Caribbean vs Mediterranean

mediterranean coast

Undoubtedly, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are the two most popular tourist destinations in the world.

They attract the majority of international tourist flow.

Travel lovers often face the dilemma of which of these two places to choose.

In practice, the choice is very easy as long as you are clear what you expect to see, in what season you are planning to travel, and what exactly is your personal idea of a perfect holiday.

In the following article we will make a brief comparison between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and we sincerely hope this will be helpful in planning your next vacation.

1. Weather


caribbean islands
Winter is warm and sunny.

This is the main tourist season.

It rarely rains, and the temperature is usually between 25 and 28°C.

It is not very hot, and the sea water is warm.

The best conditions for visiting the Caribbean occur from November to April.

Summers are too warm and humid with temperatures of over 30°C and with abundant rainfalls over some of the islands.

However, places such as Aruba are less affected by the weather conditions over the rest of the Caribbean Sea, and there is no hurricane or rainy season.


Summers are very dry and hot with temperatures sometimes reaching over 40°C.

The beach season lasts approximately from April to October-November.

The great weather, however, is guaranteed from May to September.

Winters are cool, sometimes cold. In most places it rains a lot.

It’s not suitable to swim or sunbathe on the beach, and you will generally need warm clothes.

The most pleasant weather during the winter months you will find in places such as Costa del Sol and Cyprus, although there becomes relatively cool too.

2. Beaches


Caribbean beaches don’t need to be advertised.

Overall, they are not only beautiful but also very exotic. Coral sand and coconut palms are something that can not be seen in Europe.

It is also very easy to find a quiet and peaceful place with less tourists along the coast.

Among the places with the best beaches are the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Barbados and many others.


Mediterranean beaches are less exotic, but no less beautiful, especially if you know where to go.

The biggest disadvantage is that as a whole along the coast of Southern Europe is more difficult to find privacy.

The positive side is that the Mediterranean is a classic destination – do not forget the beaches of the Riviera, the famous French resort of St Tropez and the white powder sands of Ibiza.

However, if you want to swim in peace, Croatia is a good choice.

There are some lesser-known but magical places where the beaches are covered with small pebbles, and the sea is crystal clear.

3. Diving


If you love to dive, probably the Caribbean will be much more suitable for you.

The azure and transparent water is home to thousands of species of marine creatures, and the shallow coral reefs are among the most beautiful in the world.

The underwater visibility in some areas can reach up to 50 meters.

Among the best places for diving are the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.


The Mediterranean Sea is dotted with numerous underwater sites, old shipwrecked vessels and a rich variety of species of fish and corals that inhabit temperate waters.

Although a great place to dive, the Mediterranean cannot compare to the beauty of the tropical Caribbean Sea.

However, the waters of the Aegean Sea can offer unforgettable experiences.

4. Nature


The majority of the Caribbean Islands are covered with very dense tropical vegetation.

The sight of exotic flowers in winter is hard to resist.

Tropical palms grow along powder-sand white beaches, casting a tempting shadow.

Although it is difficult to determine which islands have the largest tourist resources, yet we can not miss Cuba, considered the most beautiful island in the world, as well as Jamaica and the island of Hispaniola.


With much less vegetation, the Mediterranean is quite different, and the environment itself is much more urbanized.

However, in some places, especially on the Greek islands of Corfu and Lefkada in the Ionian Sea, you will find lush countryside and olive groves reaching to the sea.

The coast of Montenegro and Croatia is also very lush and wild.

If you are looking for unspoiled wilderness in the Western Mediterranean, then Corsica and Sardinia will best meet your requirements.

5. Cities


mediterranean coast
On some of the islands in the Caribbean there are really fascinating and worth visiting cities and villages.

Perhaps among the most interesting are Willemstad on the island of Curacao, known for its Dutch architecture, and the jewel of the Caribbean, the Cuban capital Havana, whose old town is under the auspices of UNESCO.


Though the Caribbean offer some really beautiful towns, there are very few places on Earth that can compete with the amazing cultural heritage of the Mediterranean.

Here you will find some of the most ancient cities in the world, such as Athens and Rome, where every street is steeped in history.

6. Cuisine


The Caribbean Islands are best known for the wide variety of tropical fruits and fresh seafood as well as for their great wealth of alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

Who has not dreamed of a cool exotic drink served with a straw and small colorful umbrella in it under the shade of tropical trees along the shore?

Talking about the best Caribbean foods and drinks, we can not miss the Cayman Islands and Martinique, which together are considered “the most delicious” islands in the region.


The Mediterranean cuisine is often described as not only the most delicious but also the most healthy in the world.

The wealth of vegetables, fruits and spices in the region is great simply because the combination of soil and climatic conditions here is very good for agriculture.

The variety of products is intertwined with the old traditions of the region.

It is no accident that here, in close proximity to one another, you will find 4 of the 10 countries with the most delicious cuisine in the world – France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

7. Local people, accommodation and services


Visiting the Caribbean islands, you will be pleasantly surprised by the local hospitality.

The inhabitants of the Caribbean countries are among the most radiant and positive people in the world.

They are natural, friendly and easy-going.

No matter if you are in a restaurant, hotel or somewhere else, the good mood is everywhere.


The people in Southern Europe have extensive experience in tourism.

Welcoming tourists for decades, the entire society is somewhat commercialized.

However, if you visit some of the Greek islands for example, you will experience the true spirit of the Mediterranean.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that there are still some places where hoteliers welcome tourists as they meet guests in their own home.

8. Safety


When it comes to security and safety, the Caribbean Islands are quite diverse tourist destination.

As a whole the vast majority of islands and resorts in the region are safe and quiet.

In some large cities, however, the level of crime may be too high.

Be cautious when traveling around Jamaica, and especially if visiting Haiti.


Compared to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean is a safer destination, especially in smaller cities and islands.

Although in some countries, such as Italy for example, pick pocketing is a serious problem, the region as a whole is stable and meets hundreds of millions of tourists each year.