northeastern part, not far from the ocean.

Since 2015, this is one of the Blue Flag awarded beaches in Brazil.

It is considered to be one of the most sustainable tourist areas in the country, and the prestigious award is one of the proofs.

One of the main reasons why this place is so special is the surrounding area, and of course, the incredible forests, which cover most of the island.

The beach season lasts from November to April and the hot weather is guaranteed between December and March with temperatures between 26 and 30°C.

Winters are fresh and cloudy with temperatures of between 13 and 21°C.

Name: Praia Grande de Caravelas

Location: Governador Celso Ramos, State of Santa Catarina

Blue Flag: yes

Santa Catarina is well known in Brazil for its golden beaches and picturesque coastline.

For this reason, it is not a surprise that several of the Blue Flag places are located here.

Praia Grande de Caravelas is one of them.

It offers a long and wide stripe of golden sand in combination with perfect weather and crystal clear waters.

During the hot summer season, which here lasts approximately from late November to early April, the beach attract thousands of visitors.

Praia Grande de Caravelas is accessible for people with disabilities, which is very important for the Blue Flag beaches.

During the summer months the average daytime temperature is between 26 and 29°C on average, while the winter season is not very cold, but it is still cloudy and windy and the temperatures are up to about 20 – 21°C.

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Name: Praia de Palmas

Location: Governador Celso Ramos, State of Santa Catarina

Blue Flag: yes

Praia de Palmas
Praia de Palmas by Otávio Nogueira

Since 2015, Praia de Palmas is one of the Blue Flag awarded beaches of Brazil. It is a 2.7 km long stripe of golden sand and clean ocean waters.

The beach attracts thousands of tourists, which mostly come here during the period from November to April.

This is the time of the year when the hot and sunny weather is guaranteed.

You will be able to enjoy temperatures of between 26 and 29°C and warm water reaching up to about 26°C in the height of the summer season.

To the north of the beach you will find a small and covered with tropical vegetation hill. It offers an amazing panoramic view towards this piece of the paradise.

As the other Blue Flag beaches, this one also provides an easy access for disabled people.

Name: Praia do Tombo

Location: Guarujá, State of São Paulo

Blue Flag: yes

Praia do Tombo
Praia do Tombo by JMGM

Who says that in densely populated urban areas is impossible to find pristine beaches?

Praia do Tombo is the real proof that this is not true.

Not far from one of the largest cities in the world, São Paulo, in the urban area of Guarujá and just a few minutes drive from the downtown of Santos, you can find one of the cleanest and with highest quality beaches in Brazil.

Since 2010 the beach is awarded with the prestigious Danish Blue Flag.

It means that the beach is well maintained, clean, easily accessible, and offers life-safety equipment, toilets and many other facilities.

It is more than 700 meters long and offers fine golden sand.

As a Blue Flag owner, Praia do Tombo offers always the highest possible quality of the sand and it really offers an amazing experience to its visitor.

Practically, the beach season of Praia do Tombo is 12 months per year.

However, many people find the winter temperature of 22 – 23°C from June to September a bit low for swimming and sunbathing although some days are much warmer.

Summers are very nice with temperatures of around 29°C.

The seawater temperature is between 21°C in July and 27°C in February.

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Name: Prainha

Location: Recreio dos Bandeirantes, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro

Blue Flag: yes


If you are spending your vacation in Rio de Janeiro now and are wondering where to find some more secluded and quiet beach to make your experience in the city unforgettable, you need to know one name: Prainha.

Located in the most distanced western part of the vibrant Brazilian megalopolis, Prainha is much more quiet, clean and safe than any other beach in the city.

Yes, it is less famous than Copacabana and Ipanema but it is definitely more pleasant for the tourist makers.

The beach is a bit more than 500 meters long and is covered by very white sand with golden nuances.

It is surrounded by green forested low mountain slopes.

Because of its clean seawaters and sands and very good maintenance, the beach was awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag in 2012.

The beach season is 12 months, because the temperatures are pleasant all over the year.

They vary between 25°C in winter and 30°C in summer.

The seawater temperature is 22°C in winter and 26°C in summer.

Name: Ponta de Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe

Location: Metropolitan area of Salvador, State of Bahia

Blue Flag: yes

Ponta de Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe
Ponta de Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe by Tatiana Souza

If you are searching for a place in Brazil to enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing country and its lovely beaches, you should consider to visit Ponta de Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe.

The beach is located on the southern tip of the small island Ilha dos Frades in a large bay called Baía de Todos os Santos. The beach is about 300 meters long and is covered by light sand.

Because of its environmental purity and high quality, in 2015 the beach was awarded by Blue Flag, which means that it covers the highest possible criterias.

The area is covered by lush tropical forest and is a great option for a short break during the weekend for the residents of the city of Salvador, which is located less than an hour drive from here.

The beach season is 12 months per year. The temperature varies between 26°C during the winter season (July) and 30°C in summer (January).

The seawater temperature in Ponta de Nossa Senhora do Guadalupe is between 25°C during the coldest days and 29°C in the height of summer.

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Blue Flag Marinas

Praia de Areia Vermelha, Cabedelo
Praia de Areia Vermelha, Cabedelo by carlos®oberto

The world famous Blue Flag certification applies not only for high quality and well maintained beaches but also for yacht marinas.

There are several places in Brazil which are honored with the prestigious Danish award. They are:

– Marina Costabella, Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro

Marina Costabella is located on the beautiful and picturesque coast of Angra dos Reis. This place is considered one of the most beautiful coastal location in the entire South America.

Marina Costabella has always been a sustainable destination.

However, today its efforts are finally awarded. It won its first Blue Flag for the season 2016/2017.

– Marinas Nacionais, Guarujá, State of Sao Paulo state

If you visit Marinas Nacionais at least once, you will fall in love with this place forever.

It is located in an ecologically clean area, on the coast of the big Bertioga canal that separates the Santo Amaro island from the mainland.

It is surrounded by forest and falls within the Guararu State Park. Marina Nacionais was awarded with Blue Flag for the first time in 2013.

– Iate Clube de Santa Catarina, Veleiros da Ilha, State of Santa Catarina

Iate Clube de Santa Catarina is one of the Blue Flag owners in Brazil and is a great example of a sustainable marina.

It is located in the city of Florianopolis, which is considered one of the best cities to live in South America.

The marina is one of the biggest and most important not only in Brazil but also along the entire Atlantic coast of South America.

Other beaches and marinas that are currently applying for the prestigious award:

Praia de Itacoatiara, Niterói
Praia de Itacoatiara, Niterói by Rodrigo Soldon

There is a significant number of beaches and marinas that will probably be included:


  • Lagoa do Iriry, Rio das Ostras, State of Rio de Janeiro


  • Praia da Bacutia, Guarapari, State of Espirito Santo
  • Praia de Areia Vermelha, Cabedelo, State of Pernambuco
  • Praia do Peró, Cabo Frio, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Praia do Remanso, Rio das Ostras, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Praia de Itacoatiara, Niterói, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Praia do Sossego, Niterói, State of Rio de Janeiro