Weather Differences in London and Malaga (Costa del Sol)

rainy london

Except the Canary Islands, Costa del Sol is considered to be the warmest place in Europe.

Not accidentally tens of thousands of British citizens have chosen to settle permanently in southern Spain.

In this article we offer you a month to month comparison between the weather in London, the British capital, and Málaga, the largest city of Costa del Sol.


rainy london
Rainy London by Garry Knight

January in London usually brings cold, windy, damp, dark and mostly cloudy weather with daytime temperatures around 7 – 8°C / 45 – 46°F and night temperatures around 2 – 3°C above zero / approximately 36 – 37°F.

Light snow is possible only in colder days. Warm clothes and an umbrella are needed to make you feel comfortable.

With about 10°C warmer in January, Málaga is quite different.

Massive mountain ranges protect this part of Spain from cold air masses.

With average daytime temperatures of about 17°C / 63°F, the weather in Málaga is about one degree Celsius cooler in comparison with London in May.

The weather is relatively rainy, and the average number of sunny hours is comparable to London in spring.


Though traditionally considered milder than January, February in London is also a month with cold and wet weather and similar low temperatures.

The chance of snowfall normally decreases in February, but temperatures still remain around 8°C / 46°F.

The number of hours of sunshine increases, but the weather is still dark and not very pleasant.

February in Málaga brings temperatures of about 18°C / 64°F.

In warm and sunny days, especially during the midday hours, you can meet people with t-shirts enjoying the first signs of spring.


March in London offers a slightly better weather that, however, still remains winter-like.

The average daytime temperature usually reaches about 11 – 12°C / 52 – 54°F, the number of hours of sunshine increases, and the chance of snow is negligible.

In combination with bright sun, the temperature in March in Málaga reaches and often exceeds 20°C / 68°F.

In March you can feel the approaching summer season.

In cooler days, however, you may need a light jacket.

There are some really pleasant days that allow even sunbathing on the beach, but the sea surface temperature is still quite low.


April in London is early spring, and the prolonged winter season is already behind.

The month is relatively cool with temperatures of about 14°C / 57°F.

It all gradually becomes green, and the number of sunny days increases significantly.

With daytime temperatures of over 21°C / 70°F, April in Málaga is considered to be the start of the summer season.

Though still are possible cool and rainy days with changing weather, the number of days with conditions suitable for the beach increases during the second half of the month.


May in Málaga is a lovely summer month with great conditions for the beach.

It offers daytime temperatures around and over 23 – 24°C / 73 – 75°F and seawater temperatures of about 20°C / 68°F.

May in London is a pleasant spring month with a lot of fresh greenery and temperatures that are around 6 – 7°C lower than in Málaga.

Thermometers usually show about 17 – 18°C / 63 – 64°F, and a light overcoat with long sleeves is still needed.


With pleasant temperatures of about 21°C / 70°F, June is considered one of the loveliest months in London.

The vegetation is extremely fresh and everything looks perfect.

Meanwhile, Juny brings in Málaga traditional summer heat, drought and crowds of visitors.

The average daytime temperature is consistently above 27°C / 81°F.


July is the driest month in both London and Málaga.

The average daytime temperature is about 23 – 24°C / 73 – 75°F in London and over 30°C / 86°F in Málaga.

Some days along the Mediterranean coast, however, are very hot reaching even 40°C / 104°F.

While London experiences normally about 8 to 9 rainy days on average, the southern Spanish coast is very dry with not a drop of rain.

July in London is the warmest month of the year.


sunny malaga
Sunny Malaga by Paolo Trabattoni

With an average daytime temperature of over 30°C / 86°F and heat waves with temperatures of over 40°C / 104°F, August in Málaga is considered to be the hottest part of the year.

Meanwhile, London enjoys a very nice weather and much more easily bearable temperatures of about 23°C / 73°F.

The only drawback is that with the second half of August comes the end of the summer season, while in Málaga it lasts at least two and sometimes even three more months!


September in London brings temperatures of about 19 ​​- 20°C / 66 – 68°F.

The combination of declining temperatures and diminishing daylight hours reminds that September is the first autumn month in London.

Meanwhile, the weather in Málaga is still very warm, even hot.

The average daytime temperature is about 28°C / 82°F but is sometimes much higher.

Summer is in full swing in combination with warm sea and crowded beaches.


With temperatures up to 16°C / 61°F, October is a typical autumn month in London.

This is also the period experiencing the highest rainfall during the year.

Sunlight gets weaker and the number of cloudy days – bigger.

October in Málaga is a lovely summer month.

Temperatures are still around 24°C / 75°F and is perfect for the beach.

Seawater is still warm and the number of tourists decreases significantly.


In November in London you can feel the flavor of winter.

Falling leaves, gloomy weather and temperatures around 11°C / 52°F – this is a typical autumn picture.

November in Málaga is a late summer, and it marks the end of the summer and beach season.

Temperatures, however, are still generally comfortable.

In early November, the weather is still warm with temperatures between 21 and 24°C / 70 to 75°F, but during the second half of November it usually gets cooler and the thermometer drops below 20°C / 68°F.


December in London is one of the darkest months of the year.

It brings daytime temperatures barely reaching 9°C / 48°F.

The sky is almost constantly overcast with clouds, and the number of clear and sunny days is negligible.

With daytime temperature of about 17°C / 63°F, December marks the beginning of winter in Málaga.

This is the darkest and rainiest month in Málaga on average, although the number of rainy days is only about 6.