navagio beach zakynthos greece

8 Best Beaches in Europe

Europe is popular worldwide for its beautiful beaches.

Today, still European Mediterranean attracts hundreds of millions of visitors every year.

The local beaches successfully compete even the best in the world.

Europe is still the absolute leader as regards to the maritime tourism.

In the world does not other destination that attracts more visitors of the Mediterranean.

The palm of leadership belongs to Italy, Greece, Cyprus, France and Spain.

1. Elafonisi / Crete, Greece

elafonisi lagoon crete greece
Elafonisi is a gorgeous beach, which is located on the southwestern coast of Crete.

The sand is very bright with very light pink shade and the sea waters are transparent and clear.

Often you can see small, colorful fishes that swim in the lagoon of Elafonisi.

The area is sparsely populated and wild, and the surrounded landscapes – magnificent.

2. Formentera / Balearic Islands, Spain

formentera spain
In the northern part of the island of Formentera is formed over a mile long sandy strip from white-beige sand.

The place is known as one of the most attractive of the continent.

Marine waters are very transparent and suitable not only for swimming and diving, but also boating on a yacht with a glass bottom.

3. Lampedusa / Italy

lampedusa italy mediterranean paradise
Lampedusa is a small island that is almost devoid of vegetation, but in contrast, has a magnificent lagoons with crystal clear water.

The white beaches, with no matter if sandy or stony are among the most attractive of the Old Continent.

The visibility under the water is quite large and this allows to observe the vast variety of marine creatures.

4. Navagio / Zakynthos, Greece

navagio beach zakynthos greece
Navagio is one of the most popular beaches in the world.

The first thing that impresses is its exclusive location.

It is nestled among the rocks, whose height in places reach even 200 meters.

The sand has a colour of ivory and the sea waters are transparent and very clean.

The place is accessible only by sea.

The tourist boats come here every day, especially during the tourist season and many people benefit from it.

The well-off visitors reach to this paradise beach by their own yachts.

On the shore you can see remnants of shipwreck vessel.

5. Santa Giulia / Corsica, France

corsica paradise beach
In the southeastern part of the island of Corsica there are beaches, which in beauty and attractiveness successfully compete even the paradise islands in the South Pacific.

Santa Giulia is probably the most beautiful French beach in Europe.

Sand as white as snow and water, transparent as in a swimming pool.

The beach is surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation that reaches just to the sand.

6. Porto Istana / Sardinia, Italy

sardinia turquoise lagoon
Surrounded by lush subtropical vegetation, Porto Istana is one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches.

Besides white sand and, of course, crystal clear lagoon, the beach also offers magnificent views of the picturesque landscape of the island Tavolara, located on nearly five kilometers from Porto Istana.

The place is a paradise for divers, lovers of peace and quiet and the fans of the nature.

7. Nissi Beach / Agia Napa (Aya Napa), Cyprus

cyprus magnificent beach
Nissi Beach is one of the western beaches of the small town of Agia Napa.

We can only say about it that it is stunning.

The water of the lagoon is coloured in tempting turquoise nuances and is surrounded by fine white sand.

This is one of the jewels of Cyprus, which make the island so attractive to the tourists.

The place is located about ten kilometers south of Famagusta in Cyprus.

8. Blue Lagoon / Comino, Malta

blue lagoon malta
Malta as a whole there are very few beaches, but their number is compensated by their beauty.

With certainly we have to mention the Blue Lagoon, which is located on the west coast of the small island of Comino, situated between Malta and Gozo.

The lagoon is amazing and it is among the best diving sites in Europe.

The sand is almost completely missing, so people usually lie directly on the flat rocks.

The water is great – clean, transparent and full of life. Genuine Mediterranean paradise.