Infographic: Experiences vs things

experiences vs things infographic

Undoubtedly, money plays a big role in today’s modern society. Without them we can not buy food, clothing and shelter or pay for a good education.

As a result, we would survive very difficult or at least our opportunities will be really very limited. The problem is that the more we earn from our job, the more we learn to spend about things we do not really need.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear interesting terms such as shopping therapy or even shopping addiction, which shows how materialistic people have become.

In fact, some experts say that instead of spending money on expensive or not so expensive things, we would be much happier if we invest in different and exciting experiences.

And the best way to invest in experiences is to travel. Visiting other cities and countries, spending some time among people from different culture and with different lifestyle, will surely develop our internal qualities, identity and personality.

When traveling, people rediscover their own world, and they often find deep in themselves unsuspected qualities, capabilities, knowledges and feelings.

When traveling, man lets his mind run free and expresses his true personality. Even the most irresistible purchase, with no matter how incredible it looks, can not give us even a percent of the incredible variety of feelings and memories that can give us even a single exciting trip.

experiences vs things infographic

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