INFOGRAPHIC: California vs Florida

california vs florida

Since the day the United States exists in its current form, the states of Florida and California lead a relentless struggle about who is the best coastal state to the South to visit and to live in. California is undoubtedly the number one destination on the west coast, whether for tourism, business or to live there. South Florida itself is called by many “the American Riviera”, and experts in tourism and real estate often make associations with the French Cote d’Azur. In any case, California and Florida have their positive and negative sides, whether to visit for two weeks or to settle down there for permanently.

california vs florida

In order to make easier your choice of vacation spot or even of a place to live, we have created a very colorful and cheerful, but at the same time quite detailed and informative infographic, which can be very helpful if you want to find a short answer of your most important questions.

Thanks to the nice and funny pictures in the infographic, you can find some interesting comparisons of the most popular cities, sights, beaches and amusement attractions.

california vs florida infographic

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