Does it Snow in Australia?

Snow cover in Mount Buffalo, Victoria

Australia is considered to be blessed with always nice weather.

Although the country actually enjoys relatively high average temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, it also sometimes suffers the vagaries of weather, and in some parts of the country snows every year.

For example, the Australian Alps (the states of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory) get a lot of snow every winter.

Snow cover in Mount Buffalo, Victoria
Snow cover in Mount Buffalo, Victoria by Jimmy Harris

Snow falls every year also in most inland areas of Tasmania, although the snow cover is not very thick.

The snow cover in the Australian Alps is most durable.

It usually lasts about 3, sometimes 4 months and lasts from June to September, in cold year to October.

Along the coasts of Tasmania and Victoria snowfall is also possible, but it happens once every few years, and the snow cover melts quickly.

Occasional snowfalls of brief duration are not excluded in the mountain ridges of Western Australia, South Australia and even in the high mountains of the tropical state of Queensland.

Snowfall over the major cities of Australia is a rare phenomenon.

It usually happens in the capital Canberra, Hobart and rarely in Melbourne.

The last snowfall over the largest Australian city of Sydney happened back in 1863.

In Adelaide usually never snows.

Very thin snow cover is possible in the hills and mountains that surround the city, though this happens very rarely.

It never snows in northern cities such as Brisbane or Darwin.