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Is it Suitable for the Beach in Winter on the African Mediterranean Coast?

Is the weather suitable for the beach in winter on the coast of Southern Mediterranean?

The climate is subtropical, which means that there is a short winter season.

Climate conditions vary a lot between countries in the region.

For example in Algeria and Tunisia is cooler in comparison with Egypt and Libya, but as a whole at these places there is winter and climate conditions are similar.

algeria mediterranean

Although it is the continent of Africa, southern coast of the Mediterranean is not appropriate for the beach during the winter months.

Even in Egypt, which is one of the warmest Mediterranean countries during the winter months the weather is cool, even cold (here of course talking about the Mediterranean, not the Red Sea, where the summer season is practically year-round).

For example, in the city of Alexandria, as well as in other parts of northern Egypt is better to skip the period from mid-December to mid-March because you risk to can not lounge on the amazing African beaches, as daily temperatures are up to about 18-19°C.

Night temperatures are quite lower – about 10 – 11°C.

Although the northern parts of Africa are much in south of European Mediterranean, the climate conditions resemble much more than you can imagine.

The reason is that the entire region falls within the subtropical climate zone.

An interesting fact is that in some countries in North Africa it is even possible to form a thin snow cover (e.g. in Algeria).

If you, however, really insist on “summer” vacation in North Africa in winter, best is to choose one of the Egyptian resorts of the Red Sea, where temperatures are high even in January.

Even then, however, there are things you should know, though not essential – the duration of the day in winter is much less than that in summer.

So if you are able to travel in winter and really want to spend quality vacation at the beach there is one rule – as further south you travel as better are the opportunities for tourism.