marbella old town casco antiguo

What city in Europe looks like Newport Beach, Orange County in California?

Most people who have visited Southern California and Costa del Sol in the Spanish province of Andalusia, must have noticed considerable similarities between these two glamour destinations.

Luxury mansions, swimming pools, palm trees, plenty of sunshine, kilometres of wonderful golden beaches, crowds tourists and locals with nice suntan, beach volleyball, and impressive yacht marinas.

All these words are the perfect description of Southern California but also of Costa del Sol.

desde los altos de marbella
Desde Los Altos de Marbella by FRANCISCO FERNÁNDEZ

Among the most famous places in Southern California is the world known Orange County – the third most populous county in the United States.

The city of Newport Beach is considered the heart of Orange County (you probably remember the city from the famous American TV series “Orange County”).

The place in Europe which is the most similar to Orange County and Newport Beach is the Spanish resort city of Marbella and the so-called Golden Mile.

marbella old town casco antiguo
Marbella Old Town (Casco Antiguo) by Kamyar Adl

Every year thousands of people flock in this luxury resort from all over Europe hoping to find comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Both places are home to a number of celebrities, including James Cameron, Kevin Costner, Gwen Stefani and others in Newport Beach and Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Dolph Lundgren and others in Marbella.

In addition, hundreds of celebrities choose to spend their summer holidays in Marbella and Newport Beach.

marbella playa
Marbella Playa by Barbara Walsh

Southern California and Southern Spain have a lovely subtropical Mediterranean climate.

For this reason, Newport Beach and Marbella enjoy very similar climate conditions with long, hot, cloudless summers and warm winters.

The average daytime temperature in Newport Beach, Orange County and Marbella, Andalusia is as follows:


Newport Beach – 18°C / Marbella – 17°C;


Newport Beach – 18°C / Marbella – 18°C;


Newport Beach – 19°C / Marbella – 20°C;


Newport Beach – 20°C / Marbella – 22°C;


Newport Beach – 21°C / Marbella – 25°C;


Newport Beach – 22°C / Marbella – 28°C;


Newport Beach – 24°C / Marbella – 31°C;


Newport Beach – 25°C / Marbella – 31°C;


Newport Beach – 24°C / Marbella – 28°C;


Newport Beach – 23°C / Marbella – 24°C;


Newport Beach – 21°C/ Marbella – 20°C;


Newport Beach – 18°C / Marbella – 18°C;

marbella sea view
Marbella Sea view by Bert Kaufmann

Newport Beach enjoys wonderful fresh summers with not very high temperatures thanks to the cool California Current, which runs along the coast, and Marbella enjoys wonderful winters thanks to Sierra Blanca, which protects the city from cold northern winds during the winter months.

The wonderful weather weather makes Marbella and Newport Beach equally attractive places to spend the winter months for all people who want to escape the cold weather in the North of America and Europe.